An all-round protection for your iPad Pro is must as you spend a few hundred bucks after that elegant iPad Pro 10.5”. During its WWDC 2017, Apple surprised developers and users by launching many products and services. There are many people who don’t like the idea of using cases simply because they want to showcase the real beauty of their iPad and iPhone. Well, they are making a mistake. Given the high price of iPad Pro 10.5”, the device needs comprehensive protection. Only the best iPad Pro 10.5 cases and covers can provide full protection.

With the launch of iPad Pro 10.5 inch, it’s important to have best 10.5 iPad Pro cases and covers to ensure that your device is fully protected from day to day wear & tear. We have curated this list of beautiful covers based on the market review as well as popularity among the end users. Here are some of the best iPad Pro cases that are made by best brands.

Best iPad Pro 10.5 Cases

Best iPad Pro Cases for 10.5 Inch – Table of Contents

Apple ESR
Supcase TopAce
EassyAcc Moko
I-Blason Tonerone
JETech ProCase

#1. Apple Smart Case

Apple Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

A smart case designed by Apple which perfectly complements your 10.5 inch iPad Pro. Its front coverage provides complete screen protection to your device and lets you flaunt the impressive back side of iPad. It is available in multiple colors to reflect your style and to match other accessories. All in all, it promises to give a sleek look yet effective screen protection to your brand new 10.5 inch iPad Pro.

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#2. Supcase

SUPCASE Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

10.5 Inch iPad Pro back cover by Supcase are made from superior quality polycarbonate hard shell with flexible TPU which safeguards your device from sudden drops, shock, dust and scratches. It has a built in screen guard on the front cover and a kickstand which makes it convenient to watch your favorite videos, music, and navigation on your way to any destination. It has clear cuts for all the ports which enable you to access all the functions.

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#3. EasyAcc

EasyAcc Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

Available in 4 different colors, EasyAcc’s cases for iPad Pro 10.5 inch protect your device from daily tear and wear through its hard back cover and a flexible front cover. Its two-angle design makes it ideal for both work and life including typing, videos, reading and more. It has a minimal design which adds only 5mm thickness to your device which is negligible. Its front cover has an auto wake/sleep power saving mode as well.

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#4. I-Blason

I-Blason Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

I-Blason has launched its iPad Pro 10.5 Inch back cover which have a sleek design and displays all the properties of your new iPad Pro. It is made from high quality TPU material which makes it flexible, hence durable to have lifelong utility. It provides protection from sudden drops and absorbs shock. The convenient design is complemented with a stand which could be put to use horizontally to keep it on your desk or driving.

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#5. Belk

Belk Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

Belk’s iPad Pro 10.5 Inch leather Cases are precisely made from premium PU leather with clearly defined textures, giving it a professional and elegant look. It is available in 5 different colors including black, brown, pink, red and buff to suit your style. Its smart magnet features auto wake/sleep mode which works with opening and closing of the front flip cover. It can put to multiple uses with pockets designed for keeping cards and some emergency cash.

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#6. JETech

JETech Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

JETech’s cases for 10.5 inch iPad Pro has a lightweight design made from synthetic material from outside and a soft coverage inside. It is easy to install and provides complete protection from scratches and dust. The case’s front cover also has an auto wake/sleep mode which automatically unlocks the screen when you flip the cover. To add on, it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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#7. ESR

ESR Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

ESR’s folio stand cover is one of the best iPad Pro 10.5 case which adds on to the elegant look of your device. It is made from premium synthetic leather and provides cushion soft support for interiors to safeguard the screen. It has a built-in pencil stand, a pocket for keeping your valuables and a leather hand strap to have a firm grip while carrying it along. Its magnetic cover supports auto wake/sleep function as well.

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#8. TopAce

TopAce Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

Another leather case made from soft PU leather which is highly durable and promises to have a lifelong utility. It provides extreme protection from scratches, dust and every day wear & tear. Its precise cut outs provide full access to different ports including charging point, camera and ear phones. Its back cover can e folded to make a stand which ensures that you are able to view or swipe whilst keeping it horizontally on a surface.

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#9. MoKo

Moko Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

Available in 7 vibrant colors and patterns, MoKo’s case has a PU leather exterior with a non-scratch able microfiber interior. Its impact resistant PC back shell protects your device to the fullest. Its magnetic connection with the device ensures protection in case it slips down and also support viewing as well as typing angle for ease. It has an auto/sleep mode which saves the battery as well. Its precise cutouts give a smooth control over the various ports.

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#10. Tonerone

TONERONE Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

A flip stand cover for your iPad Pro is made from PU material with soft microfiber lining which keeps your device safe and secured from scratches and other physical damage. Its back cover could be double folded stand to have a horizontal view angle for comfortable use of video chats, navigation, etc. It is extremely lightweight and has an auto/sleep function which makes it easy to use.

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#11. JGOO

JGOO Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

If you are looking for a case which would give a vintage look to your new iPad Pro and providing complete protection at the same time, then JGOO’s magic world-series is just the right option for you. Available in 4 striking colors, it protects the screen with its fire enforced front cover and PC back shell. It has a multi-viewing angle, a hands-free stand which helps you with typing, watching videos, gaming, etc. with a comfortable angle.

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#12. ProCase

ProCase Best iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

Another case from ProCase which is designed exclusively for iPad Pro 10.5 inch has a translucent back cover with matte finished exteriors, protecting the device from scratches and fingerprints. Its lightweight design maximizes its utility and comfort. It has a magnetic closing clasp which makes the case multi-purpose. You may have a convenient view angle for typing as well as watching videos whereas its auto/sleep function helps to extend the standby time and reduce the battery consumption, hence saves energy.

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So, these some of the best options for you consider whilst selecting the best 10.5 iPad Pro cases. You can search for other accessories including power banks, screen protectors, etc.

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