Following a practical issue of the white ring left by HomePod on the wood surfaces, many users of this smart speaker felt dejected. Even after spending staggering $349 on that Siri speaker, owners have all right to raise their concerns. But until Apple takes any corrective measure, you need to find some quick solutions. We have done this for you and got the best HomePod Stands.

The top-rated HomePod holders listed here will not only provide a shelter to your speaker but also keep it away from the accidental touches of kids (for whom, this can be nothing more than a cylinder). A wall mount can be installed up on the wall so that children can never reach there. While a simple stand for the HomePod can be placed on any flat surface so that the base of the speaker doesn’t touch the surface. It can also work as a coaster to your HomePod.

Best HomePod Stands

Best Stands for HomePod

HomePod Mount 
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#1. MERES Wall Mount Holder For HomePod

MERES Wall Mount Holder For HomePod

MERES brings a cool design in this wall mount holder stand bracket for Apple’s HomePod speaker. The stand is made of 100% aluminum alloy that never corrodes or rusts. When you place your HomePod in this mount, you won’t experience any interruption during the interaction. You can easily use different touch controls on your speaker. Moreover, the round corners of the holder will protect you from getting injured. When you turn up the volume of the speaker, it begins to vibrate; to avoid this vibration, MERES has used a soft rubber mat in the bottom of the mount.

Price: $42.90
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#2. MERES Aluminum Holder

MERES Aluminum Holder for HomePod

This one is not a wall mount but a simple holder that works as a stand for your HomePod smart speaker. The desktop bracket will protect your wood surface as it provides necessary elevation to the speaker. The square shape of the stand prevents HomePod from rolling or dropping. Even if you spill water on your desktop, your HomePod is secure as the stand keeps the speaker 1 cm above the desk.

Price: $39.90
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