Best Heavy Duty Cases for Google Pixel XL: Extend Your Phone’s Life

A Pixel XL heavy duty case is the one that doesn’t get damaged easily. Therefore, such cases are more in demand as our personal and professional life has become tough over a period of time. From dawn to dusk, people encounter a lot of situations that involve hard work – whether you are travelling to and from your office or going for a pleasure trip. During all your activities, your Google Pixel XL phone is your reliable companion, and you need to take care of this active partner.

You cannot avoid physical work while you are away from home. But you can at least ensure the safety and protection of your Pixel XL phone. If you are worried about your phone, you should buy one Google Pixel XL heavy duty case for your phone. We have sourced a few good options for you; it is a sheer coincidence that the list includes a couple excellent Pixel XL kickstand case. As a matter of fact, any Google Pixel XL kickstand case is really strong and tough in profile.

When it comes to kickstand case, quite a few Pixel XL Leather Cases can be slotted into this category. Normally, leather cases are made to give more storage space to eliminate the need to carry wallet, and perhaps, this is why people prefer wallet cases.

A heavy duty Pixel XL case can safeguard your phone from several damages like scratches, scrapes, dirt, dust, sudden bumps and drops. If you own Google Pixel XL phone, check out a few of the best Pixel XL heavy duty cases listed below.

Best Google Pixel XL Heavy Duty Cases

1. Spigen

Spigen Heavy Duty Case for Google Pixel XL

This is one of the best Spigen Pixel XL cases you would like to own. For quick fingerprint scanning, this Spigen case offers a circular cut-out at the back. Care should be taken that when you register your fingerprint, you should put your fingers in multiple positions so that your Pixel XL identifies you quickly. Spigen has crafted a slim case from a flexible bumper and hard PC back. This means your heavy duty case is stylish and strong. Before introducing this case, Spigen has run drop tests of Air Cushion Technology, which ensures defence against sudden drops.

Price: $34.99 [$17.99 while writing this on] Buy it from

2. NageBee

NageBee Heavy Duty Case for Google Pixel XL

In a day, your smartphone meets a lot of impact. When you put it on a desk, it feels a little impact; when you are driving, your phone bumps into some tremors. To avoid damage, NageBee has manufactured a heavy duty Pixel XL case from tough polycarbonate and equally robust silicone, which can endure shocks. Since your phone’s corners are vulnerable, NageBee has put extra silicone for superior protection against sudden drops and bumps. Use a detachable belt clip swivel holster for extra security of your phone. This belt clip holster is useful to watch videos and read eBooks on your Pixel XL phone.

Price: $6.99
Purchase it from

3. i-Blason

i-Blason brings a comprehensive protection for your Google Pixel XL phone. This heavy duty Pixel XL case eliminates the need to buy Google Pixel XL screen protectors as it boasts a built-in screen guard. This screen protector is bubble free, and therefore, it gives a superior touch feeling to users. You can use the belt clip swivel holster to carry your phone comfortably when you are working, travelling or playing.

Price: $16.99
Shop it from

4. VRS Design

If you have artistic bent of mind, you would appreciate minimalistic design of this protective and slim case from VRS Design. You will find only the essential things in this dual layer bumper case, which flaunts a brushed metal design. Its military grade certification gives you peace of mind. Once you buy this case, you will stop worrying about scratches and other damages on your Google Pixel XL. The built-in metal kickstand gives you better viewing angles when you wish to watch videos or video calls. The kickstand also helps you read content in portrait or landscape mode.

Price: $15.99
Order it from

5. LK

LK Heavy Duty Case for Google Pixel XL

LK’s heavy duty Google Pixel XL case is exemplar in this list. Normally, kickstand cases are brushed aside for their bulk; but LK has shattered this myth and presents a kickstand case that has slim profile. You can easily put your phone in your pockets. Another important feature of this case is its belt clip, which can rotate to give you a flexible angle. You may watch movies and videos; also read texts on web pages. When your phone is fitted in this kickstand case, you would love to access all its features, ports, and controls easily.

Price: $39.99 [$9.99 while writing this on] Buy it from

6. Leevin

Leevin Heavy Duty Case for Google Pixel XL

Looking at the design of this heavy duty case, it should be made exclusively for women of discerning tastes. The colourful motif on the back of this case can easily impress any lady, who has got Google Pixel XL phone. The name of the case is aptly given Love Tree. Its anti-slip finish helps you hold your phone tightly during rush hours. And the soft bumper gives much-needed endurance against shocks and accidental drops/bumps. Leevin has sourced superior quality plastic and silicone to make this case robust. Synthetic leather print pattern imparts aesthetic values to this case.

Price: $8.58
Purchase it from

7. Cimo

Cimo Heavy Duty Case for Google Pixel XL

When everything fails, simplicity wins and it rules till eternity. Cimo knows this and hence, it has crafted a simple yet elegant heavy duty case for your Google Pixel XL phone. Its dotted pattern on the back of this case secures your phone from scratches and bruises; you can put your phone on any rough surface without having to worry about any damage. This dotted design also gives you a firm grip when you hold your phone in your hands.

Price: $7.98
Order it from

8. Yaker

Yaker presents a similar case as manufactured by Cimo. However, there is a little difference between prices of the two heavy duty cases. Moreover, Yaker offers more colourful range of Pixel XL cases for you. Retaining the black colour of the case, Yaker changes the bezels, which are available in dark purple, black, indigo, red, parrot green, pink, purple, gray, ash gray etc. This case allows you to access all ports, controls, and buttons on phone easily.

Price: $8.98 [$7.88 while writing this on] Shop it from

9. Ouba

Ouba Heavy Duty Case for Google Pixel XL

Ouba gives you a heavy duty case that perfectly fits on your Google Pixel XL phone. Looking at the kickstand case, I doubt if you can watch videos and movies horizontally. But let’s not give much consideration to this shortcoming and focus more on other important features. This case comes with a free stylus you can use to make your Pixel XL experience smooth. Normally such heavy duty cases prevent you from accessing essential features and ports; Ouba’s Hybrid Armor Defender Protective Case Cover is an exception. You can easily operate your phone with the case installed on your Pixel XL.

Price: $8.99
Buy it from

Heavy duty cases can extend the life of your smartphone. People would certainly like to buy such cases that protect their smart devices. You can share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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