Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging DocksBest Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Docks

Google Pixel and Pixel XL charging dock primarily charges and syncs your smartphone with a computer; and then it helps you enhance the look and feel of your desktop and work station. This charging stand can also be installed in your kitchen, bedroom or on any flat surface. We have compiled the best charging stations for Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones; you can buy it for yourself or for someone you love to gift him/her.

The charging docks for Google Pixel and Pixel Xl listed here are made of finest materials. With a smattering of style and elegance, the docking stations can elevate the aesthetics of your home.

Best Charging Stand for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

1. Encased

Encased Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock

Encased brings an elegant charging cradle for your Google Pixel phones. This Pixel and Pixel XL Charger Dock is the best desktop or nightstand companion for your latest Google Pixel or Pixel XL. This docking station is compatible with type – C port and ensures that your phone is always charged, making you ready to go. You can put your phone on this charging dock with case wrapped on the phone. You can sync your phone with your computer using the built-in cable.

Price: $26.20
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2. Acessorz

Acessorz Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock

Without making any compromise to USB type – C specification, Accessorz has manufactured this cradle impeccably. Perhaps, this is why the cradle supports fast charging function with your Google Pixel phones. The technology of Acessorz will never damage the USB hub, charger or your phones. You can easily adjust the angle of this Type-C connector forward and backward. You should never worry about kinks and tangles of your lightning cable as Acessorz offers durable and flexible design to secure wire cores.

Price: $11.99
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3. A Plus

A-Plus Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock

A Plus Lightning Charging Dock is the best companion for your Google Pixel phones as they perfectly follow lightning charging specification standards. For high speed charging and quick sync, use this docking station, which offers sync with your computer at a high speed. When your phone is fully charged, you can use another holder to place your phone for viewing function. Moreover, you can rotate the holder to 360 degrees without worrying about the balance of your phone. This Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Stand has 3M sticky pad on its bottom for secure fit in the place.

Price: $16.99
Order it from

4. Stouch

Stouch Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock

You can use Stouch USB C Type Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock to connect your phone with computer to sync and charge; or you can simply plug the cable into a power source to charge your Google Pixel phones at full speed. For your convenience and comfort, Stouch has manufactured a very small, light and easy to carry charging dock. You can install this charging station at multiple locations like office, home, bedroom etc. Impressive and fashionable design will mesmerize every person around you; its shining exterior can bedazzle anybody. Apart from its personal use, you can gift this device to somebody who is using Google Pixel phones.

Price: $11.90
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5. Next

NXET Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock

Like Google Pixel cases, this Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock is equally worried about the safety of your phone. And therefore, it is made with utmost care, robust materials, and advanced technology. Its two-in-one function allows you to charge your phone and sync it with your computer. You can connect your phone with the case installed on your phone. Next provides one meter cable attached with this docking station.

Price: $22.99
Buy it from

6. Dretal

Dretal Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock

Put your Google Pixel phones for charge without removing cases. Dretal has specially designed this cradle for your Pixel phones. This charging dock lets you synchronize and charge your phone simultaneously. It is a great pleasure to watch videos and movies while your phone is rested on Dretal charging station. You can also read eBooks on your Google Pixel phone. Put your phone at a comfortable angle and smoothly interact with it. This elegantly looking docking station keeps your work desk neat and clean.

Price: $15.88
Purchase it from

7. RND Power Solutions

RND Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock

Experience faster charging of your Google Pixel smartphones with RND Power Solutions docking or charging stations. Docking stations from RND Power Solutions are made of superior quality plastic and nickel plated connectors. This makes every charging dock a perfect accessory for your Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone. Do not remove the case as this dock is compatible with protective cases. You can adjust the connector by pulling it up or pushing it down to fit the case.

Price: $24.99
Order it from

8. ARC

ARC Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock

Save your precious time on charging and data syncing with the help of ARC’s docking station. You can connect your Google Pixel phones quickly with your computer and get started with transferring data. A USB port enables file syncing for music, videos, and photos. Its compact design allows you to carry this dock everywhere; a traveller would always appreciate such practical design. While not away from home, you can take the cradle to your office also.

Price: $9.99
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9. Simpeak

Simpeak Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock

You may need to charge your Google Pixel or Pixel XL anywhere. If you are close to a power source, connect your smartphone with Simpeak charging dock and experience its rapid charge technology. This small and lightweight docking station is very efficient and boosts your convenience and comfort. You can carry this charging stand at multiple places like home or office. Your phone stays in the perfect position as it is not lying on floor, desk or table.

Price: $16.98
Buy it from

10. FanTEK

FanTEK Google Pixel and Pixel XL Charging Dock

Unlike other docking stands, FanTEK charging dock doesn’t allow you to charge your Google Pixel phones with cases installed. So before you put your phone, remove the case. It is a good decoration for your desktop. Now you can quickly charge your Google Pixel phones and sync them with your computer. This product is so compact and convenient that you can carry it in your pocket, travel bag, and in laptop bag also.

Price: $9.99
Purchase it from

Charging docks or docking stations are loveable smartphone accessories. Apart from great functionality, these Google Pixel and Pixel XL charging docks exude superior flair. After exploring this list, you will agree with us. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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