Best Google Pixel 2 Clear Cases: Flaunt the Real Beauty of Your Brilliant Phone

Clear cases let you show the brilliance of Pixel 2 Phone. The transparent structure of a high-quality crystal clear case neatly reveals the design and colour of your Google Pixel 2. If you buy a top-notch clear case, you won’t have to worry about your phone’s protection. Clear cases are made of superior quality polycarbonate and TPU materials, which absorb shocks caused by accidental drops. Without further ado, check this list of best Google Pixel 2 clear cases.

Our collection of top rated Google Pixel 2 transparent cases boasts leading brands of clear cases including Spigen, OtterBox, Case-Mate, Ringke, Supcase and more. The see-through cases surely highlight luster of your smartphone. Want to protect your Pixel 2 device with a translucent case?

Best Google Pixel 2 Clear Cases

Best Google Pixel 2 Clear Cases

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#1. Spigen Clear Case

The liquid crystal clear case from Spigen perfectly showcases the contours of your Google Pixel 2. It is light in weight and thus won’t add any bulk to your smartphone.

It is built from flexible and shock absorbing TPU material. Hence, your smartphone remains protected from accidental bumps or drops. Also, its Active Edge compatibility offers you quick and easy access as well as installation. You can flaunt your precious smartphone without any worries of getting it damaged when it rests in this case.

Price: $10.99
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#2. Tech 21 Evo Check

Evo Check case from tech21 wraps around your Google Pixel 2 effortlessly. Its ergonomic design lets you access the ports, buttons, camera, and sensors without any need of removing the case.

Moreover, the case is tested rigorously and proved to safeguard your phone from heavy drops, falls, bumps, and other accidental damages. It’s clear back reveals the original design of your phone. Thus, this case not only protects your phone but also retains its design.

Price: $39.90
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#3. OtterBox Symmetry Case 

Otterbox Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

OtterBox’s Symmetry Clear Series case is extremely thin in texture, sleek in design, and stylish in look. Its crystal clear back lets you flaunt the beauty of your Google Pixel 2. Further, its wraparound colors and graphics add to the beauty of your phone.

Featuring dual material construction, this case withstands external shocks and impacts to prevent your phone from damage. Its elevated edges protect the screen of your phone. The screen remains free from scratches and cuts when you place your phone upside down on flat surfaces.

Price: $39.95
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#4. Case-Mate Rugged Clear Case

Case-Mate Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

The tough yet clear case from Case-Mate depicts an ultra-slim profile with just 2.5mm thickness. Thus, it does not add any bulk to your Google Pixel 2. You can easily slide it into your pocket and take it off whenever required.

The outer shell is built from impact resistant material. Thus, any external shock or internal impact will cause no damage to your smartphone. Its protective and shock absorbing bumper add to the level of protection that it delivers to your Google Pixel 2.

Price: $34.99
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#5. Ringke FUSION Case

This transparent case from Ringke is built from the highest quality of PC and TPU materials. The PC panel withstands accidental damages while TPU offers grip while holding the phone in your hands.

With this case, you can easily access the Active Edge squeeze functionality of your phone to launch Google Assistant. Also, its Active Touch Technology enables you to have easy access to all the ports and buttons of your Google Pixel 2. Despite offering slimness to your phone, the inner cushions at the corners protect it from drops.

Price: $9.99
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#6. LK Ultra Clear Case

LK Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

If you are looking forward to a case that not only showcases the original design of your Google Pixel 2 but also adds to its beauty, the clear case with floral lace from LK is a perfect piece to have.

Its HD pattern is long lasting and won’t fade away or peel off even after long time use. Moreover, this case is built with air hybrid technology. One is the TPU frame and other is a PC back. Apart from these, the corners are also protected. So, this case delivers 360 degrees protection to your Google Pixel 2.

Price: $7.85
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#7. Trianium Protective Case

The Clarium Series case from Trianium is specifically designed to fit the contours of your Google Pixel 2. It is built to provide access to the buttons, camera, speakers, sensors, and ports of your phone. Hence, you can easily access your phone’s functionalities even when the case is on.

Its rigid back adds to the level of protection it provides to your phone. Its slim profile does not levy any weight on your Google Pixel 2. Further, it offers comfortable grip when you hold it in your palm.

Price: $9.99
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#8. Maxboost Slim Case 

MaxBoost Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

This is an elegant case for your Pixel 2, which is made of premium quality polycarbonate. The material used in this case makes it sturdy, minimizing the bulk and thickness. It gives 360-degree protection to ensure maximum safety. The bevels are elevated to protect your screen, corners are covered to prevent breaking of glass from a fall and the back is matte finish for extra grip, preventing slip from hand.

Price: $7.99
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#9. DGtle Case

DGtle Google Pixel 2 Clear Case

The slim design of this case will make you feel like it is a part of your phone. The feel is natural and made from impact resistant TPU material for absorbing shocks. It is easy to remove and fit because of its smooth flexibility. Due to TPU material, the case will not stretch or become loose in the long run. The grip provides anti-slip protection assuring more safety for your phone.

Price: $7.88
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#10. Supcase

The hybrid Unicorn Bettle Series case from Supcase features a slim silhouette with protective bumpers and crystal clear back. The case is built to deliver ultimate protection to your Google Pixel 2. It is also designed to be extremely durable.

Thus, in this case, your smartphone remains protected against scratches, cuts, scuffs, and scrapes. Also, it prevents your phone from discoloration. Featuring precise cuts, this case does not interfere with any of your phone’s functionalities. So, you can enjoy access to all your phone’s features without any hassles.

Price: $7.88
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#11. ProCase

The crystal clear back panel of the case from ProCase reveals the original design of your Google Pixel 2. Moreover, it even maintains the slim, sleek, and stylish profile of your smartphone.

Built with flexible TPU and covered with a scratch-resistant coating, this case prevents your phone from scratches, scrapes, cuts, scuffs, drops, and even bumps. The raised edges around the screen keep your phone’s screen intact even when you place your phone on even and flat surfaces.

Price: $8.99
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These were some of the best transparent cases for Pixel 2 Phone which will prove to be a good investment for the safety of your phone without ruining the elegant architecture. Hope this article has made your search for cases more refined.

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