Best Bumper Cases for Google Pixel XL: Made of Finest Materials by Top Brands

Bumper cases provide best protection to your Google Pixel XL. In addition to security, these Google Pixel XL bumper cases are stylish; they effortlessly enhance style quotient of your personality. Made from different materials, every bumper protective case for Pixel XL has a single purpose to protect your smartphone.

Popularity of Pixel XL Bumper Covers actually relies on slim profile and robust construction. Unlike Google Pixel XL wallet cases, bumper cases never add bulk to your phone. We have listed best Pixel XL Bumper Cases that can take Google Pixel XL screen protectors; you can easily install the case on your phone laced with screen protectors.

If you are looking for the best Google Pixel XL cases, you need to explore this list and make a judicious decision.

Best Google Pixel XL Bumper Cases

1. Poetic

Poetic Google Pixel Xl Bumper Case

As clear as the sky. This is what I feel after looking at this Poetic case for Google Pixel XL. To impress the young smartphone users, Poetic has crafted a nice piece from clear polycarbonate moulded with soft shock proof TPU. Display the best features of your smartphone with full clarity of this case. To give extra protection to your phone, the case is reinforced at the corners. Unlike other cases, which slip away when your palm is sweating, this case has got special side grip pattern to stop such accidents and mishaps. Raised edges of the case give full face protection; this allows you to place your phone face-down.

Price: $7.95
Purchase it from

2. Oeago

OEAGO Google Pixel XL Bumper Case

Oeago offers a bumper case that has a dotted back, which gives you a firm grip on your Google Pixel XL. During a busy day, you normally hold your phone in hands instead of slipping it in pockets. In a bustling market place, you can walk through easily without having to worry about your phone’s security. It is tightly held in your hands, and therefore, this bumper case is the right choice for a professional, who has to do a lot of footwork in a day.

Price: $1.99
Buy it from

3. Amzer

Amzer Google Pixel XL Bumper Case

Get the best bumper case with good qualities of clear cases. Amzer has made this clear back cover and TPU bumper to impart an elegant view to Google Pixel XL. A clear case allows you to flaunt the real beauty of your Google Pixel XL; for a flamboyant customer, this case is a boon companion. While flashing your unique style, you can protect your smartphone against sudden impacts caused by accidental drops.

Price: $12.99
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4. Orzly

Orzly Google Pixel XL Bumper Case

Orzly clear bumper gives you a good opportunity to personalize your phone. If you wonder how you can make it personal, check this highly transparent case. You have got entire back of your phone to paste a photograph of your loved ones or your own picture. Show off your creativity to the world. The bumper case is made by combining a robust and elastic bumper and a clear back, which is a strengthened PC panel. A strong grip and protection are guaranteed.

Price: $24.99 [$6.99 while writing this on] Order it from

5. iBeek

A slim profile is always appreciated by users, and iBeek knows this consumer psychography. This slim bumper case for your Google Pixel XL is the best partner to create an irresistible personality of yours. Put the personality factor aside and the case still gives a good reason to buy it. This 4H rated acrylic material protects your phone against scratches. iBeek’s soft TPU ensures that your phone is not influenced by bumps and shocks.

Price: $8.99
Shop it from

6. Tauri

Tauri has meticulously crafted this bumper case so that you can enjoy quick and easy access to all ports, buttons, and controls on your Google Pixel XL. The dual layer protection adds much needed protection to a superior craftsmanship. Leave the security of your phone to Tauri’s expertise to manufacture crystal clear soft TPU interior and a hard outer PC shell. Stop worrying about scratches and shocks; the raised edges safeguard the screen of your phone. You can install the case in a single snap and remove it with same ease.

Price: $8.99
Buy it from

7. KuGi

KuGi Google Pixel XL Bumper Case

KuGi has nicely designed this slim yet robust bumper case for Google Pixel XL phone. The aesthetics is carefully considered to give a beautiful looks. KuGi case’s touch feeling is awesome, and its form-fitted and lightweight construction matches perfectly with its appearance. Operate your Google Pixel XL smoothly as KuGi has taken good care of controls and features. A precisely cut out bumper case enables you to use features like speakers, camera and others.

Price: $29.99 [$4.50 while writing this on] Purchase it from

8. Ringke

Ringke Google Pixel XL Bumper Case

Ringke’s fusion crystal clear bumper perfectly fits on your Google Pixel XL. This case captures attention of fashion-conscious users with its inimitable style. This laser precise crystal clear bumper offers perfect protection with sophisticated 2x clear quality. The case doesn’t add much bulk to the phone, and this makes it more receptive among users who put their Google Pixel XL phones in pockets. Appreciate Ringke’s active touch technology, which allows hassle-free and natural access to all important ports and buttons.

Price: $30.00 [$11.99 while writing this on] Order it from

9. DGtle

DGtle Google Pixel XL Bumper Case

DGtle has crafted a lightweight and flexible case from a TPU material. This slim case boasts perfectly cut out openings that allow smooth operation of Google Pixel XL. Keep scratches and shocks miles away with dot pattern (texture) design. Flexible TPU is bendable, and this is why DGtle’s Google Pixel XL bumper case is perfect for daily usage. The case can endure twists and turns if you are using your phone without much care.

Price: $19.99 [$7.99 while writing this on] Shop it from

10. MicroP

MicroP Google Pixel XL Bumper Case

A first look of MicroP bumper case gives you a feeling of awesomeness. This pitch dark bumper case for Google Pixel XL creates an impression that lasts long in your mind. Similarly, the case itself lasts long as it is made of flexible TPU material. The slim case is laced with perfect cut-outs that allow hassle-free operation of your phone. Gain full access to camera, speakers, headphone jack and other controls. Use this case without harbouring any guilt in your heart as it is made of environmental non-toxic TPU, which gives you smooth and silky touch feeling.

Price: $8.49
Buy it from

11. Profer

Profer Google Pixel XL Bumper Case

Profer offers cases that do not turn yellow easily. This feature will surely make your phone look new for long time. About protection, this bumper case is made of smooth, treated rubber that endures dirt and stains. Moreover, your phone is highly secured from scratches. Profer case is manufactured from superior quality TPU. Treated rubber also ensures that your phone is protected against bumps and shocks occur accidentally. A seamless fit is a feature to appreciate. You will hardly feel any cover that creates any distance between your hands and Google Pixel XL.

Price: £29.99 [£5.99 while writing this on] Shop it from

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