Best iMessage Apps and Stickers for iPhone and iPad: Enjoy iOS 10 Messaging App

iMessages app in iOS 10 has got many wonderful improvements for iPhone and iPad users. To make communication more interesting and useful, there are many apps by many third-party app developers.

These apps enhance your iMessage experience. Check all the best iMessage apps and stickers for iPhone or iPad and get to know how they can be useful in your daily use of iPhone in general and Messages in particular.

Best iOS 10 iMessage Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best iMessage Apps and Stickers for iPhone and iPad

#1. GIF Keyboard

GIF Keyboard iMessage Apps for iPhoneFor GIF lovers, Tenor brings this GIF Keyboard that gives you a robust database of GIFs and stickers. Download and open the app, and you can find interesting GIFs. If you want to save any GIF, just double tap on it and it will be saved to your favourite, from where you can quickly access. Moreover, you can create your own GIF without leaving Messages app.

Download GIF Keyboard

#2. OpenTable

OpenTable iMessage Apps for iPhoneFor foodies, OpenTable is very useful iMessage app. Users can book a table at any restaurant with the help of OpenTable. In your efforts, you can use Siri or Google Maps to reserve a table. Don’t just keep the restaurant database with yourself; share some good names with your friends & colleagues also. Throwing a party? Ask your friends to vote for a restaurant and then you can book table accordingly.

Download OpenTable

#3. Genius: Song Lyrics + Music Knowledge

Genius iMessage Apps for iPhoneShare lyrics within iMessage with your contacts. Genius lets you search for lyrics or a song; note that the service will bring full lyric sheet upon searching the first line of the lyric. You can create background of the text with selected words of the lyrics; moreover, you can highlight some words you want to post.

Download Genius: Song Lyrics + Music Knowledge

#4. Circle Pay

Circle Pay iMessage Apps for iPhoneFor small, medium businessmen and freelancers, this app is quite valuable. Circle Pay can be instrumental in sending money to anyone through Messages. The best part is that the app doesn’t take any charge or fees; you can send dollars, euros, pound sterling, and bitcoins to anyone inside iMessage.

Download Circle Pay

#5. Grammar Snob

Grammar Snob iMessage Apps for iPhoneIf you are too fussy about your language, grammar and spelling even while chatting casually, you should download Language snob on your iPhone. This app corrects all your misspelled words in a red, handwritten-like font.

Download Grammar Snob

#6. Words with Friends

Play with words, play with your friends. This game is now available on iMessage and it doesn’t require Facebook log-in. Whenever you play a word, it is sent to your friend with whom you are competing; next, your friend can start playing on the same word.

Download Words with Friends

#7. GamePigeon

GamePigeon iMessage Apps for iPhoneThis is just like Solitaire and Minesweeper – the two exciting games for real gamers. You can choose from multiple two-player games, which include billiards, poker, sea battle, anagrams, and Gomoku. Feeling a little uninterested? Download and play GamePigeon.

Download GamePigeon

#8. iTranslate

Now you can chat with anybody in the world, even if you don’t know language of person on other end. iTranslate gets you translation in over 90 languages. It gives you facility to listen to translation in male and female voices. This award-winning app offers you synonyms and different meanings of a single entry.

Download iTranslate

#9. Retro Emoji

Retro Emoji iMessage Apps for iPhoneGo back to old days when you used to use flip phone. These original emojis surely give you fun and make your friends nostalgic. This pack is a superb way to use old emojis. Initially, it will be a tough job to type the emojis the old way. But these stickers can be sent on their own or you can just peel and place them on any message bubble in a message.

Download Retro Emoji

#10. Chatterbird

Chatterbird iMessage Apps for iPhoneSend funny voice messages with sounds and filters to your friends. You can customize your voice messages to surprise your friends. Create your own signature voice message and send it to contacts on iMessage. This is arguably the best app to make your voice messages more exciting and interesting.

Download Chatterbird

Apart from apps, Messages app has so many interesting things that you can enjoy for hours with your friends. There are bubble effects, screen effects, emojis replacement & prediction, and lot more.

Use all the best iMessage apps and stickers in your iPhone or iPad and share your experience with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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