Best Bluetooth Headphones for Google Pixel and Pixel XL : No more tangled mess

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth Headphones make your life a lot easier when using your smartphones. Now, you don’t have to worry about the headphone wires getting tangled up or bunching around your body. A pair of quality headphones let you enjoy music and take calls effortlessly with absolutely no compromise in sound quality.

If you are still skeptical about the effectiveness of Google Pixel/Pixel XL headphones, don’t be. These modern ones produce impeccable audio quality that doesn’t lose much depth when compared with top wired headphones. With stereo Bluetooth, the clarity has got enhanced thereby bringing the loss ratio to a very low level. If you are looking to go wire-free, then check out our following list of Pixel and Pixel XL wireless Bluetooth headphones.

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Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth Headphones

#1. Spigen

Spigen Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth headphones

Spigen being a well-reputed name in smartphone accessories business offer excellent products that fit the needs. Their Bluetooth Pixel and Pixel XL earphones are no exceptions to this standard. These headphones are magnetic when on and get demagnetized when off. They are well suited to daily dynamic activities such as gym, hiking, cycling and workouts. The headphones are lightweight, resist sweat and have an ergonomic design for comfort. The sound output is top notch with great noise reduction that helps you enjoy crisp music and clear calls.

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#2. Beats

Beats Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth headphones

One of the truly premium Pixel and Pixel XL earbuds, these Beats earphones pair and work with your phone in a 30 foot range, giving you a wire-free roaming zone. They are well-constructed with advanced acoustics to produce a clear, broad-ranged and balanced sound output. The Solo2 gives you some of the best dynamic and wide range of sound with ear cup padding for keeping noise outside. With a 12 hour rechargeable battery, you can experience wireless freedom for an extended time period. The foldable, compact and durable design helps a great deal in portability for on-the-go type of individuals.

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#3. Senso

SENSO Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth headphones

Senso’s Bluetooth headphones provide you genuine High Definition sound due to the presence of the latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology combined with cutting edge acoustic parts for amazing sound reproduction. You get deep bass and extremely clear treble for enjoying sounds of different kinds. These headphones are also waterproof and their wonderfully designed flexible ear hooks offer secure positioning and comfort for long hours of usage. You also get a decent battery life along with sophisticated noise suppression feature for the best experience.

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#4. TaoTronics

This pair of headphones is one of the most robust Pixel and Pixel XL Wireless Bluetooth headphones for running, hiking or any other type of active lifestyle. Due to an innovative Nano-coating, this product is great at resisting sweat, water and moist weather, and also provides additional protection. The latest Bluetooth tech avoids any delays and enables immediate pairing with two devices at the same time. Great noise cancellation and deeply clear sound let you experience voice and music quality just like using high-end wired headphones. The design and fit let you drown in your own audio world for hours together without getting any discomfort.

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#5. SoundPEATS

SoundPEATS Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth headphones

A nicely built pair of headphones, this SoundPeats pair is compact enough for regular portability. The presence of two magnets lets you wear it just like a chain or a necklace. There is an extremely soft, feather-light cord with controls on its side. It is a novel design that also offers added controls and functionality. You can enjoy great sound quality due to excellent noise cancellation features, right from music to audio books, all come off sounding clear and crisp on these headphones. With Nano coating, you need not worry about the impact of perspiration, dampness or accidental drops on the headphones.

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#6. Mpow

Mpow Wireless Bluetooth Headphone for Pixel and Pixel XL

For fitness freaks, a stable and comfortable Bluetooth headphone is the best option. Mpow Cheetah wireless sport headphones are the perfect choice of yours, if you love to indulge in fitness activities every day. If your life is loaded with energetic activities like running, jogging, biking, driving, fishing, camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures, this Mpow Bluetooth behind-ear headset should be your first choice. Enjoy Hi-Fi CD quality stereo with Bluetooth 4.1 chips hardware configuration. Its apt-X Tech technology gives you strong signal as well as clear and uninterrupted voice while you are listening to music or calling with Mic. The control buttons are perfectly positioned on this headset so that you can enjoy smooth operation even while you are in the middle of your fitness regimen.

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#7. Bose

Bose Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth headphones

Bose is synonymous with world class sound. These Quiet Comfort 35 headphones continue the rich legacy of their mother brand with aplomb. The noise cancellation is simply out of this world, taking you into a world of your own. The equalizer is optimized based on volume for a well-balanced audio output. The battery life is unbelievable with about 20 hours of life on each charge. Even the dual-microphone system has fantastic noise-rejection feature for absolutely clear calls. As with any Bose product, the build materials are top notch and give you a wonderful experience when using the headphones.

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#8. Beyution

Beyution Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth headphones

These are relatively new Bluetooth headphones for your Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. You get foldable, hi-fi stereo headphones with good quality sound coupled with credible noise reduction features. The audio performance is of high quality and particularly will impress all the sports fans out there. The presence of passive noise reduction technology helps boost call quality. You can have clear phone conversations using the inbuilt mic which works flawlessly. As an added incentive these headphones come with a free pouch.

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#9. Mixcder

Mixcder Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth headphones

One of the best bass headphones out there, this Mixcder pair has incredible 40mm huge dynamic drivers with a 20mW power and 13 pcs of copper-clad aluminum wires. You will be shocked and surprised by the heavy bass, thick treble and a sweet median for a clean, smooth sound output. The seemingly eternal battery gives you a music time of about 20 hours for a single charge. The ergonomics are very comfortable and portable for letting you soak up that out-of-the-world bass for hours together and while on the move.

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COULAX Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth headphones

Coulax gives you amazing audio quality due to the presence of advanced APTX tech, resulting in richer and more natural audio with a lovely deep bass. The latest Bluetooth version allows for a lightning quick pairing and you get a range of about 33 feet for seamless syncing. The sound output is quite good along with equally adept noise cancellation.

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