Protective cases for Pixel 2 should not eclipse the beauty of your smartphone, but your cases must elevate the charm and excellence of your funky device. Google has joined hands with some accessory brands for ‘Made for Google’ program. However, if you want to use some third-party back covers, we have listed a few best Google Pixel 2 cases.

This list of Pixel 2 cases is a potpourri of different cases, which include rugged cases, clear cases, thin cases, tough case, kickstand case, bumper case and others. We have created this collection of cases made by leading accessory manufacturers, and therefore, quality of products is never compromised. You are rest assured that you will get cool cases that fulfill your requirements. If you a fascination for brands, you would love to buy cases made by Spigen, OtterBox, Ringke, MoKo and more.

Best Google Pixel 2 Cases

Best Google Pixel 2 Cases

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#1. Spigen Rugged Armor Google Pixel 2 Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Google Pixel 2 Case

The black matte finish of Spigen’s rugged armor case offers a classic look to your Google Pixel 2. The carbon fiber, signature pattern, and glossy detailing enhance the look and feel of the case.

It is light in weight and thus does not add any bulk to your smartphone. It easily slides in your pocket and you can take it off when needed without any hassles. Designed to provide Military-Grade protection, this case features raised edges in order to add to the security of screen and camera.

Price: $12.99
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#2. Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Google Pixel 2 Case

Spigen’s dual-layer case provides ultimate protection to your Google Pixel 2 from all kinds of accidental damages. It also offers optimum protection against drops, falls, bumps, and nicks.

It features a reinforced kickstand. Its construction is such that it completely blends into the case and also matches the color of the case. You can pull out this kickstand whenever you wish to have a hands-free operation on your Google Pixel 2 – be it viewing pictures, watching videos, or having a video chat with friends.

Price: $16.99
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#3. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Google Pixel 2 Case

Spigen is one of the most known brands providing a range of different cases for Google Pixel 2. This thin case form fits the contours of your Google Pixel 2 in order to maintain its slim and sleek profile.

Built from durable PC material, this case is perfect for your on-the-go use. It is light in weight and thus, does not add any bulk to your smartphone. Moreover, the Air Cushion Technology embedded in all four corners of the case prevents your phone from getting damaged due to accidental bumps or drops.

Price: $11.99
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#4. Otterbox Defender Series Case for Pixel 2

Otterbox Google Pixel 2 Case

If you are in search of a heavy duty case for your Google Pixel 2 that withstands your everyday wear and tear, then the one from Defender Series of OtterBox is an ideal piece to buy.

It delivers triple-layer defense for your phone. That is, it features inner shell, exterior cover, and touchscreen protector. It also includes a belt-clip holster that you can use to tuck your phone with your belt or bag to carry it around conveniently. Further, you can even use this holster as a stand to enjoy hands-free viewing of your favorite visual contents on your phone.

Price: $32.67
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#5. Tech 21

Tech21 Google Pixel 2 Cases

The Evo Check protective case from tech21 is specifically designed to deliver extreme protection to your Google Pixel 2. It flawlessly wraps around the contours of your device.

The dotted texture at the back of the case offers a different look to your Pixel 2. The protective bumper around the edges adds to the level of protection that the case provides to your smartphone. Thus, you can free yourself from the worries of your phone getting damaged unknowingly.

Price: $39.95
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#6. Vinve Carbon Fiber TPU

Vinve Google Pixel 2 Cases

Vinve’s slim case poses a perfect design for your Google Pixel 2. Made from high-quality TPU material, it safeguards your phone from unexpected scratches, scuffs, cuts, and scrapes.

The subtle wiredrawing pattern provides an added grip while you hold the phone in your hand. You don’t need to worry about your phone slipping out of the hold. Furthermore, the design of the case is such that it features precise openings for the ports, buttons, camera, and fingerprint sensor. Thus, you can easily access your phone’s functions.

Price: $6.98
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#7. Ringke BEVEL Minimalist Diagonal

Ringke Google Pixel 2 Case

If you wish to adorn your Google Pixel 2 with a uniquely designed case, then this case from Ringke is for you. The case depicts modern diagonal and strategically ridged design. This combination provides a slimming texture to the phone. Hence, your phone maintains its slim profile in this case.

Moreover, the exact cut-outs for the ports, buttons, speaker, camera, and fingerprint sensor enable you to easily access your phone’s features and functionalities. The tactile buttons retain its responsiveness and provide an extra layer of protection to the buttons so as to avoid dust from nesting over them.

Price: $8.99
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#8. Cimo Premium Slim Protective Cover

Cimo Google Pixel 2 Case

Constructed from soft, flexible, and durable TPU material, the slim protective case for Google Pixel 2 from Cimo preserves the original design of your phone. The dotted pattern in the interior prevents watermarking on back of your smartphone. Thus, your device remains protected all the times.

Further, the elevated edges around the screen and camera safeguard your phone from scratches or cuts when you place it upside down on even or flat surfaces. It is light in weight and compact in texture. Hence, you can use this case for your daily use.

Price: $7.98
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#9. MoKo Shock Absorbing Hard Cover

Moko Google Pixel 2 Case

MoKo’s full-body heavy duty case is designed to offer rugged protection to your Google Pixel 2. The polycarbonate exterior shell and soft silicone interior offer double-layered safety to your phone.

It features a belt-clip holster that you can rotate up to 180 degrees. Hence, you can carry your precious phone conveniently wherever you go. Moreover, you can also use this holster as a kickstand to enjoy viewing your pictures, watching your favorite movies or videos while keeping your hands totally free.

Price: $8.59
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#10. LK Ultra Slim Scratch Resistant TPU

LK Google Pixel 2 Cases

Even if you use wired headphones, you need to hold your Pixel 2 in hands; there are chances you drop it while you are talking to somebody. To protect your phone, you need LK’s ultra-thin case that offers a perfect grip. LK has used smooth, premium quality, tough yet flexible TPU texture that is comfortable in hands.

Without adding bulk or weight, this case protects your phone from dirt and stains. The TPU is so solid that your phone is guarded against shocks, shatter, and scratches. Its unique design lets you access all essential phone features easily.

Price: $7.85
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