Best Sleeve for iPad Pro 10.5 Inch

Screen protectors and cases are highly practical accessories. And sometimes, they give off little elegance or style quotient. Perhaps, this is the reason why iPad owners choose sleeve to keep their devices inside. Sleeves are available in different size, shape, and colours. This variety attracts users to buy sleeves for their iPad Pro 10.5 inch. This list of best sleeves for iPad Pro 10.5-inch starts with Apple’s product.

Go down the list and you will find other better sleeves made by some famous names in the United States. The sleeves presented here are made for every iPad Pro owner – whether a professional, a businessman, or a self-employed. This collection also includes iPad Pro sleeves for women also. Now feast your eyes on the most colourful range of best sleeves for iPad Pro 10.5-inch!

Best Sleeves for iPad Pro 10.5-Inch

Best iPad Pro 10.5 Sleeves Bags- Table of Contents
Apple Leather Sleeve Moko
Tomtoc Evecase
Armor Wear ProCase
Apple Moko
#1. Apple

Apple Leather Sleeve for iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Black

What could be better than Apple itself coming up with accessories for its range of products and this Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5-inch sleeve is an ideal choice for you. It is made from high quality premium leather which gives a sleek and black matte finish look to your device. It is designed with a soft microfiber lining to protect the screen and back. In addition, there is a slot where you can keep your Apple pencil. It has a perfect look which compliments your new iPad as well as well as provide complete protection.

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#2. Tomtoc

Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Sleeve

Tomtoc’s range of sleeves for iPad Pro 10.5-inch offers a full coverage sleeve with additional pockets where you can store your smartphone and other accessories along with the iPad. It is lightweight and has a sleek design, made from cushioned fleece material which gives a soft touch as well as protects your iPad from daily wear & tear and absorbs shock as well. It has magnetic closure which ensures that your device and accessories are not falling out. Available in four different shades, this sleeve gives your iPad Pro a fresh look with black, shades of grey and tropical plant.

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#3. Armor Wear

Armor Wear iPad Pro 10.5 Sleeve

Give a florescent and stylish look to your new iPad Pro with Armor Wear sleeves. It is made from neoprene with a padded coverage which safeguards iPad from sudden shock, dust and dirt. It is a zipper sleeve to ensure extra protection. It is lightweight and extremely durable which lasts long. The florescent lining at the corners makes it stylish and gives a sporty look. You can choose from any of the 6 colors including blue, green, red, purple, black and pink which merge well with a black background.

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#4. Apple

Apple Leather Sleeve for iPad Pro 10.5 Inch

Experience Apple’s signature design in this leather sleeve for iPad Pro 10.5-inch. The look is further enhanced with a classic midnight blue sleeve. The sleeve is slim and lightweight which adds minimal bulk to the device. It safeguards iPad with a soft lining constitute from microfibers. It also features a slot for Apple pencil so that you can always carry it with your iPad. It has a perfect fit with accurate dimensions and cut-outs. It is also available in other colors in case you have any preference.

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#5. MoKo

MoKo Sleeve for iPad Pro 10.5 Inch

Looking for a creative sleeve for your iPad? MoKo offers some of the best iPad Pro 10.5-inch sleeves which are unique, stylish, creative and adds a lot of colors which enhances the look of your device. The sleeve features properties like water resistance, scratch resistance, shock absorbing, durability and reliable protection with its neoprene design. Its soft interiors keep your device always new and minimal bulk adds to easy portability. It has a heavy-duty zipper which ensures that your device stays secure while providing easy access.

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#6. Evecase

Evecase iPad Pro 10.5 Sleeve

A universal sleeve by Evecase is compatible for iPad Pro 10.5-inch which offers complete protection and a stylish look at the same time. It is made from neoprene which makes it highly durable which requires minimal maintenance and lasts for long. It has a front pocket which could be used for keeping SOS valuables like your smartphone, ear phones, some cards and cash, if required. A strong zipper closure ensures that the device is safe from falling out and the soft interior protects the device from scratches and dust.

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#7. ProCase

ProCase iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Sleeve

ProCase’s sleeve case for iPad Pro 10.5-inch has a simple design with multi-utility features. You can carry your iPad along with other day to day utility stuff like your power bank, charger, cables, cards and other personal belongings in its front pocket. Its interiors are made from faux suede which provides protection from scratches, dust and dirt whereas its exteriors have neoprene soft padding which keeps the device away from sudden shock and bumps. Its zipper is easy to use and provides convenient access to iPad.

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#8. MoKo

MoKo leather iPad Pro 10.5 Sleeve

MoKo’s leather sleeves for iPad Pro 10.5-inch, is made from PU leather which protects and compliments your iPad with its sleek, lightweight and intellectual look. Its interiors have a soft suede protection from scratches. There are 2 pockets; large pocket could be used for carrying paper work and a card slot where you can keep your business card or other small items. Its magnetic flap keeps the case securely closed and prevents damage to your device. It comes with lifetime warranty from MoKo with excellent customer service to ensure a hassle-free experience.

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These are all the best quality sleeves available for you, take the best pick. You can also explore other accessories like some of the best iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Cases to add additional layer of protection to the device. Which iPad Pro 10.5-inch Sleeve you want to buy? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.


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