Best Google Pixel Clear Cases

Google Pixel has launched recently amidst sky high expectations in the Android universe. Being Google’s first direct foray into the top-end flagship device, the Pixel has hyped the demand not only for itself, but also for suitable accessories to match. Google Pixel clear cases, just like the wallet cases for Pixel Phone and Google Pixel Bumper Cases, are one such highly sought after accessory which offer essential protection to the phone as well as enhance its good looks.

The Google Pixel transparent cases presently available are not too many in options due to the newness of the product. However, there are still some excellent choices out there for you to pick from. We have put together a list of some of the best Google Pixel transparent cases that fit the device perfectly while also having high quality worthy of the flagship smartphone.

Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel Phone

1. Spigen

Spigen Google Pixel Phone Clear Case

Spigen is a well-known name in producing quality cases for premium smartphones. It is not surprising that they are among the first names to come with Best Google Pixel Clear Cases so soon after the phone’s launch. You get a transparent TPU case that is slim and lightweight to lend flexibility and robustness. The raised lip and camera cutout safeguards the lens and screen efficiently. There is a dot pattern on the inside part to avoid bubbled blotches on the phone’s back. The buttons are covered up for safety but are easy to touch and use.

Price: £11.99 [£7.99 while writing this on]
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Price: $14.99 [$12.99 while writing this on]
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2. Poetic

Poetic Google Pixel Case

Give your Google Pixel phone a poetic expression. Add some style and elegance to your smartphone with Poetic protective bumper case for Google Pixel . If you have developed weakness for thin things in life, you will be impressed by this slim fit clear dual material case for Google Pixel. Banish the bulk from your life and bring home this case. The thin profile of this case never compromises on the protection part. Experience firm grip over your Google Pixel smartphone. Never worry about drop or fall.

Price: $7.95
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3. DGtle

DGtle Google Pixel Phone Clear Case

Another early-birder who has introduced Pixel transparent cases, DGtle provides you a feather light clear case built with flexible TPU material that fits the Google Pixel well enough. You get a thin cover that can be slipped on easily and has accurate cutouts for complete access to cameras, speakers and other ports. The case helps withstand shocks, resists scratches and is shatterproof. Additionally, the touch responsiveness is also excellent. Full transparency boosts the original design of the Pixel phone.

Price: $19.99 [$7.99 while writing this on]
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4. Tauri

Tauri Google Pixel Phone Clear Case

One of the best Google Pixel clear cases, this Tauri product is exclusively designed for the Google Pixel. The inner side has a dotted pattern to sustain the phone’s shape and color by avoiding formation of air bubbles at the phone’s back. The case is lightweight with very less bulk along with additional grip and feel. The case also absorbs shocks effectively while the scratch resistant gel material helps safeguard your phone from scratches and nicks. This gel material is quite extendible and robust and can be cleaned with water with ease.

Price: $24.99 [$7.99 while writing this on]
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5. LK

LK Google Pixel Phone Clear Case

The extremely thin, lightweight profile along with impeccable protection features makes this one of the best Pixel Phone clear cases on the market. This case safeguards your phone from accidental drops. The case is built with smooth, top grade, robust and flexible TPU material that resists dust and smears. The TPU is shockproof, shatterproof and scratchproof while also being very easy to clean without any plastic smell. The cutouts are precise enough to allow access to buttons, cameras and ports. There is an anti-slip design feature to give added grip to prevent sliding.

Price: $29.99 [$7.99 while writing this on]
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6. MicroP

MicroP Google Pixel Phone Clear Case

This flexible TPU material built Google Pixel clear case has a slim profile and a velvety soft and smooth texture. The cover comprises of precise cutouts for complete access to camera, ports and buttons. You get protection against shocks, scratches and drops. The TPU used is non-toxic and great for regular usage.

Price: $7.89
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7. CoverON

CoverON Google Pixel Phone Clear Case

This clear case for Google Pixel is made of semi-hard, semi-soft TPU rubber that sucks in shock to a great extent for comprehensive protection. The case shaped accurately to give a flawless profit fit to your pixel phone in a comfortable and secure manner. The case is very thin and feather light for regular usage with the front lip bezel avoiding the LCD screen from getting surface scratches.

Price: $7.99 [$5.99 while writing this on]
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8. Pleson

PLESON Google Pixel Phone Clear Case

This is one of the best Protective clear case for Google Pixel available in the market presently. The flawless cut and design along with the slim, low weight profile made with premium TPU, makes this case both flexible and durable. The cutouts are precise enough to offer complete ports, cameras and buttons access. The transparency is comprehensive which showcases the Pixel’s original good looks. The inside gets a unique dotted texture pattern and different refraction helps boost the visual feel. It also helps avoid fingerprint smears and bubbles on the phone’s back. The frontal lifted edges help protect your screen from surface scratches while anti-slip feature gives extra grip.

Price: $29.99 [$7.95 while writing this on]
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SPARIN Google Pixel Phone Clear Case

Sparin is a reputed brand in phone accessories and especially in providing premium Best Google Pixel Transparent Cases for smartphone. It is from a company with such strong pedigree that we get one of the best Pixel transparent cases. This case is designed especially for the Google pixel phone. The cutouts are accurate for giving fluid access to ports, buttons and cameras. The material used is eco-friendly TPU with smooth coating and rounded edges. The case is also quite lightweight and ultrathin. You get full protection including covering of backside, edges and corners.

Price: $5.99
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10. Orzly

Orzly Google Pixel Phone Clear Case

This case is laser cut for a precise fit. It is built with top quality, robust material for safeguarding against usual usage, small nicks, bumps and scratches. The snapping-on of the case on to the phone and removing it both are quite easy. You get a non-slip gloss finish that offers a convenient and solid grip to avoid accidental drops. The cutouts are accurate enough for complete access to ports, buttons and cameras.

Price: $14.99 [$3.99 while writing this on]
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11. Cimo

Cimo Google Pixel Clear Case

One of the most minimalist and transparent cases for Pixel Phone, this Cimo case weights very less, thin and made with robust TPU and PC material to showcase the phone’s original design. The bezels are lifted to safeguard the screen and camera from surface scratches. There are inner dot patterns to avoid watermarking and bubble formation on the phone’s back. The cutouts are accurate enough for easy access to the ports, buttons, speakers and camera.

Price: $5.00
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12. Ringke

Ringke Google Pixel Phone Clear Case

A truly premium Google Pixel clear case, this one is available is various color bumper finish styles for individual customization. The clear case has a laser cut transparent bumper with the accent color of your picking. The protection is excellent with 2X the quality coating to boost the natural look without adding bulk. There is an inner cushion for safeguarding against drops. You also get Active Touch technology for great responsiveness. This case gives you certified military grade safety against drops. The edges cover all corners for maximum protection and the cutouts are precise for fluid access.

Price: $30.00 [$11.99 while writing this on]
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If you are a fan of Best Pixel Clear Cases, choose the best one suitable for you from our list. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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