Sometimes you long trips turn out to be tiresome, especially when your kids begin to act cranky. They can’t settle in the small area because their movements are restricted. How can you keep your kids occupied is a fresh challenge for you. Well, we have got a simple solution. Give them iPad Pro and fix the device onto your headrest. They would love to watch their favorite movies or TV shows sitting in the rear seat of your car. Like the idea? Then go for some of the best iPad Pro headrest mounts.

These iPad Pro car mount for backseat easily replace those expensive rear-seat entertainment systems. Apart from your kids’ infotainment device, your iPad Pro, when attached onto the headrest, can be used as laptop or computer. Simply use some related accessories and you can turn your iPad into computer or laptop. Note that the list of the best iPad Pro headrest mounts offers you essential products to let you use iPad as laptop.

Best iPad Pro Headrest

Best iPad Pro Headrest Mounts for 9.7, 12.9 and 10.5 Inch

Best iPad Pro Backseat Headrest Mounts – Quick Links

Gear Beast

#1. Vena

Vena iPad Pro Headrest

The rubber grip of this car headrest mount holder ensures that your iPad Pro is firmly attached to the seat. You may be driving on bumpy roads, but a good iPad Pro holder for car headrest will surely protect the device. However, you should always be prepared for some unforeseen situations on rough roads.

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#2. iKross

iKross iPad Pro Headrest

On many occasions, people avoid using headrest even though they have one; reason is simple: it takes hell lot of efforts to install backseat headrest mount. Until you buy iKross iPad Pro backseat car mount. It is super easy to install this iPad headrest on your car’s seats. Moreover, you would love to watch movies and TV shows with its 360-degree adjustable viewing angles.

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#3. Gear Beast

Gear Beast iPad Pro Headrest

Gear Beast is one of the popular brands that deals in iPhone and iPad accessories. This iPad Pro car mount for backseat can arguably be the best in the present list. You can adjust the height of this iPad Pro holder for backseat from 4.3/8 inches to 9.1/2 inches. This headrest is made of high quality ABS plastic that can endure daily wear and tear.

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#4. Kenu

Kenu iPad Pro Headrest

Kenu has designed a minimalist iPad car holder for backseat. And perhaps it is one of those few makers who offer a headrest for iPhone also. Yes, you can also install your iPhone on this headrest. One of the glaring features of this headrest mount for iPad Pro is your kids can access all the ports and controls easily even when the device is installed.

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#5. TFY

TFY iPad Pro Headrest

TFU brings a universal car headset holder for iPad. You can comfortably install all your iPad Pro and iPad mini with its super adjustable grip. Your kids would love to enjoy long rides. Moreover, if you have to carry out some official tasks, you can easily do that with a Bluetooth keyboard. The best feature of this product is that you can install your iPad Pro with or without the case.

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#6. Macally

Macally iPad Pro Headrest

Macally presents the best iPad Pro headrest mount for long trips. The brand gives a very convincing reason to buy this product: this iPad Pro holder keeps your devices eye level to avoid neck and arm strain. This feature gives you extra comfortable viewing experience while you are in the car. Moreover, it is very crucial to be relaxed while you are watching videos/movies in car, which can be driven on bumpy tracks.

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#7. Jarv

Jarv iPad Pro Headrest

Jarv offers a unique design in one of the best iPad Pro headrest mounts. Unlike any other car mount backseat, it allows you to keep your device between the two front seats. This gives a comfortable viewing experience of the two persons sitting in the rear seats. Nobody has to stretch his/her head to watch contents on the iPad Pro installed on the headrest mount.

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#8. Fintie

Finite iPad Pro Headrest

Simplicity lies in design of Fintie’s backseat car mount. Look at the four straps that tightly hold your device; you can use this iPad Pro holder with any car’s headrest. The four straps are made of elastic fastener flap and flexible rubber to keep your device firmly in place. Given its price, this can be one of the best iPad Pro headrest mounts.

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