Best Google Pixel XL Screen Protectors: Superior Hardness to Protect Touch Screen

Google recently launched its two flagship phones: Pixel and Pixel XL. Both phones boast amazing features and therefore, both phones have got tremendous response from consumers. If you are the one, who has bought Google Pixel XL, you should now think of the protection of the phone.

After buying your choice of Google Pixel XL cases, it is time to install a protective sheet on the full HD screen. Pick up any screen protector from this list of the best Google Pixel XL screen protectors.

Best Google Pixel XL Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

1. Skinomi

Skinomi Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

Skinomi has carved a niche in smartphone accessories market with a specialization in screen protectors. This protector is exclusively designed by perfect laser cutting technology to provide full coverage. You can use Skinomi screen protectors for long time and it will not look worn out as it is made of carbon fiber texture. You can easily install this lightweight construction. Apply this screen protector yourself without any help; its grid adhesive makes installation a breeze.

Price: $19.95 [$15.95 while writing this on] Buy it from

2. iLLumiShield

iLLumiShield brings a pack of three matte anti-glare screen protectors that make your Pixel XL experience a soothing one. Feel no eye strain as the protector is designed with high quality Japanese PET film that boasts multiple layers. You can enjoy colourful picture quality with its anti-glare technology that refracts and disperses reflected light off your screen. Install this iLLumiShield screen protector without taking any expert help; its anti-bubble silicone resin layer sticks to the screen on its own. This highly transparent scratch resistant film eliminates the need to spray any solution that might go into the ports of your phone and damage them.

Price: $9.95
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3. Supershieldz

Supershieldz presents a superior quality protector film for better viewing experience. This privacy film doesn’t allow any person to view the content off your shoulder. Your phone’s screen is visible only to a person who is directly in front of the screen. Enjoy the natural feel with its real touch sensitivity that gives you seamless touch screen precision. This screen protector is made of Japanese PET film with 100% bubble-free adhesives. You can install this protector easily by yourself.

Price: $24.99 [$6.98 while writing this on] Shop it from

4. LK

LK Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

Google Pixel XL Tempered Glass Screen Protectors from LK are made of high quality protection strengthened by 9H hardness. Never worry about scratches and shatter as the protector is made to resist high impact drops. Its oleophobic coating keeps fingerprint and oily smudges away from the protector, and therefore, it lasts longer than other ordinary Google Pixel XL Screen Protectors. Laser cut technology ensures perfect fit leaving front facing camera, speaker and home button unobstructed. This HD screen protector is highly sensitive, and hence, it quickly responds to your gentle touches.

Price: $6.99
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AVIDET Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

AVIDET brings Google Pixel XL Tempered Glass Screen Protectors that boast 9H hardness. Enjoy better picture quality with AVIDET’s 99.9% transparency; the glass is so thin (0.3mm) that you will hardly feel that there is any layer between the phone screen and your fingers. Never worry about chipping of glass as it has 2.5D curved edge. You can use this screen protector in all seasons as it safeguards your screen against water, dust, dirt, scratches, fingerprints, smudges, stains etc. Experience bubble-free installation without leaving any marking.

Price: $19.99 [$10.48 while writing this on] Buy it from

6. TopAce

TopAce offers 0.3mm thick precisely cut screen protector specially made to fit on your Google Pixel XL. This strong and anti-scrape Google Pixel XL Screen Protector can endure daily wear and tear and prevent bubbles. The anti-bacterial and antiglare protector protects you against radiation. With a gentle touch, you can operate all function on the screen. Rounded edges of TopAce’s screen protector provide more durability and you can use it without having to worry about chipping.

Price: $16.99 [$9.99 while writing this on] Purchase it from

7. Pleson

PLESON Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

Pleson uses excellent material to create a precisely cut screen protector for Google Pixel XL. The 2.5D curved edges and excellent responsiveness of this protector makes it a leader in the industry. Made of Japanese processed glass and innovative glue, this screen protector gives maximum protection. Pleson offers full coverage on your Pixel XL’s screen; at the same time, you can easily access camera and receiver. Experience 99.9% HD clarity with hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating, which keeps the screen protector neat and clean from sweat & oil residue.

Price: $7.95
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8. TechFilm

TechFilm tempered glass screen protector for Google Pixel XL is 100% bubble free as it is made of superior quality adhesives for flawless installation. Its super tough construction boasts 9H hardness to prevent any impact from drops. 99.9% HD clarity gives your eyes a visual treat while you are watching videos & movies. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating doesn’t allow sweat and oil to spoil the screen. Every TechFilm screen protector is made with sharp accuracy to precisely fit on your Google Pixel XL.

Price: $29.99 [$6.48 while writing this on] Shop it from

9. Sparin

SPARIN Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

If your eyes are exposed too much to a smart screen, you should use Sparin’g HD clear screen protector that boasts 99.9% clarity for maximum, natural viewing experience. The film attaches to the screen itself and doesn’t leave any bubble. 9H hardness makes your phone screen explosion-proof; moreover, it protects the screen against dirt, dust and scratches. The most significant feature of Sparin screen protector is that you can install it again after peeling off.

Price: $9.99
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10. Omoton

OMOTON Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

Omoton makes a laser-cut screen protector for your Google Pixel XL. This product is particularly designed to fit for HTC Google Pixel XL smartphone. Its 9H hardness gives your phone’s screen best protection against unnecessary scratches from knife, keys and other hard materials. Its bubble-free adhesive makes installation so easy that your kid wouldn’t fail to install this screen protector on your Pixel XL’s screen. Enjoy HD viewing clarity while watching movies, videos and photos. While browsing the albums, hydrophobic oleophobic screen coating ensures that sweat and oil residue from fingerprints do not spoil the screen.

Price: $7.99
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Screen protectors are the first things you should buy after you purchase any smartphone. Which accessories, according to you, are most essential for your Google Pixel XL? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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