Best Gamepad for Gear VR: Control the Thrill of VR Games from Your Palm

Your virtual reality headset is now in your hand but not in your command. While you are playing exciting VR racing games on the virtual reality device, you need the best gaming controller for Samsung Gear VR that can add some more fun and excitement. Before you choose any gamepad for your VR headset, make sure that the VR controller is smartly designed. If you are easily satisfied with the best, you should go for the best gamepad for Gear VR

We have listed the best Bluetooth controller for Gear VR for real gamers. We know how tough it is for you to put that VR headset aside during that thrilling chase of enemy. During the play, you are not able to see your fingers; and therefore, you need to pick up a gamepad that offers a superior grip and easy-to-navigate buttons. Check out this list of best gamepad for Samsung Gear VR and select one to experience thrill of VR games.

Best Gamepad for Gear VR

Best Gamepad for Gear VR

#1. SteelSeries

Steel Series Gamepad VR Controllers

A gamer would never like any interruption when he is playing his favourite game. SteelSeries, therefore, offers a strong battery (AA) that ensures 40 hours of gameplay. If you can avoid hunger and sleep for 40 hours, you can certainly enjoy your choice of game. This Best Gaming Controller for Gear VR is designed ergonomically with LED notifications, clickable joysticks, and complete customization of joystick sensitivity and trigger actuation. This wireless game pad is compatible with Windows 7 and later; moreover, you can also connect your Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus and other VR headsets.

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#2. Matricom

Matricom Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth Pro Game Pad Joystick Controller

Matricom is known for producing superior quality ABS plastic game pads that are compatible with Samsung Gear VR, G-Box Q and other Bluetooth enabled input devices. The current gamepad controller boasts dual mode connectivity that makes it highly compatible with multiple platforms. Unlike other Virtual Reality Controllers, Matricom offers rechargeable lithium ion battery. A striking feature of this Best Gaming Controller for Gear VR is that you can charge the battery through a mini USB cable and play the game at the same time. Now enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience!

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#3. GameSir

Gamesir Gamepad VR Controllers

GameSir’s Best Bluetooth Controller for Gear VR offers you Bluetooth range of 23 feet. This working distance is quite impressive. This GameSir G3s belongs to the third generation of GameSir. It is compatible with Android 4.0 or later versions as well as Windows and PS3. Appreciate its built-in 600mAh polymer lithium battery that gives you 18 hours of non-stop of gaming pleasure in normal condition. Use its automatic sleep mode to save power.

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#4. Motoraux

Motoraux Gamepad VR Controllers

Motoraux Best Gamepad for Gear VR can be your best partner while playing game or watching video on your VR headset. You can dexterously control this pad with power saving options; it takes just 3 seconds to turn on and 6 seconds to turn off. Charge its USB and play game on your iOS, Android or PC systems. Since it is lightweight and small in size, it is highly portable.

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BEBONCOOL Gamepad for Gear VR

Beboncool presents an Android Bluetooth gamepad that is compatible with your Samsung Gear VR. Moreover, Beboncool’s gamepad can also work as a PC controller for X-input, D-input Windows PC games. Even after playing for hours, you won’t feel physical exertion as this gamepad is designed to fit naturally in your hands. You can play games for long time as it has got a built-in 400mAha battery.

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