Best HomeKit Enabled Accessories: Smart Home Automation by Apple Homekit Devices

Internet of things (IoT) has revolutionized the way people live at home and office. By connecting physical and virtual things, users can do anything with a switch or your voice.

Since 2013, technology giants have manufactured devices compatible with IoT. Apple has emerged as a global leader in making IoT enabled accessories: Apple has introduced a line of Hey Siri compatible smart home devices that work with HomeKit. Here, we present you the best Apple HomeKit accessories.

Getting Apple HomeKit compatible devices that work with HomePod or gadgets is an act in the direction of future-proofing yourself. This way you not only bring in some intelligence to the things present in your home but also not have to dole out a whole bunch of money by choosing the right product options.

With the right HomePod compatible accessories, you can control different devices at home by just using Siri. So, get started by checking out our following list of Apple HomeKit enabled accessories and devices and make your home an intelligent one.


Best Apple Homekit Accessories

Homekit Compatible Ceiling Fan

#1. Haiku Smart WiFi Ceiling Fan

Haiku Smart WiFi Ceiling Fan

For once, we can easily forget the technical aspects of this smart ceiling fan as it boasts superb aesthetic elements to floor you. But we cannot overlook the advanced technology this Haiku home L series ceiling fan is built with.

You can control this fan with Amazon Alexa; it is fun for your kids to turn on and off the fan. Before the fan comes to your house, it is perfectly tested so that you never experience any technical issue once it is installed.

This fan offers coverage (indoor and covered outdoor space) 15 x 15 feet with flat or sloped ceilings.

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#2. Hunter Fan Company

Hunter Wifi Ceiling Fan

One of the most fundamental items on the HomeKit-enabled devices list is a smart fan. This smart WiFi ceiling fan from Hunter Fan Company has a whisper wind motor that gives out amazingly potent air dispersion with serene quietness.

This way you get to enjoy the cool, powerful air that you desire without the needless noise. There is a handheld remote for easier control and the three-position mounting system lets you place the fan in a standard, flushed or angled manner as per your wish.

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Best Smart Hubs

#3. Lutron

Lutron Wireless Smart Bridge

Another product with the diverse utility is a smart hub and this one by Lutron is simply quite resourceful. Using this Siri Compatible Smart Home Accessories you can gain easy and individualized control of your lights, but it is much more than that.

You can control the ambient temperature and HomeKit shades from just about anywhere in the home by using the free Lutron app. It works great with Siri to control the lights.

You can schedule to switch on lights at particular times or you can just set up the time clock option to let the device automatically manage the lights based on seasonal time changes.

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Best Indoor Sensors

#4. Elgato Eve Door & Window, Wireless Contact Sensor

Elgato Eve Door & Window

One of the intriguing aspects of intelligent devices is the ability to sense our presence and react accordingly. Using the Elgato Eve indoor motion sensors for door and window, you can get to live smarter.

These wireless contact sensors realize if your door or window is open or closed at any given moment. You can view this open or closed status with a simple glance and also you can see the stats for the duration of the open and closed time to make better choices using the Eve app.

Eve helps you achieve cutting-edge safety and a close-knit integration with Siri. It gets connected to your iPhone or iPad without ever needing a separate gateway.

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#5. Elgato Eve Energy, Switch & Power Meter

Elgato Eve Energy

Another Elgato Eve smart accessory, this smart energy, switch and power meter helps you to view how much energy your devices are using currently in an instant.

You also get complete control by being able to turn the devices on or off using Siri. You can grasp the patterns of your energy utilization and resort to consuming lesser energy by fine-tuning your consumption patterns. It also connects directly using Bluetooth without the need for any hub.

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#6. Elgato Eve Room, Wireless Indoor Sensor

Elgato Eve Room Wireless Indoor Sensor

The third Elgato Eve Smart Home Device that works with HomePod on the list; this wireless indoor room sensor identifies indoor air quality, temperature and humidity.

It improves your comfort level by smartly analyzing the presence of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere. You can get useful personal insights by checking the stats for varied periods of time.

It is extremely user-friendly and works well with Siri. The Eve Room comes with long-lasting batteries that can also be replaced whenever needed.

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Best Apple Homekit Smart Lights

#7. Incipio

Incipio Wireless Smart Light Bulb

If you desire to have your living space change the ambient lighting according to your mood, then Incipio is just the right accessory for you. With Incipio, you get a kind of Apple HomeKit light switch to set different moods in your home.

You can control the lighting and with the use of the CommandKit app, you can use Siri to use your voice to gain control of all HomePod Controlled Devices in your home.

You can switch on or off particular bulbs or your entire home with Siri voice commands and you can also control your dimmable light bulbs using the dimming feature for that specific mood you wish for.

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#8. Lutron Caseta Dimmer Kit

Lutron Caseta Dimmer Kit

This is the Lutron Caseta Dimmer kit that complements the Lutron Caseta pro kit by giving you simple and individualized control of your lights, shades and temperature using the free Lutron app.

The lamp dimmers can be used by plugging them into a regular outlet and letting you control the lights using the Pico remote control.

You can control up to two lamps per dimmer and there is a smart bridge included that supports up to 50 devices and functions well with the Apple HomeKit.

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#9. Ivy Smarter Kit

Ivy Smart LED Lighting Kit

Another smart lighting kit, using the Ivy Smarter, you can take complete control of your lights using Siri voice commands. It is fully compatible with Nanoleaf Smarter series products and also with third-party smart bulbs.

The firmware updates are provided constantly by Nanoleaf Smart Hub to help maintain complete compliance with the Apple HomeKit standard updates and therefore making it future proof.

You can even name each bulb and come up with personalized scenes within your home. The Smart LED lighting kit is the most energy efficient one made with patented technology and build to last about 27 years.

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#10. Philips Hue Light Bulbs

Philips Hue White

The Philips Hue White A19 starter kit is another easy way of controlling your lighting smartly. You can boost your home with soft white lighting by controlling it remotely.

You can automate your lights comprehensively even when you are not home. By connecting to the Apple HomeKit, you can regulate the lights with your voice.

You can make light schedules from the app, ensuring that you never have to enter into a dark house when coming back home. You can also enjoy seamless, wireless dimming.

With HomeKit you never have to touch a switch or open the app just give a voice command and it is done for you.

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Best Homekit Compatible Smart Locks

#11. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

One of the most popular HomeKit Accessories for your home is the smart lock. August is arguably the best HomeKit enabled door lock available on the market.

This accessory lets you use your iPhone as a smart key and you can lock and unlock your door along with creating virtual keys for guests. You can keep track of the visitors coming and going from your iOS device.

It automatically locks behind you and similarly unlocks automatically as you approach the door. Again here, you can use Siri to control the August smart lock.

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Best Outdoor Sensors that work with Apple Homekit

#12. Elgato Eve Weather

Elgato Eve Weather

Here is another Elgato Eve product that makes your outdoors smart for a change. Using this accessory, you sense the temperature, humidity and air pressure, creating your own personal weather data at home.

Use Siri and ask for questions regarding the weather parameters such as the temperature and humidity. It is powered with long-lasting batteries that can be replaced when needed.

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Best Smart Plugs

#13. iDevices Switch Smart WiFi Plug

iDevices Switch Smart WiFi Plug

Access your Siri compatible smart home devices from anywhere using the iDevices Switch. You can use the free iDevices Connected app from your iOS devices.

You can also use simple voice commands using Siri to achieve the same control. You get the ability to schedule your electronics and lights even when not at home. Additionally, you get customized energy usage stats report to let you understand your usage patterns.

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#14. iHome Control Smart Plug

iHome Control Smart Plug

This is another effective HomeKit based smart plug that lets you control your plug points globally with Wi-Fi. It works flawlessly with Apple HomeKit Nest and Siri.

There is no need for any Hub as the entire setup is Wi-Fi enabled. You can control a whole range of Home Pod Accessories such as heaters, lamps, fans, lighting, air-conditioners and much more. It supports up to 1800 watts per plug.

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#15. Incipio Smart WiFi Adapter

Incipio Smart WiFi Adapter

Incipio CommandKit wireless smart outlet gives you the potency of comfort and innovation. Using your iOS device you can remotely control your smart home devices that work with HomePod at home and on-the-go.

Using Siri voice commands, you can control devices without much effort and also achieve wireless power management. You also get features such as metering to observe your energy usage and reducing consumption.

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#16. Koogeek Smart Plug 

Koogeek Smart Plug

The Koogeek Wi-Fi smart plug lets you control, monitor, and schedule connected HomePod controlled devices from anywhere by making use of Siri voice commands or the Koogeek app.

You can set it to switch off power automatically at the pre-set time interval. You can set it to Away mode and it will switch off any device plugged in and also turn it back on when desired.

This helps to keep your energy bills low especially while managing the most power consuming appliances.

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Best Apple Homekit Compatible Thermostats

#17. Ecobee3

Ecobee3 Thermostat with WiFi SensorEcobee3 Thermostat with WiFi Sensor

Ecobee3 is considered by many as the best smart thermostat and is well suited for homes with more than one room. This is because it can read the temperature using room sensors to deliver the right temperature to the room which is most important.

This is based on the room usage and occupancy the temperature gets optimized instead of just regulating the temperature of the hallway alone.

When a room is empty it gets automatically deprioritized for incremental energy savings making a smarter system. It can be controlled with Siri using your iOS device.

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#18. Honeywell Wifi Thermostat

Honeywell Wifi Thermostat

Another candidate for the best thermostat for home. This Honeywell product is designed for unpredictable schedules and sudden plans.

The Honeywell Lyric can be controlled from anywhere using your iPhone and it automatically adjusts to your lifestyle incrementally. It saves energy when you are not at home and then makes your home warm just before you head home.

No unnecessary wastage and similarly not the discomfort of a cold home to arrive to after work. It works excellently with Apple’s Siri Compatible Smart Home Accessories and uses push notifications to remind you of filter changes.

It uses your iPhone’s location to know when you are away and regulates accordingly.

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#19. Emerson

Emerson Sensi thermostat

Using the Emerson Sensi thermostat you can control your home temperature from anywhere making it a forever comfortable place to come back to at any point in time.

It is designed to function flawlessly with the already present wiring system and is completely compatible with almost all gas, oil, heat pump and radiant heating systems. It is very extensive in this regard.

It gets installed and functions like a regular thermostat till you connect it to a Wi-Fi at your convenience. You can use the free iOS app like an intuitive remote control to control and change the home temperatures from any place.

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#20. iDevices Wi-Fi Thermostat

iDevices Wi-Fi Thermostat

Another iDevices accessory, this smart accessory regulates the temperature of your home from any place using Siri voice commands and customized scenes making your home comfortable.

It helps to quickly adjust temperatures even if you are not at home by using iDevices Connected app on your iOS device.

You can customize the temperature pattern according to your needs. There is no need of a special hub as using your Wi-Fi and an iOS device will get the job done.

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Best HomeKit enabled accessories can help you upgrade your lifestyle and transform your home into an intelligent zone.

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