Best Google Home Compatible Smart Home Devices: Intelligent Gadgetry for Your Residence

Smart homes are in vogue these days and they keep getting quite a bit smarter with newer devices and accessories which keep coming on the market. With the emergence of Google home, you get a new, capable home assistant that takes care of a wide range of tasks while letting you control your home easily. Getting your home equipped with Google Home Mini and Google Home compatible Smart Home Devices can be the start of your journey towards an automated smart home.

Google Home is crafted to assist you in easily controlling your smart home while addressing your other routine tasks such as managing schedules and to-do lists. Some of these Google Assistant compatible smart home devices work without any additional setup needed while some may need an intermediary hub. To help you know and pick the best Google Home compatible Devices, we have done the research and compiled this list. Go ahead and transform your house into an intelligent home.

Best Google Home Compatible Smart Home Devices

Best Google Home Compatible Devices [Works with Google Home Mini too]

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#1. August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro is one of the most loaded Google Home compatible smart home devices you can get for your residence. It helps you control and monitor your door from anywhere. You get keyless access and the ability to supervise who comes and goes directly from your smartphone. With DoorSense technology, you can be certain that your door remains locked securely. You can also simply tell Google Assistant to control your August smart lock pro using your voice. The lock locks and unlocks automatically as you arrive at or leave your home with your phone in your pocket.

Price: $249.00
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#2. Anova Culinary Precision Cooker

Anova Culinary Precision Cooker

The Anova Precision Cooker is an interesting smart gadget as it helps you become an almost professional quality chef at your home. You just have to attach this cooker to a water-filled pot, place your food in a sealable pouch or bag and then program the time and temperature needed. The Precision Cooker then heats the water to an accurate temperature and circulates it for perfect cooking. This Anova product links to your phone so that you can control the cooking by simply touching a button. With the integration of Google Home, the smartness quotient gets multiplied to a great extent.

Price: $118.95
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#3. Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit

Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit

Philips has always been on the forefront of the Smart device revolution. With this smart bulb starter kit, they are back again with their innovative Google Home compatible lights. You can embellish your home with cool white lighting while controlling it remotely. You can also program timers and schedules for automating your lights. With voice control for Google Assistant, you can easily take control of the lighting ambiance using voice commands.

Price: $136.99
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#4. Sony Ultra HD Smart BRAVIA OLED TV

One of the most popular Google Assistant Compatible Smart Home Devices is this Sony Ultra HD Smart BRAVIA OLED TV. It comes with ultra-smart functionality that offers access to your most liked apps and content by making use of Sony’s Android TV. It couples 4K UHD image clarity with HDR for almost lifelike picture. The OLED panel is boosted by Motion flow XR feature that provides quick-moving action scenes without motion blur. As it uses Android TV for its interface, you get to control it using Google Assistant using your voice.

Price: $3499.99
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#5. Wemo Mini WiFi Enabled Smart Plug

Using the Wemo Mini Smart Plug, you get a Google Home smart plug that lets you control your lights and appliances from anywhere. You just have to insert this smart plug, then install the free app and then control the various appliances using your voice through Google Assistant. The Wemo plug is quite sleek and occupies just half the space of a traditional plug. You get to sync your lights and appliances to specific timings such as sunrise, sunset or other pre-determined times. All you need is Wi-Fi and there is no requirement of any extra hub.

Price: $28.50
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#6. Wink Hub 2

Wink hub is one of those multi-functional Google Home accessories that lets you control your collection of smart products directly from the free Wink app. You can easily organize your smart home using the auto-discovery feature and a restructured setup process. The design of the hub is compact, contemporary and robust. You can control the products through this hub using Google Home by seamlessly integrating it through IFTTT.

Price: $99.00
Order it from Amazon

#7. Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung’s SmartThings Hub is one among the most popular Google Home smart devices that literally acts like a brain for your smart home. It helps to connect wirelessly with a number of smart devices and enables them to work together. You can add smart devices and transform your home into a buzzing smart home. These smart devices may include lights, locks, sensors and other accessories. You can use the SmartThings app or Google Home to manage the devices with utmost ease.

Price: $78.00
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#8. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

The Nest learning thermostat is a comprehensive climate control system for your home. It is among the thermostats that work with Google Home and can be controlled by using your voice. Nest updates the temperatures of your liking and then sets up itself in about 7-8 days. It automatically turns off when everyone is away from the home for energy conservation. You can also connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi to regulate the temperature from your phone or PC.

Price: $240.89
Purchase it from Amazon

#9. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum

Clean your house the smart way using iRobot Roomba Vacuum and schedule it to work from anywhere by using the iRobot HOME app or the Google Assistant using your voice. The iRobot has a patented three stage cleaning regime and two multi-surface brushes that clean every tiny speck to larger wastes. There is dirt detect sensors that signal Roomba to put more effort on specific areas of dirt where dust accumulation seems to be more in your home. Other features such as a complete array of intelligent sensors and auto-adjust cleaning helps the robot to effectively clean your home thoroughly.

Price: $374.99
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#10. Logitech Harmony

Logitech Harmony

The Logitech Harmony helps you have one-touch control for your entertainment system and home automation devices by using your smart phone or the included remote. The remote includes all the home entertainment controls as well as specific home automation controls for ease of use. The Harmony Hub bundled with it allows you to regulate devices hidden behind doors or walls including gaming consoles. The Harmony Hub integrates with Google Home flawlessly letting you use voice commands to control your smart appliances.

Price: $133.99
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The TP-Link Smart LED Bulb is among the best Google Home bulbs on the market that allow you to control your light from anywhere. You can regulate the lighting easily by using the free Kasa app by managing the lights, adjusting brightness, setting up lighting schedules and even tracking the energy utilized. The smart bulb can also alter color to suit the mood or occasion. You can control it using your voice through Google Assistant. You can assign a name to each bulb and then regulate them by using these names.

Price: $44.94
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#12. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is one of the most intriguing smart home devices on this list. This is a sprinkler that monitors local weather forecasts to ensure that your watering is done only when needed and not during rains. This saves you both water and money. Rachio works wonderfully with Google Home and functions brilliantly to let you enjoy a smart yard. The installation is very easy and barely takes 30 minutes. You can turn on or off your sprinklers using your smartphone, tablet or notebook. The primary function of watering is done splendidly by using information such as plant type, exposure to sun and other stuff to match the exact needs.

Price: $199.00
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#13. Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Not sure about the last status of your garage door? Whether you left it open? Not to worry. Chamberlain garage door opener is the savior. In three easy steps you can install this Chamberlain garage door controller; install the Wi-fi hub near the garage door opener; next mount the sensor and then download the app. Next, you can close and open your garage door from anywhere. Now, you will not be nagged by the thought of garage door – whether it is left opened or closed. Moreover, whenever your garage door is opened, you get an alert on your smart phone. This MyQ Garage by Chamberlain is compatible with most brands of garage door openers since 1993.

Price: $114.29
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#14. TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

TP-Link brings smart home solutions for smart users. This smart Wi-Fi light switch helps you control your electronic devices from anywhere. Once you connect your devices with the Smart Switch, you can control them remotely wherever you have internet. Simply download its free Kasa app on your iOS device or Android phone. Note that your iPhone/iPad should be running iOS 8 or above, and Android 4.1 or later. A striking feature of TP Link smart switch is Away-Mode that turn your devices on and off at different times; this creates an impression that you are at home, while you are away from your home.

Price: $39.99
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Google Home compatible smart home devices offer a great deal of comfort and sophistication to your advanced living style. Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Besides, Aicool Smart Trash Can will also offer you a advanced living style.

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