Best Car Mounts for Google Pixel and Pixel XL : Robust and Beautiful Materials to Complement Your Car’s Interior

Car mounts for Google Pixel and Pixel XL are best used for navigating your way while you are driving through unknown territories. Use the GPS feature along with Google Maps app and you can enjoy your ride while the app will guide you with its instructions. Since GPS usage consumes more battery, we recommend you to keep Google Pixel and Pixel XL car charger or Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank with you. Users also cite another reason to buy Google Pixel and Pixel XL car mount holders, according to many, car mounts allow them to talk in hands-free mode when they are driving cars.

Normally, earphones or headphones (if they have wires) get tangled around the hands, and therefore, idea of using earphones/headphones doesn’t excite passionate drivers. Pixel and Pixel XL Phone Car Mounts become their natural choice because of multiple benefits every mount offers. We have listed the best Google Pixel and Pixel XL car holders for you. Place your mount in such a way that doesn’t hinder your sight while you are driving.

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Best Car Mounts for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

#1. Encased

Encased Google Pixel and Pixel XL Car Mount

Keeping driving safety in mind, Encased has designed this Google Pixel XL easy-dock car mount holder. You can install your Pixel phones with or without a case. The holder rotates to vertical and horizontal positions for maximum viewing angles. Use your phone with your one hand as Encased has made exclusive single handed design to install and remove your phone.

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#2. Vena

Vena gives you a car mount which can be attached on to a CD slot. This car mount is compatible with your Google Pixel phones and other smartphones and GPS devices as well. The mount is made in Korea; its easy-slide technology lets you install and remove your phone with your one hand. To maximize your viewing angle, rotate the holster to 360 degrees. Adjust the vertical position to use Google Maps and keep your phone horizontal when you wish to watch videos or movies (though it is not advisable for a person sitting in driver’s seat, the one sitting on passenger seat can watch entertaining contents).

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CHOETECH Google Pixel and Pixel XL Car Mount

Choetech gives a super secure way to keep your Google Pixel phones quite handy while you are driving your car. A car mount from Choetech boasts angled bottom and two adjusting arms to stop your phone from moving up and down. A strong grip lets your phone and the mount stay on the air vent securely. This car mount has quick release button to insert and release your phone easily and quickly. Give a gentle touch on the button and the arms of this mount will expand to their full width; you need to put your phone in place.

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#4. Digitl

Digitl Google Pixel and Pixel XL Car Mount

Digitl’s flexible arm allows a variety of mounting arrangements. This car mount can be inserted and removed with one hand. This highly developed car mount is sticky, and therefore, it offers a strong mounting base on almost any flat surface. Appreciate its spring grip action, which is ideal for your Google Pixel phones. This car mount gives your phone 360 degrees rotation; so that you can use your phone in portrait or landscape mode.

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#5. Hedocell

Hedocell Google Pixel and Pixel XL Car Mount

Hedocell presents a versatile cup holder to firmly keep your Google Pixel phones attached to any standard car cup holder. This car mount easily eliminates any obstacle in your windshield. This car mount allows you to capably control your phone while you are driving. Look at its side arms, which let you adjust the vent holder to your Google Pixel phones. This car mount is quite easy to install; you don’t need to call any expert to install the mount.

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#6. Nekteck

Nekteck Google Pixel and Pixel XL Car Mount

Nekteck offers you a multipurpose magnetic car mount that sets itself apart from other Google Pixel and Pixel XL Car holders with its extraordinary features and robust construction. You can use this mount in multiple places like kitchen, office, bedroom apart from your car. Just make sure that you install the mount on a flat surface. Its slim design captures your attention; the mount looks beautiful and also elevates the appearance of your Google Pixel phones. The strong magnet tightly holds your phone so that you don’t need to worry about fall or drop. Installation of this mount is a breeze; no tools are required. Simply stick the mount to any flat surface and you are good to go.

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#7. ONX3

ONX3 Google Pixel and Pixel XL Car Mount

ONX3’s magnetic car mount generates a massive force of attraction that holds your Google Pixel phones. The mount gives you peace of mind when you are driving your car on bumpy and curvy roads. Since the mount is installed on the air vent, it doesn’t create any obstacle for you. Now you know why you should not choose a car mount that needs flat area like dashboard or windscreen. Apart from safety, air vent car mount also ensures that it occupies less space in your car. Use Google Maps app on your mobile and experience smooth navigation; this mount can rotate to any angle.

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#8. iTALKonline

iTALKonline brings an innovative car mount that can be used at home and in your car also. Floored? Yes, look at the design of this car mount, which looks like a case made to keep your glasses. iTALKonline promotes this product as sticky mat, which has slim line design and heat resistant. This mat is made without using any glue, and therefore, no residue left on your car dashboard or your Google Pixel phones. Its clean and washable design makes it more popular among users, who tend to keep window glasses open while driving car.

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#9. IWIO

IWIO Google Pixel and Pixel XL Car Mount

IWIO brings a car mount bracket to firmly hold your Google Pixel phones. The most beautiful thing about this car mount is that users can easily access headphone jack and dock connector. This bracket is made of robust materials that suit well with your car’s interior and sustain volatile temperature. You can keep your phone horizontally or vertically to watch videos and Google Maps while driving car. It takes minimum space in your car and doesn’t hinder your sight.

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Car mounts are practical smartphone accessories any user needs while driving. You can cite your reason for buying a car mount for your Google Pixel or Pixel XL. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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