Best Google Pixel Phone Armbands: Give a Pixel Rush to Your Daily Workouts

Google Pixel armbands provide excellent company to fitness enthusiasts during their workouts. Whether you regularly exercise at your residence, gym or outside, the best Google Pixel and Pixel XL armbands available can be used for added convenience and utility. Most of these armbands have well-combined features that complement your smartphone while providing it maximum security during your active lifestyle. Having said that, you can use your phone with any of the other Google Pixel accessories such as Google Pixel clear cases or Google Pixel screen protectors as some armbands accommodate them comfortably.

To get the best out of your Google Pixel armband case, go for one that is strong, sweat resistant and intuitive to use. No matter the kind of fitness activity that you go for, there is a Google Pixel workout case that will match your needs. To make your task easier, we have carefully selected a list of the best Google Pixel phone armbands that will help you decide with ease.

Best Workout Case for Google Pixel

1. Supcase

SUPCASE Google Pixel Phone Armband

This Google Pixel armband case from Supcase helps you stay connected even during your extreme workouts. This armband case has a sporty, form-fitting silicone skin which safeguards your device and holds it in place while you go about your exercise routine. The case is flexible, robust and resistant towards sweat. Since the armband has perfect cutouts, you get comfortable access all ports and controls. What’s more, you can easily hand wash and air dry this armband.

Price: $14.99
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JOTO Google Pixel Phone Armband

Joto gives you a lightweight yet top quality armband case that is resistant to sweat, robust and safeguards your phone comprehensively. This case is flexible enough so that you bend or twist it without worrying during your workouts. You also benefit from built in storage slots for your keys, ID cards, bank cards and cash. This Joto case also offers complete touchscreen functionality through its transparent, secure screen window. There is a firm, adjustable Velcro that suits variable arm sizes.

Price: $8.99
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3. Navitech

Navitech Google Pixel Phone Armband

The Navitech Pixel Phone workout case, sports a trim, sensitive layer of neoprene material giving easy access to all the ports and functionality. It is flexibly adjustable to fit most arm sizes. You can use this armband case comfortably while cycling, riding, walking, running or while performing other fitness activities in the gym. Due to the thin neoprene case, you can use your touchscreen feature without hindrance.

Price: $7.99
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4. iTALKonline

This is one of the best armbands for Google Pixel phone. Your phone is well-protected while retaining almost all of its convenience factors during dynamic workouts. The armband is feather light, but is very secure with a Velcro closing style and being resistant towards scratches, water and moisture. The flexible build and non-obstructive neoprene allows you to use your touchscreen without any trouble. For added value, you also get a compact storage space for your keys, cash or bank cards.

Price: $18.91 [$6.32 while writing this on] Order it from

5. Stalion

Stalion Google Pixel Phone Armband

If you are an extreme workout freak, then you definitely will benefit from using the Stalion armband case for your Pixel phone. It is designed for vigorous activities and intense workouts of different kinds. The case itself is lightweight and comfortable to use while you move your muscles. Its robustness can even be compared with few of the best Google Pixel cases. The armband is reflexive, sweat resistant and easily washable. Your phone is securely held in place while you get full access to touchscreen features without worrying about scratches. Due to the light reflective strip, you can conveniently use it also during night times.

Price: $9.99
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ELSKY Google Pixel Phone Armband

One of the best Google Pixel armbands for running, this one helps you achieve that liberating freedom one feels during a fully engrossed run. You can enjoy your favorite music or use the phone’s touch screen with ease and precision right from the comfort of your bicep or forearm. With the night reflector feature, you can conveniently run during early morning and late evening hours. The armband guards against sweat and impact keeping your device secure. The build materials consist of environmentally safe nylon, Velcro and neoprene.

Price: $7.89 – $9.99
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7. E Tronic Edge

E Tronic Edge Google Pixel Phone Armband

Having your prized Google Pixel with you during your workouts can be of immense assistance, but it also shouldn’t make you feel cumbersome at the same time. With the new E Tronic Edge armband case, you get a good sized zipper pocket for holding your personal items like keys or cash just behind your phone. This case is made of durable, breathable material that reduces sweat accumulation while giving full comfort. It is extremely lightweight and lets you use your touchscreen and headphones comfortably without removing the phone from the case. It is also water and sweat resistant for those long sweaty marathon workouts.

Price: $19.99 [$9.97 while writing this on] Order it from

8. Sporteer

Sporteer Google Pixel Phone Armband

The Sporteer Entropy E6 Google Pixel armband has a futuristic design as it features modular straps for a neat, convenient and safe fit right on your skin or over your clothes. The armband straps are easily removable and can be replaced with variable sizes and styles for ensuring a further exact fit. The case has a sweat and moisture resisting soft memory foam backing. There are other value added facilities such as a full frontal touch screen, zippers that lock to avoid any rattling and available storage space for personal items.

Price: $29.99 [$27.99 while writing this on] Shop it from

9. Best Deal

Bestdeal Google Pixel Phone Armband

With this armband case, Best Deal prioritizes safety and comfort to the fullest extent. The band wraps around your arm and stays securely bound during your daily fitness activities. You get multiple layers of padding for extra protection. The neoprene material used is lightweight, flexible and comfortable and it remains dry even during exercises. The Velcro strips are adjustable for convenience and the screen is safeguarded well by the sensitive protector.

Price: $6.99
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SPARIN Google Pixel Phone Armband

Sparin is one of the most popular brands in the mobile accessories universe. It’s not at all surprising that they have come up with a wonderful Google Pixel armband workout case of highest quality. This armband is made with premium, soft neoprene that is very flexible for twisting and bending during exercises without going out of shape. The armband is extremely lightweight and is equally comfortable. You get a completely accessible touch screen for convenience. No need to worry about sweat or water damaging your phone as this armband is fully sweat, water and moisture resistant. With the adjustable Velcro straps, this armband can suit most arm sizes with ease.

Price: $7.81
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Are you a fitness lover and loathe parting with your smartphone during workouts? Armbands are handy accessories that give you a simple way to have your phone with you even during your most amped up workout regimen. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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