Spigen is undoubtedly one of the leading smartphone accessory brands. With the launch of every high-end smartphone, Spigen introduces a range of accessories. Google has released two smartphones – Pixel and Pixel XL – and now Spigen has come up with some of the best cases for Pixel XL Phone that boast hybrid, rugged, crystal clear, slim armor qualities.

This list of Spigen Cases for Google Pixel XL mostly includes simple bumper cases with two exceptions in kickstand cases. We have picked up cases that can easily accommodate your Google Pixel XL screen protectors. Unlike Pixel XL wallet cases, bumper cases do not give you space to store any extra item like currency or credit card.

Some of the products listed here look like Google Pixel XL clear cases. However, some cases are remarkably opaque. Apart from Google Pixel XL cases, people have also developed fondness for Pixel XL leather cases, which are obviously eliminated from this list.

Best Google Pixel XL Spigen Cases and Covers

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Google Pixel XL Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Google Pixel XL Case

If you prefer to buy what is essential for you, Spigen Hybrid Case for Google Pixel XL is the best choice for your Google Pixel XL. The minimalist design of this case makes your phone look stunning. This case with crystal clear back showcases the real beauty of your Google Pixel XL smartphone. Its hard PC back stops fading, and therefore, the case doesn’t turn yellow over a period of time. For a long time, this ultra hybrid case from Spigen will protect your Pixel XL phone.

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2. Spigen Rugged Armor Google Pixel XL Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Google Pixel XL Case

When style meets strength, you can expect only the best. Packed with performance and playfulness, Spigen Rugged Armor Case for Google Pixel XL is your ultimate choice. Add flavour and functionality to your latest smartphone with this case. To make it robust, Spigen has combined an elegant black TPU shell with textured carbon fiber. What you get is peace of mind as it protects your smartphone against all possible hazards. Spigen’s spiderweb pattern needs special mention as it imparts a unique look to the case.

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3. Spigen Slim Armor Google Pixel XL Case

Spigen Slim Armor Google Pixel XL Case

A slim armor case from Spigen plays dual role of protecting your Google Pixel XL phone and providing you a comfortable grip. By installing this Spigen slim armor case for Google Pixel XL, you can put your phone in your pocket without any hassle. You will never feel any bulk or weight. Since the case is made of dual layers, you are rest assured about the security of phone from shocks and bumps. With slim armor case, you can work all day without worrying about your phone.

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4. Spigen Liquid Crystal Google Pixel XL Case

Spigen Liquid Crystal Google Pixel XL Case

If you are the one who doesn’t like to add any trim or trinket, this Spigen liquid crystal case for Google Pixel XL is the best product. This case does nothing but to protect the original look of your smartphone. Without adding much flashy element, the liquid crystal case from Spigen helps you display your phone as it is. A single TPU layer makes this case crystal clear and flexible; both qualities are appreciated by discerning users as they never look for fashionable products without much strength. Users can comfortably access fingerprint from the circular cut-out. Moreover, its distinctive buttons give you hassle-free phone operation.

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5. Spigen Slim Armor Google Pixel XL Case with Kickstand

Spigen Slim Armor Google Pixel XL Case with Kickstand

A slim armor case equipped with kickstand case is a perfect combination to grab attention of any Google Pixel XL owner. Take a look at this beautiful case, which has black and grey design at the back. The upper part flaunts dark black and the larger lower part is completely grey. Spigen Pixel XL Kickstand Case allows users to watch videos and movies; the kickstand is also useful in reading eBooks. If you love to read books on the screen of your smartphone, this case is your best companion. The upper and lower portions are detachable, allowing you easy installation of your phone.

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6. Spigen Crystal Shell Google Pixel XL Case

Spigen Crystal Shell Google Pixel XL Case

A soothing white color always pampers your eyes with its gentle presence. It is a visual treat for your eyes to keep watching your phone wrapped in Spigen crystal shell. Bring home this crystal shell case and protect the phone with corner guards. To give extra protection to the camera and touch screen, Spigen has added raised lips to this case. Appreciate its air cushion technology that secures all corners of your smartphone. The sleek, transparent design demonstrates the real aesthetics of your Google Pixel XL phone.

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7. Spigen Tough Armor Google Pixel XL Case with Kickstand

Spigen Tough Armor Google Pixel XL Case with Kickstand

This black tough armor case from Spigen looks stunning under the sunlight. It can beat any other cases from other categories with robust construction made from high quality materials. This heavy duty Pixel XL Case case fulfills all your expectations from a Google Pixel XL bumper case. Its flexible bumper and hard PC back protect the phone; its raised edges guarantee complete screen and camera protection no matter how you place the phone on a flat surface. For extreme defense against sudden drops, Spigen has added air cushion technology.

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Since Spigen is a popular brand manufacturing high quality products for smartphone, we have created this list, which boasts only Spigen’s cases for Google Pixel XL. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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