Google Pixel XL armbands are the best companion of fitness freaks. Use the best armbands for your Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones while you are working out in gym or at home. Many armbands in the list provide integrated solutions, in that, they provide full security to all the features of your Google smartphones.

This list of Google Pixel XL armbands includes the best brands of smartphone accessories. Please note that some armbands are so spacious that you can insert your smartphone with Google Pixel XL phone cases and Google Pixel XL screen protectors in them.

Check out salient features of the armbands and choose the best one for you.

Best Google Pixel XL Workout Case

1. Supcase

Supcase Google Pixel XL Armband

Supcase has designed this armband for Google Pixel phones. The sporty looking Pixel XL Armbands for Running flaunt silicone skin case to keep your smartphone in place while you are working out in gym or outdoors. Install your phone easily and adjust the Velcro armband for great fitting. The armband can be worn around multiple arm sizes from 9” to 21”. During your physical fitness practice, you can access all ports and controls. Moreover, plug in the headphones and use other phone features as well. You can wash the armband with your hands and wear it for long time.

Price: $14.99
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2. Sparin

Sparin Google Pixel XL Armband

Sparin’s Google Pixel XL Armbands are made of high quality materials. The brand has sourced soft neoprene to make it flexible, so that users can twist and bend their arms in any direction. IN addition to this, the best Armband Cases for Pixel XL is extremely lightweight and weighs only 1.04oz. Get complete screen coverage and experience full touch screen functionality. Sparin’s double adjustable Velcro can fit on any arm size up to 24.4”.

Price: $11.99 [$9.99 while writing this on]
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3. Xboun

Xboun Google Pixel XL Armband

Xboun’s armbands perfectly fit for your Google Pixel phones. Xboun has infused tough and flexible neoprene fabric in the product to make it robust yet stretchable. This is why Xboun’s armbands snugly fit on your arm; moreover, these armbands are sweatproof and to a degree, they are water resistant. The Pixel XL Armband Case will not stretch out even if you are doing power yoga or other exercise. You don’t need to buy Google Pixel screen protectors and Google Pixel XL screen protectors. A transparent cover on Xboun’s armband will protect the screen of your smartphone.

Price: $34.99 [$13.99 while writing this on]
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4. TopAce

TopAce Google Pixel XL Armband

TopAce presents a multipurpose armband for Google Pixel phones. Apart from playing its primary role, TopAce Google Pixel XL Armbands also help users store a few small items like key and coins. You can wear this armband around biceps and forearms by adjusting the size of the band. A key holder pocket can be used to store your car key or a few coins. You can easily access headphone jack when your phone is installed in the armband. Listen to your favourite music and go for a long walk or run.

Price: $17.98 [$7.99 while writing this on]
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IWIO Google Pixel XL Armband

IWIO Google Pixel Xl Armbands boast five valuable features that make the product highly saleable in the market. For users’ convenience, this armband offers a small pocket to store money, keys, earphones or coins. The built-in screen protectors eliminate the need to buy a new screen protector for your Google Pixel phones. Flexible neoprene allows you to indulge in rigorous exercise that might involve lot of twisting and bending of your arms. Adjustable Velcro strap can be put on any arm size. And finally, its sweatproof design ensures that your phone is protected against sweat and splashes of water.

Price: $19.95 [$9.52 while writing this on]
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6. Melop

Melop Google Pixel XL Armband

Melop brings an innovative armband for your Google Pixel phones. A closer look at this product reveals that the armband boasts two holes for easy find the earphone hole. To adjust the arm size, the band also has two holes. Melop has created a lightweight and skin friendly design so that you can wear the band for long hours, even when you are not working out. To make it more functional, Melop has installed one key holder, two pockets for ID card or credit card and some cash. Appreciate its nigh reflector that gives it an extra visibility for early morning or low light conditions.

Price: $24.99 [$8.99 while writing this on]
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7. World Acc

World Acc Google Pixel XL Armband

World Acc armbands provide extra protection with superior quality neoprene material, which is used in manufacturing wetsuits for deep sea divers. Your phone is quite secured from back, side and corners while you are carrying with ease. During your workout, you can comfortably access all essential features of your Google Pixel phones. With the help of adjustable Velcro, the armband can be used by many users with different arm size.

Price: $24.99 [$5.99 while writing this on]
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8. ONX3

ONX3 Google Pixel XL Armband

ONX3 has taken great care while manufacturing Google Pixel phones armbands. A strong sticky back tape guarantees that the armband doesn’t drop while you are working out. Its crystal clear protective film allows you to access touch and controls on your smartphone during exercise. Moreover, the film protects your phone’s touch screen against scratches. ONX3 has made this armband lightweight and flexible, so that you can enjoy some rigorous exercise during winter and spring. Its neoprene material doesn’t turn soggy from sweat or water splashes. You are not supposed to keep your pocket with you as this armband offers a dedicated key slot and earphone holder.

Price: $4.90
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9. Navitech

Navitech Google Pixel XL Armband

Navitech has manufactured a beautiful armband with all related ports and functions reachable through slim coating of neoprene. Its elastic Velcro ensures that the armband fits on almost all arms. You can use this armband while you are walking, running, cycling or jogging. A transparent film allows you to access touch screen of Google Pixel phones.

Price: $7.99
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10. Sporteer

Sporteer Google Pixel XL Armband

Sporteer has designed this armband for large phones like Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. The armband has a zippered pocket to fit both smartphones from Google. The armband is comfortable to wear and durable; its internal liner safeguards your phone from sweat and moisture. Admire its soft and flexible material that ensures comfortable and secure fit. Enjoy and experience complete access to your phone’s touch screen while you are running, walking, or jogging. You can start your exercise in the early morning as the armband has reflective trim on straps for safe running.

Price: $27.99 [$24.99 while writing this on]
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Armbands are absolutely essential for fitness enthusiasts as they don’t have to hold their smartphones in their hands. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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