Best iPhone 11 Car Mounts – Keep Your Smartphone Safe When Driving

If you are often on the road, then getting a premium smartphone car mount is one of the best things that you can do. Your iPhone 11 will always be positioned perfectly so that you don’t have to take your eyes away from the road when looking for directions. Not just that, but a high-quality smartphone car mount is also going to keep your iPhone 11 safe at all times, even when taking sharp corners or hitting the brakes. Here is where premium iPhone 11 car mounts come in and save the day.

With that said, today we are going to present the top 5 best iPhone 11 car mounts available on Amazon. The rule of thumb when picking the accessories was to only present high-quality products. Therefore, you can’t make a wrong choice here. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Top Five iPhone 11 Car Mounts

#1 Vanmass


We are going to kick things off with the smartphone car mount from Vanmass. This company is a leader in the smartphone accessories industry and the car mount featured in the picture above is the perfect example of that. This is a premium accessory that doesn’t only work with iPhone 11, but will all other smartphone models, including the bigger iPhone 11 Pro.

If you are worried that your iPhone 11 might drop when you hit the brakes, then you should be pleased to know that the Vanmass car mount uses innovative suction cup technology. The suction cup loads up to 44lbs. This almost double than of regular suction cups. To make things even better, the folks at Vanmass are so confident in the quality of their product that they are offering 36-months of warranty.
Price: $25.99
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#2 Philips BDM4065UC 40″ Class 4K Monitor UHD 3840 x2160

#2 iOttie Easy One Touch

iOttie Easy One Touch

The Easy One Touch from iOttie is one of Amazon’s bestselling smartphone accessories and there is a good reason for that. The car mount uses patented “easy touch” mechanism that makes it super easy and fast to open or close the mount. You will be able to take out your iPhone 11 from the mount in an instant.

Another cool feature that can be found on this car mount is adjustable viewing. Finding the perfect angle to watch your notifications is going to be super easy with this accessory. The telescopic arm extends from 4 to 4.65-inch and it can pivot on a 225-degree arc. In addition, the bottom foot of the car mount can be adjusted side to side, up and down.
Price: $19.99
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#3 Vicseed


Right from the start, we want to highlight the fact that this product is a 3-in-1 gadget. The Vicseen car mount is made with the best airliner PTFE material and it can be mounted anywhere starting with the dashboard and ending with the vent. The most annoying thing about using a strong car mount is that you will find it difficult to remove the iPhone 11 when getting out of the car. Luckily, this is not a problem for the car mount designed by Vicseed. This accessory uses a 2-step lock mechanism.

Furthermore, the mount is equipped with a 360-degree ball joint that is going to help you adjust and find the best viewing angle for your iPhone 11. You can even set it to hold your iPhone 11 in horizontal mode when parked so that you can watch a movie or TV show.
Price: $21.99
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Are you looking for something that is a bit more affordable? If that is the case, then you can’t go wrong with the LISEN car mount for iPhone 11. Despite the affordable price tag, this smartphone accessory is a high-quality product that is paired with unique features. For example, the car mount is equipped with 6 built-in strong magnets that make it strong enough to hold the weight of up to four smartphones! Therefore, your iPhone 11 will not fall any time soon.

Since the LISEN car mount for iPhone 11 uses magnets, then it should come as no surprise that it is easy to install and to mount your smartphone. You just have to hook it up to the air vents and then simply place your iPhone 11 on the pad. It’s that easy!
Price: $12.99
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#5 Mpow Car Mount and Charger

Mpow Car Mount and Charger

We want to end our list with a car mount for iPhone 11 that is truly special. This is why we have picked the product manufactured by Mpow. What makes this product stand out is the fact that it works as a wireless charger. Yes, you read that right! The Mpow car mount will safely hold your iPhone 11 when driving while using Qi-enabled technology to charge the battery to full.

We also want to mention that the product is equipped with auto-clamping arms. This is good news because the auto-clamping feature makes it possible for you to mount or retrieve your iPhone 11 while using a single hand. Therefore, you can have one arm on the wheel at all times.
Price: $36.99
Purchase it from Amazon

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