Best Power Banks for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

If you have become the proud owner of Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL, you must be looking for some handy charging solutions. We have listed the best Google Pixel and Pixel XL power banks for you. Explore this list of power banks and buy the best one for you. This range of power banks includes products in different capacity. You can choose any power bank according to your requirement.

While exploring this array of power banks, you would also like the idea of checking Google Pixel and Pixel XL car chargers. Unlike car chargers, power banks are quite portable, and therefore users prefer wireless portable chargers over other charging solutions like car chargers and battery cases.

Best Pixel and Pixel XL Power Banks

1. Hedocell

Hedocell Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank

Hedocell presents the best solution to charge your Google Pixel XL and Pixel phones. This Google Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank gives you two universal USB ports to charge your smart devices. A Micro USB port helps you charge the power bank. You can keep an eye on LED indicator to check how much power is left in the power bank. Carry this power bank in your travel bag or in your hands; the product is very lightweight and highly portable. One of the best companions for your Google Pixel XL and Pixel phones.

Price: $50.99
Buy it from

2. Fonesalesman

Fonesalesman Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank

Fonesalesman brings a real wireless Pixel and Pixel XL Portable Charger for you. In a major breakthrough, Fonesalesman has designed QiStone+ with its Qi+ technology. Apart from charging your Google Pixel phones wirelessly, this Pixel and Pixel XL External Charger can also be charged wirelessly. The design of the product is also unique; to make it lightweight and attractive, Fonesalesman has provided a stone-like shape to this wireless power bank. With simplicity in mind, QiStone+ boasts 4000mAh capacity to charge up your smartphone. Simply put your phone down to charge up. Its unique features make QiStone+ an ideal gift on various social occasions.

Price: $49.00
Shop it from

3. Abyone

Abyone Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank

Enjoy 50000mAh capacity of Abyone portable power bank. You will never run out of charge with Abyone by your side. This power bank boasts DC port output 12V to 15V to charge high-end devices like your Google Pixel phones and other smart devices. With highest efficiency energy, you can charge Microsoft Surface Pro and New MacBook for 5 times, and charge your smartphones from 12 to 15 times. Use Abyone Adapter to recharge the power bank within 3 to 4.5 hours.

Price: $269.99
Purchase it from

4. Onite

Onite Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank

With two USB outputs, Onite’s 5V 2A power bank has ON/OFF button to stop and resume charging. Its four LED indicators display battery percentage and charging status. This saves your time and energy. Equipped with grade A Li-ion polymer cell and high quality microchips, Onite power bank is a superior quality portable charger for your Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone. This 10000mAh capacity power bank can quickly charge your smartphones; and it takes only five and half hours to recharge this portable charger. To charge your phone safely, Onite uses Trickle Charge Technology, which charges your phone to 98% battery capacity and then switch to trickle charging.

Price: $19.99
Order it from

5. iVoler

iVoler Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank

Enjoy 27% faster charging experience with iVoler portable charger. This small and compact battery charger has great features; the brand has updated iVoler’s charging efficiency by 15%. Moreover, you can charge your devices with 45% less power consumption – all credit goes to its automatic voltage adjustments. For safety, iVoler has received many certificates like CE, FCC & RoHS. Once your battery charger is exhausted, you can quickly recharge it within 3.5 hours with a compatible 5V 3A charger.

Price: $26.99
Buy it from

6. Flux Chargers

Flux Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank

Flux Chargers presents a pocket-size portable battery charger for your Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. This product is being used by millions of happy customers in more than 70 countries. One of the primary reasons of its overwhelming success is cited as ‘sleekness’ and ‘innovative design’. The slim profile adds to its wow factor; since it is sleek and delicate, the portable charger is protected by a durable and lightweight aluminium casing. You don’t need to buy extra cable for your phone as this power bank has built-in cable for iPhone and Android phone.

Price: $29.95
Shop it from

7. Spigen

Spigen Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank

Spigen brings a 10000mAh battery charger with 1A and 2.1A USB outputs for dual charging features. You can easily charge USB support smartphones and other devices like tablets. Never worry about damage on your portable battery charger as its aluminium unibody protects it from injuries. This portable charger has built-in torchlight, which can be used during night or in dark. Check its battery status with the help of LED-backlit screen indicators.

Price: $24.99
Order it from

8. Itian

Itian Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank

One of the glaring features of this Itian portable charger is that it can charge your smartphones 75% faster than other standard power banks available on the market. This makes all the difference as power banks are always meant to charge your devices quickly during emergencies. Its smart port technology is enabled by quick charge 3.0, which does the miracle. This power bank automatically recognizes your device and protects the phone from over-heating, over-current, over-charging etc.

Price: $21.49
Purchase it from

9. Aukey

AUKEY Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank

A cylindrical shape surprises many users as they can’t believe that it is a portable power bank. Yes, it is an Ion Type – C 5000mAh power bank for rapid charge. Charge this power bank completely and then you can deliver its powerful flow to your Google Pixel smartphones. You can conveniently keep this power bank in your hip pocket and put your smartphone in front pocket of your trousers; let your device get charged while you are on the go.

Price: $19.99
Buy it from


DURAGADGET Pixel and Pixel XL Power Bank

Duragadget is one of the best power sources to charge your smart gadgets including your latest Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. This compact sized power bank is convenient to carry in your briefcase, laptop bag or travel bag; you can also put it in your trousers’ pockets. The 2600mAh capacity portable charger boasts a micro USB input port and power cable for charging your smartphone to the full. Just connect the cable with your smartphone and you are good to go. For efficient and reliable charging, Duragadget’s universal USB output connects with you phone’s charge. While the power bank is charging your devices, its LED indicator flashes red light, and when the phone is fully charged, the light turns bold blue.

Price: $19.98
Order it from

Power banks have become essential accessories today. However, like battery cases, they offer little convenience to carry along. But power banks certainly provide more battery supply during your journey. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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