Google’s Pixel Buds are Google’s answer to Apple’s AirPods and believe me, this is not an ordinary answer to Apple. Google has packed some awesome features into its Pixel Buds; you would love to use them all the time. Check our best Google Pixel buds tips and tricks that will be useful in your interaction with your Pixel phones after wearing Pixel Buds.

This Pixel Buds tips and tricks basically underlines the importance they have. During this read, you will come to know where and when your buds can help you. The touch controls, interaction with Google Assistant, sorting notifications, translation and more – everything related to Pixel Buds will surprise you and inspire you to use them more and more.

Best Google Pixel Buds Tips and Tricks

Best Google Pixel Buds Tips and Tricks

We have listed some of the significant usages of Pixel Buds according to the change they can bring in your digital life.

How to Check Google Pixel Buds Battery Status

Battery life of Pixel Buds is the key factor as it can spoil your important conversation with your boss or client, or it can ruin your one-man party while you are listening to your favourite music.

Step #1: Launch the quick settings menu on the connected Pixel phone.

Step #2: Now tap on the down arrow next to the Bluetooth icon.

You will see that your Pixel Buds are connected with the phone and also see the battery (%).

Alternatively, you can also launch Headphones Settings in Google Assistant to check the battery status of Pixel Buds. Jump to this post for more detailed information.

How to Use Language Translation on Pixel Buds

Landed on the foreign land? No worries, you can use in-ear translation feature of Pixel Buds to talk to any person who speaks all Greek to you. Currently, Google offers this translation service in 40 countries, and it is available only on Google Pixel phones.

When you have put on your Pixel Buds, simply long press on the right earbud and speak, “Help me speak (Language)”. Google will list “Be my (language) translator,” “I want to speak (Language)” and, “I need a (language) interpreter” as optional commands.

Note that Google Translate will open on your phone and all set to transmit the conversation. Whenever you want to speak, long press on right earbud. You will get the translated text displayed on your Pixel phone and it will read out the message loud in the target language.

When the other person is answering your query, long-press the Microphone icon from the bottom right corner when s/he is speaking to you.

How to Use Google Assistant on Pixel Buds

Google has installed your Assistant in the Pixel Buds, and therefore, you don’t have to use that Google Assistant on your Pixel phone. Long press on the right earbud and your Google Assistant will be at your service. Ask weather reports or send a command to compose an email or text message.

After speaking a command, take your finger off the earbud and your Google Assistant will process the command and ask for more help, info or read results.

How to Get Notifications on Pixel Buds

Checking countless notifications on your Pixel phone can be a daunting task for you. Not anymore! Use the Pixel Buds that alert you to notifications by default. For example, if you get a message on your Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant tells you about that message, person or group that has sent the message.

If you want to take some action on that notification, you can activate Google Assistant by a long-press. You can also ask Google Assistant to read pending notifications by double tapping on the right earbud; once you listen to the notification, dictate your reply.

Want to turn off notifications on Pixel Buds? Launch Google Assistant and tap on Headphones Settings and then toggle of Spoken Notifications.

How to Use Touch Controls on Google Pixel Buds

When you interact with your Pixel phone, it is done through touch controls on the right earbud.

  • Play or pause music, answer a call with a single tap.
  • Turn on or prompt notification updates from Google Assistant by double tap.
  • Send voice commands to Google Assistant or end a call by long press.
  • Turn up the volume by swipe forward.
  • Turn down volume by swipe backward.

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That’s all for your Pixel Buds basics. Enjoy using the buds with your Pixel smartphones and keep sharing your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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