Best Hearables for iPhone and Android: Advance Technology to Beat Traditional Wireless Headphones

The world over, entire wearable technology seems to be interested in a single human body part: ear. From ears, the wearables want to reach our mind. Basically, year 2017 has witnessed many technology start-ups and leading makers of smart gadgets introducing hearables. The word is probably new to many consumers; hearable is a portmanteau of wearable and headphone. The technology is a bit advance; it is a step further in the direction of Bluetooth magic that has enabled us to use wireless devices. While Bluetooth headphones have their own limitations, hearables actually fulfil those shortcomings. This list of best hearables for iPhone and Android boasts the top quality products that are more technological advanced than your traditional Bluetooth headphones.

Why hearables are more technologically sound than Bluetooth headphones? Well, there are personal assistants (like Alexa), fitness coaches, and language translators built-in to make your life more comfortable. Another important feature is the design and size of hearables. Unlike other wireless headphones, hearables are like small buttons that comfortably fit into your ears. Even if you workout in Gym or jump or run fast, the hearables will not move from their place, and give you the best experience of music and conversation. Hearables for workout or running listed here are made of leading brands like Samsung, Dash, Apple, Jabra and others.

Best Hearables for iPhone and Android

Best Hearables for iPhone and Android

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#1. Bragi the Dash Pro Amazon Alexa Compatible Headphone

Bragi the Dash Pro Amazon Alexa Compatible Headphone

If you have wanted to carry your music along with your earbuds, then The Dash Pro might be the device you have been waiting for. It comes with in built 4GB storage which translates to about a thousand songs which you can carry with. So if you are not in the mood to carry your phone with you but want to listen to some of your favorite tracks, the ear pods have got you covered.

Apart from this, it is also compatible with Siri, Google Now, and even Amazon’s Alexa which allows it to stream millions of songs which Prime music. Furthermore, even if you get caught in the rain, or tend to sweat a lot while exercising, The Dash Pro will not be damaged due to IPX7 waterproof design.

Price: $343.99
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#2. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

One of the coolest things about Apple Airpods – besides the fact that it is an Apple product – would be its autodetection of whether or not you are wearing it or not. When you put it in your ear, the audio automatically resumes, and when you take it off, it pauses.

It is also very much power efficient which enables it to last for over 3 hours on a measly 15 min charge. Also, the case can hold multiple additional charges which can help you your Airpods last for over 24 hours.

Price: $217.99
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#3. Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung Gear IconX

The feature highlight of the Samsung Gear IconX would be its real-time voice guidance feature which helps you to meet all your fitness goals. Apart from this, the earbuds offer great sound quality and the option to control your music with a tap or swipe. It also allows you to give commands via Bixby or Google Voice. Battery life on the Gear IconX is good and guarantees about 7 hours of MP3 playback and 4 hours of talk time.

Price: $199.40
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#4. Jabra Earbuds

Jabra Earbuds

Jabra is a very simple earbud with focus on delivering superior call-quality and music playback thanks to its advanced wireless technology. However, it does have some fitness tracking capabilities such as heart rate monitoring, in-ear audio coaching, race pace calculator, and recovery advice. It also boasts a waterproof design, making it one of the best exercise companion accessories.

Battery life is good on the earbud, and you can expect up to 4.5 hours of audio playback. The charging case can carry additional charges which can help the earbuds last for another 9 hours.

Price: $218.34
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#5. Motorola 2nd Gen Earbuds

 Motorola 2nd Gen Earbuds

With this one, Motorola offers a Bluetooth 3.0 enabled wireless earbuds that also includes EDR technology. Sound reproduction is crystal clear, and there is an inbuilt wind canceling technology for better experiences.

The earbuds also support voice control, and you can use it to make calls, access apps and even get notifications. Battery life is also good and can last you about 5 hours.

Price: $73.95
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Nuheara IQbuds allows you to stream HI-Fi audio with a tap and touch intelligent design. These also help in enhancing your voice quality while you are in noisy environments.

There is also a dynamic noise cancellation feature which is super efficient and can also be customized to offer the ideal hearing experience. Battery life is also phenomenal which will last for over 16 hours of Bluetooth streaming.

Price: $299.00
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#7. Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds

The Google Pixel Buds excels at sound reproduction and battery life. If you already own a Google Pixel phone, then these are a must-have accessory. Design wise also, it is unique with its tangle-free cord keeping both the buds connected.

Another impressive feature of the earbuds would be its Google Translate support and fast pairing capabilities.

Price: $159.99
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