Google Pixel 2 gives you the real power of Android. To experience the true power of Android, it is worth investing a sum of $650 and you will be amazed with the new features it will boast about. Despite its engineering, you need to protect your phone from dust, scratches and sudden drops. Investing a bit more on a case definitely makes sense for such a costly device. Here is a list of best Google Pixel 2 clear cases.

There are plenty of transparent cases to choose from for Pixel 2. Here we will discuss about some of the most protective cases to make your search for the appropriate case much easier.

Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel 2 Phone

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#1. Spigen Clear Case

Spigen Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

Spigen Liquid crystal case is lightweight and has a transparent back to show off the true beauty of your phone. The case is made of TPU material which makes it resistant to shocks and sudden drops. The Air Cushion Technology will ensure that your phone doesn’t take much damage from accidental bumps. Inner layer of the case has an innovative dot pattern which won’t let watermarks to leave a mark behind, keeping the back Liquid Crystal.


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#2. Tech 21 Evo Check Clear Case for Pixel 2

Tech21 Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

This case is especially for individuals whose phone undergoes several falls throughout the day of usage. The Evo Check case has been scientifically proven to survive frequent drops from a height of 10 ft, without damaging any part of the phone. It is lightweight and thin to easily slip in your pocket. The ergonomic design gives a comfortable access to all the buttons and ports, without ruining the beauty of your phone.

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#3. OtterBox SYMMETRY Case for Google Pixel 2 Phone

Otterbox Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

This OtterBox Symmetry is sleek in design and fits in your pocket easily. The case consists of dual layer which enables it to absorb shocks and withstand drops. The beveled edges are slightly raised to ensure safety of the touch screen. The back is scratch-resistant which stays true to its title and highlights the pure beauty of your phone.

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#4. Case Mate Rugged Clear Case

Case-Mate Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

Here is another rugged case to withstand severe and frequent drops. It is certified to meet military grade drop protection. Yet, the case is slim and sleek with a minimalistic design to fit every occasion. The material is UV yellowing resistant that means the transparency won’t fade away over the days of usage. The refined metallic buttons on the side gives you a natural feel while tinkering with them. If you are searching a case to ensure maximum safety then this one is for you.

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#5. Ringke FUSION Case

Ringke Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

This case holds a unique personality of its own which will enhance the beauty of your phone. It comes in three different shades of grey, orange and blue. Though it is slightly bulky in shape, it fits in your pocket easily. Apart from its beauty, this case is certified to withstand military grade impact. The four corners are taken care of more by applying cushions so that, if your phone happens to fall vertically hitting the corner, the screen won’t break. The crystal clear back keeps the beauty of your phone intact.

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#6. LK Ultra Clear Case

LK Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

LK Ultra is thinner than other cases and sturdy at the same time. The TPU coating prevents dirt and dust from entering your phone. Apart from that, this coating also makes it shatterproof and scratch resistant. The back of the case is made keeping in mind the protection of the camera. Accidentally, your fingers won’t touch the lens for the sake of unique lens cutout of the camera. The Anti-slip material provides extra grip and prevents sliding. The bevels are slightly elevated to protect the screen from scratches while the phone is kept facedown.

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#7. Trianium Protective Case

Trianium Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

This lightweight and exceptional Trianium case offers maximum protection without any added bulk. Premium TPU used in the case makes its body softer and provides easy and comfortable grip. It is scratch resistant and shows off the original color of your device without any adulteration of other shades. The cut-outs have been made easily so that you don’t have to remove the cover and insert the headphone jack or charging cable.

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#8. Maxboost Slim Case 

MaxBoost Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

This is an elegant case for your Pixel 2, which is made of premium quality polycarbonate. The material used in this case makes it sturdy, minimizing the bulk and thickness. It gives 360 degree protection to ensure maximum safety. The bevels are elevated to protect your screen, corners are covered to prevent breaking of glass from a fall and the back is matte finish for extra grip, preventing slip from hand.

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#9. DGtle Case

DGtle Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

The slim design of this case will make you feel like it is a part of your phone. The feel is natural and made from impact resistant TPU material for absorbing shocks. It is easy to remove and fit because of its smooth flexibility. Due to TPU material, the case will not stretch or become loose in the long run. The grip provides anti-slip protection assuring more safety for your phone.

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These were some of the best transparent cases for Pixel 2 Phone which will prove to be a good investment for the safety of your phone without ruining the elegant architecture. Hope this article has made your search for cases more refined.

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