Best GPS Trackers for Kids: Tracking Watches for Children

“Technology to Wear” is the stage where most developments are happening these days. With excellent functionality, usage simplicity and elegance, the GPS Tracking Watches for Kids can be a fantastic match for your kids’ very active lifestyle. These watches ensure that you face the biggest challenge of keeping your kids safe with a little bit more ease. Similarly, there are some of the best smartwatches for teenagers that work well with the young adult age group.

With kids, roaming around, exploring and moving beyond horizons are part of the game. However, you no longer have to worry about losing the grip on their whereabouts with the latest GPS tracking devices. These watches, just like this list of smartwatches for kids, will help you to continue being the best parent. Pick out the best GPS trackers for kids and get that precious peace of mind finally.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids

1. LG GizmoPal

LG GizmoPal Smartwatch for kids

This is an extremely kid-friendly GPS tracking watch by LG for your little one. It is quite reliable to keep track and also provide you with an intuitive two-way calling for staying in touch. Your kids can have their share of independence while you still having a clear inkling of where they are. You can get alerts of your kid’s location at timings set by you according to your preferences. You can just link the GizmoPal with your smartphone and offer two other guardians access to the information using the mobile app. You can also enable GizmoPal’s automatic answering after about ten seconds assuring of communication under any environment.

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2. Sports Imports LLC

Sports Imports LLC GPS Tracker for Kids

This Sport Imports iGPS watch lets you speak with your kid just like using a phone along with viewing your kid’s location on a map. You can get the exact location with longitude and latitude of the coordinates by sending a text to this watch phone. You can set geographical boundaries around familiar areas so that you can keep your kid within the safe zone as much as possible. You can also get alerts when the watch is taken off and also get text intimation when your child goes away from a safety zone. This watch is both Android and iPhone compatible for increased comfort.

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3. GBD

GBD GPS Tracker Watch for Kids

The GBD is one of the most feature-filled GPS tracker for Kids that gives you a 1.44 inch touch panel with a vividly colorful screen along with 7 nice and diverse themes and icons. Your kids get to control it very easily with these themes and icons. The OLED screen helps to protect your child’s eyes for long hours of usage. The graceful silicon band design is functionally waterproof. You can call the watch terminal and the same thing can be initiated from the other end. You can track the exact location of your kid in real-time with the inbuilt GPS and Wi-Fi.

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4. Orbo

Orbo Smartwatch for Kids

Orbo gives your kids a nice timekeeping intro while also keeping them entertained with the kid-friendly touchscreen based smartwatch. This is great for using at home or even when the kids are traveling. The watch has a plethora of functions along with multitudes of educational stuff. The device offers your kids lots of informative games, inbuilt camera, time master and other fun-filled activities. The display is quite dynamic and the camera is tiltable. Along with the presence of micro usb cable, this makes the device even for extensible.

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5. SinoPro

SinoPro GPS Tracking Device for Kids

This is a multifunctional kids’ smart watch that supports a wide range of features such as micro sim card, dual way calls, SOS emergency call, security perimeter setting, GPS tracking, pedometer, voice chat and other such goodies. The GPS plus LBS base station positioning system offers extra safety for kids. With this, you can get real-time location throughout the day and also verify the position at any juncture. The material used is eco-friendly with very less radiation rating that helps safeguard your kid from these hazards.

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LEMFO Kids Watch Tracker

The LEMFO Q50 smart watch for children is built using environmentally friendly material with extremely low radiation rating. You also get security gel polymer battery that help protect the kids’ eyesight. The watch comes with a 0.96 inch LED screen with good brightness. This watch has the GPS+LBS precise location tracking feature that also has dual mode positioning for giving additional safety to kids. You get actual on-the-moment location tracking via text, website, iOS or Android app. The SOS and Remote Monitor helps in situations of emergency for receiving help.

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TURNMEON GPS Tracking Watch for kids

This is a very pretty watch for your children with numerous features. The watch comes with 3G micro sim support and a 1.54 inch color screen. This screen has a 2.5D smooth quality touch panel, rotating camera and multiple positioning with GPS, Wi-Fi, AGPS and LBS. You also get additional features such as electronic fence setting, remote monitoring and voice chat. The kids get lots of edutainment with the AR Animals Zoo interactive learning app that comes with Augmented Reality aspects. With precision tracking present, you can get absolute positioning of your kids’ location and be informed of their safety.

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Are you a fan of the GPS tracking watches for kids? What is the biggest advantage that you find in these GPS tracking devices? Which tracking device are you going to buy from the list of best GPS trackers for kids? Let us know about them. Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ .

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