Best HTC U Ultra Cases: Efficient and Graceful Protection for Your Smartphone

With the tech world anticipating the next HTC flagship, the HTC 11, the company has actually sprung a surprise by announcing the new U Play and U Ultra. The Ultra is the top end, expensive model with a big screen; as happens with other smartphones, a finite selection of the best HTC U Ultra Cases has already appeared on the market. This is especially essential as after investing so much in this grand device, it would be heartbreaking to see scrapes and dents on it.

As the phone is a new entrant with the announcement coming very recently, there aren’t too many accessory options available, but there sure are some truly classy ones you can try out. We have prepared a list of such top HTC U Ultra Cases and Covers present out there so that you can pick out the one that suits your tastes and needs the best.

Best HTC U Ultra Cases and Covers

1. Tauri

Tauri HTC Ultra U Case

The Tauri protective HTC U Ultra Cases are exclusively designed for the U Ultra and are highly resistant towards scratches. You get comprehensive protection with the soft flexible TPU gel against daily wear and tear. Because of its flexible and durable characteristics, this is suitable for a long period of protection.

This case is extremely thin and weightless making for a comfortable carry companion. The design is very simple and minimalist helping to maintain the phone’s actual look along with a dotted texture inner layer for preventing air build-up.

Price: $7.99
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2. LK

LK HTC Ultra U Case

The LK case is made with innovative Gel skin technology using scratch resistant TPU material. It is perfectly suitable for the U Ultra and can tolerate a heavy dose of scratches and impacts efficiently. This being a jelly case helps to further withstand shocks due to drops.

The TPU is slightly firmer than the silicone, but is very flexible. The case is lightweight and very slim, so that you just snap it on and get on with it.

Price: $7.99
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3. MP-Mall

MP-Mall HTC Ultra U Case

This MP-Mall case is totally compatible with the HTC U Ultra and is well designed to wrap around the phone aptly with accurate cut-outs for easy and fluidic access to the ports and buttons. With the presence of a shock devouring and scratch resisting gel TPU material, the case helps to keep your phone safe from bumps and nicks.

The case is very svelte and modern with minimal bulk. It also has lifted edges for screen protection when it is kept faced down. The installation is very simple just a snap on and off of the case. Overall this is a very supple and robust case that can last long on your expensive phone.

Price: $7.99
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4. Jaten

JATEN HTC Ultra U Case

Jaten offers you a rugged hybrid armor kickstand combo case that is exclusively made for the U Ultra. This case provides the best possible protection for your phone while also boosting its style quotient. The hybrid dual layer works as a two-section fortification against any harm or hazard.

The first layer is hard PC shell to resist impacts, drops and scrapes. The second one is a delicate yet resilient silicone sleeve that adds further shock absorption and impact lessening. The outer shell is glossy in texture and the inner sleeve has an anti-slip finish for a better grip.

The case does not hinder with any of the regular functions of the phone when it is installed. A kickstand comes integrated on the back for viewing videos. There is also a belt clip for added convenience.

Price: $8.99
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Sparin offers this precisely cut out case that gives complete access to all the features such as the camera, fingerprint button, etc. This is one of the impressively well-designed HTC U Ultra Clear Cases that has a transparent body so that the phone’s original color and design comes out well.

The soft coating and rounded edges give a convenient grip. The case is about 2mm thick and safeguards the camera and the fingerprint button during regular use. The case provides a smooth touch and compact profile that almost make you feel the absence of any case.

Price: $7.99
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6. Skmy

Skmy HTC Ultra U Case

This is one of the most complete HTC U Ultra Bumper Cases with true shock-absorption and fantastic scratch resistance. The case is super thin and feather-light without much bulk while still giving top notch protection.

The case is made with high quality material and is fully eco-friendly. The styling and design is just striking to give you a feeling of pride. You also benefit from the remarkable drop shielding your phone gets with this case.

Price: $7.90
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7. Starhemei

Starhemei HTC Ultra U Case

A very simple and transparent case with a classy design and vivid colors define the Starhemei case for the U Ultra. There is complete protection due to the use of shock-proof, shatterproof premium TPU and PC material that are non-toxic.

The safety delivered is absolute including the covered corners and 4 sides, and a raised bevel for total safety. This case can be cleaned by using just water alone and you get a refreshed case on drying up.

Price: $7.90
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It is always recommended to get cases when your smartphone is as expensive as the latest HTC device. If you are aware of any other HTC U Ultra cases available in the market let us know about it. Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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