Best iPad Pro Keyboard Cases: Comfortable Typing and Superior Protection

Given the size of iPad Pro 12.9 Inch and 9.7 Inch, people have begun to use the two devices as their personal computers. This obviously creates a need of keyboard to type long emails and documents on larger screens of iPads. If you are thinking of protection of your device, you would like to buy best iPad Pro Cases; but for professionals who are supposed to use their iPads as computer, they have to purchase best iPad Pro keyboard cases for 12.9 Inch or 9.7 Inch. (If you have iPad Pro 10.5, then explore our list of best iPad Pro 10.5 keyboard cases).

This list of top ten iPad Pro keyboard cases includes keyboard cases for both size; we have sourced the best brands of iPad Pro keyboard cases for you. The products are made of superior grade materials and uber technology to give you comfort and your iPad full protection. Moreover, the best iPad Pro keyboard cases allow users to explore full features of iPad Pro.

Best iPad Pro Keyboard Cases

Best iPad Pro Keyboard Cases for 12.9 Inch and 9.7 Inch

Best 12.9 Inch iPad Pro Keyboard Cases

#1. JETech

JETech iPad Pro 12.9 Protective Keyboard Cases

Take your typing experience to next level with JETech iPad Pro keyboard case 12.9 Inch. This extremely low profile keyboard allows you to type comfortably and at fast speed. It boasts all classic Apple functions and commands. So you don’t miss any Mac keyboard function on this keyboard for iPad Pro. Apart from helping you type documents and emails, this keyboard case protects your iPad Pro from scratches and other daily wear and tear. Enjoy auto sleep/wake feature; recharge your keyboard case and use it for 60 hours continuously.

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#2. Snugg

Snugg iPad Pro 12.9 Protective Keyboard Cases

Snugg presents a lightweight and slim iPad Pro keyboard case that has innovative storage feature for Apple Pencil. Enjoy full access to all ports and features on your iPad Pro 12.9”. You would love to watch visual contents on your device as this keyboard for iPad Pro gives you 360-degree rotation and multi-angle adjustments. Snugg offers lifetime guarantee to its users.

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#3. Spigen

Spigen iPad Pro 12.9 Protective Keyboard Cases

Spigen brings a perfect design in this iPad Pro keyboard case. Appreciate its power-saving technology that activates after 10 minutes of inactivity. This keyboard case for iPad Pro is equipped with rechargeable lithium battery that provides your keyboard up to 60 hours of usage after a single charge. To impart aesthetic elements, Spigen has sourced rubberized matte texture and a brushed aluminium piece. Get complete protection to your iPad with hard clamshell case. This Bluetooth iPad Pro 12.9 keyboard case has enhanced key design that gives you highly comfortable typing experience.

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#4. MoKo

MoKo iPad Pro 12.9 Protective Keyboard Cases

MoKo has manufactured this keyboard case for iPad Pro with extreme precision. The case perfectly fits on your iPad Pro 12.9” tablet and provides you 130 degrees rotation for comfortable viewing angles. Its scissor-switch mechanism and ergonomic design gives you comfortable typing experience. Each key can endure up to 3 million keypress times. If you tend to work till late night or evening in low light conditions, MoKo’s keyboard case is loaded with backlit keys to give you good illumination.

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#5. Logitech

Logitech iPad Pro 12.9 Protective Keyboard Cases

Logitech brings this iPad Pro keyboard Logitech with innovative smart connector. This means you don’t need to use Bluetooth technology to pair your iPad Pro with this keyboard case. This also eliminates the need to recharge the keyboard as it is powered directly by iPad Pro through smart connector. Check out those backlit keys with adjustable backlighting; this feature allows you to type during low light conditions. Enjoy full size layout, additional function row with iOS shortcut keys for home, screen brightness adjustment, search, language switch, media controls, volume controls etc.

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Best 9.7 Inch iPad Pro Keyboard Cases

#6. Spigen

Spigen iPad Pro 9.7 Protective Keyboard Cases

Spigen offers an amazing line of accessories for iPhone and iPad. This iPad Pro 9.7 keyboard case is precisely crafted and therefore, it doesn’t fit any other iPad. Use its power-saving technology that activates automatically after 10 minutes of idleness of keyboard. If you have to use this keyboard case for long time, recharge its lithium battery once and enjoy up to 60 hours of non-stop usage. To make it aesthetically elegance, Spigen has equipped this keyboard case with rubberized matte texture and a brushed aluminium piece.

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#7. Alpatronix

Alpatronix iPad Pro 9.7 Protective Keyboard Cases

Alpatronix presents a super functional and intuitive keyboard case for iPad Pro 9.7 Inch. You can easily pair this case with your iPad and enjoy smooth and rapid typing on chiclet keys. You will realize that you are typing on an Apple’s standard keyboard. Use its ON/OFF switch to save battery when you don’t want to use the keyboard. For protection of your iPad Pro, this keyboard case is made of high quality synthetic leather with magnetic keyboard. Safeguard your device from dust, dirt, stains, splashes or dents. Connect this keyboard with your iPad with Bluetooth technology that lets you a range up to 30 feet.

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#8. ZAGG

ZAGG iPad Pro 9.7 Protective Keyboard Cases

Zagg brings a rugged book for your iPad Pro. This extra strong keyboard case looks like a big box, in which your precious device is fully protected. This removable case wards off impact energy to keep your iPad secure. Enjoy using four multi-function modes viz. keyboard, case, video or book mode. When you use keyboard mode, this case offers backlit keys and provides the largest typing space for quick and faultless typing. Its magnet triggers sleep/wake function to save battery.

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#9. Apple Smart Keyboard Case

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Protective Keyboard Cases

Create an irresistible personality in your office, meetings and conference with Apple’s sleek and slim keypad for iPad Pro. Connect your device with Smart connector; this unique interface gives two-way power and data exchange. All you need to do is connect the smart keyboard case and start using it. The product is a great ego booster as you get an opportunity to use genuine Apple accessories with Apple’s iPad Pro 9.7”.

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#10. Logitech

Logitech iPad Pro 9.7 Protective Keyboard Cases

Logitech comes up with a smart solution in this powerful iPad Pro keyboard case 9.7. This one is the most advanced in Logitech series as it is directly powered by iPad Pro through Apple’s smart connector. This clearly removes the need to charge your iPad Pro keyboard Logitech. You will like to type long contents with perfectly organized keys with adjustable backlighting. This keyboard has got a special row of iOS shortcut keys like one-tap to Home, screen brightness adjustment, search, language switch, keyboard backlighting adjustment, media controls, volume controls, and ON/OFF – sleep/wake.

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