Smart outlets are the first things you should bring home to make your home a smart home. Once you install these receptacles at home or office, you can use Siri on HomePod or on your iOS devices to control the smart devices like lights bulbs, thermostats, security camera, switches and other HomeKit enabled accessories. The HomeKit compatible smart sockets listed here are manufactured by leading brands, giving you best performance for long. Want to use the smart plugs? Check our collection of best HomePod compatible smart plugs.

The HomeKit enabled smart plugs that work with HomePod mentioned below are top rated by experts and users as well. Almost all the female plugs are Wi-Fi enabled except for one, which works with Bluetooth. Moreover, our compilation of plugs includes indoor outlets, saving one, which is a robust outdoor socket. This means you need a strong Wi-fi network at home to operate these smart plugs, which are also compatible with HomeKit. Energy monitoring is one of the important features of Wi-Fi smart plugs that work with Siri and HomeKit. Now explore this list of smart outlets and use them with your HomePod.

Best HomePod Compatible Smart Plugs

Best HomePod Compatible Smart Plugs

Siri Enabled Outlets That Works With HomePod

ConnectSense Smart Outlet with Apple HomeKit Technology
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#1. ConnectSense

ConnectSense HomeKit Compatible Smart Plug

ConnectSense offers two Wi-Fi connected plugs that can be controlled with Siri commands. You can easily monitor and control the two sockets individually. Apart from controlling smart devices at home, you can charge your smartphone or tablet by using 2.4 amp USB charging port.

Price: $57.08
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#2. iDevices Switch

iDevices Switch Siri Enabled Smart Plugs for HomePod

Your HomePod will work as a hub, and therefore, you don’t need any extra hub to control and monitor the electronics connected to your iDevices. Even as you are not using HomePod, iDevices doesn’t need any hub; you can enjoy remote access. If you want to control multiple devices, you can create a scene. Moreover, you can set a number of schedules to operate your electronic devices.

Price: $28.59
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#3. iDevices Outdoor Outlet

iDevices Outdoor Switch Siri Compatible Smart Plug

iDevices again! But this time, it is an outdoor outlet to control lights and decorations during the holiday season. Since it is to be used outdoors, iDevices have made it rain-tight; its rugged design is safe to use it out of the home. Control your home effortlessly without taking your iOS device in hands.

Price: $50.61
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#4. iDevices Wall Outlet

iDevices Wall Outlet That Work With HomeKit

The wall outlet from iDevices can be used either using iDevices Connected app or via Siri. The separate outlet can be controlled independently; you can use the top and bottom receptacles separately. So much so that you can schedule each socket to turn on and off based on a daily schedule. The energy tracking feature allows you to monitor the energy usage of electronic devices in your home.

Price: $99.95
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#5. iHome

iHome Smart Plug Compatible With HomePod

iHome is one of the leading brands in Wi-Fi enabled wall plugs, which can easily control your devices using 1800 watts or under. Use your voice or Home app on the iOS device to control window air conditioners, fans, portable heaters, coffee makers, home audio systems and others. Don’t want to use a Home app? You can use iHome Control app and enjoy global remote access.

Price: $29.99
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#6. Elgato Eve Energy

Elgato Eve Energy Smart Plug that Works With HomePod

Even if there is no Wi-Fi connection at home, you can control your smart electronics by installing Elgato Eve Energy wall plug. This smart socket works with Bluetooth low energy technology. You can either use a Home app on your iPhone or iPad or use Siri to control your appliances in the home.

Price: $49.95
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#7. Koogeek

Koogeek Homekit Compatible Smart Plug

Koogeek is a popular brand in home automation. This smart plug is compatible with Apple HomePod and HomeKit; you can use your voice to control appliances in the home. With internet access, you can remotely control your smart electronics with your iPhone or iPad. You can monitor the consumption of power and set schedules and timers for a device.

Price: $30.99
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#8. Koogeek

Koogeek Smart Plugs for HomePod

Koogeek presents another Wi-fi enabled smart wall plug that listens to Siri commands to turn on and turn off your home appliances. The notable feature of this smart socket is that you can use Apple Watch to control your devices. If you are using any iOS device, it should be running iOS 8.1 or later versions. Install Koogeek Home app and it will let you remote control your devices wherever you have internet access.

Price: $34.99
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#9. Koogeek Power Strip

Koogeek Smart Power Strip that Works with Hey Siri

If you don’t want to use sockets, you can install a multifunction power strip from Koogeek. This six-in-one power strip will help you control three electronic appliances and three USB-powered devices. Save energy by creating scenes to automatically turn on and turn off HomeKit-enabled accessories at your home. You can easily control more devices at a specific time automatically. With personalized scenes, you can control multiple devices at the same time by using Siri commands.

Price: $63.99
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#10. PureGear

PureGear Homekit Enabled Smart Plug

PureGear electrical outlet supports Siri if you are using an iOS device running iOS 8.1 or later. It is one of the easiest and secure solutions to control your HomeKit accessories at home. Installing the PureSwitch app, you can create personalized scenes to turn on and turn off multiple appliances simultaneously in different zones. You can create zones for a basement, downstairs, upstairs or for other parts of your house. You can charge any device with a built-in USB charging port.

Price: $49.93
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#11. iHome

iHome Smart WiFI Plug Compatible With HomePod

iHome offers smart home platform support to many intelligent voice assistants. You can use this Wi-fi enabled Plug to control small devices using 1800 watts or under. Controlling window ACs, fans, portable heaters, lamps, decorations, coffee makers, and home audio systems has never been easy before. This product comes with a remote control, which is paired by iHome in the factory; you can hand over this remote control to your guests or kids to operate appliances in your home.

Price: $49.95
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