Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Considering that iPhone 12 Pro Max is priced at $1099, it should come as no surprise to find out that the repair costs for a broken display or scratched corner are quite expensive. This is why you might want to consider purchasing a special iPhone 12 Pro Max case that will keep the device at all times. Not just that, but buying a durable case is one of the best Christmas gifts that you can get for someone who uses an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

With that being said, today we are going to check out the top three best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases available on Amazon. The main rule of thumb when selecting the three cases was that they should all be made from durable materials and provide full protection to the iPhone. Therefore, any choice you make is going to be good. Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases in 2022

#1 AEDILYS Airbag Series

AEDILYS Airbag Series

We are going to kick things off with the impressive AEDILYS Airbag Series case for iPhone 12 Pro Max. what makes this case stand out from all the other ones featured on our list is the fact that, as its name implies, it uses a new airbag technology. Thanks to this technology, the case provides next-level protection for iPhone 12 Pro Max and it can be dropped from up to 15 feet without having to worry about any damage.

The AEDILYS Airbag Series case provides military-grade protection and therefore, your iPhone 12 Pro Max will no longer get scratches if you drop it from your pocket. We also want to highlight that the case is made from a hard PC back, flexible TPU frame, and shock-absorbent corners. That’s not all. The case is also bundled with a free screen protector.
Price: $17.99
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#2 ESR Air Armor Series

ESR Air Armor Series

ESR is one of the world’s most popular case manufacturers, and there is a good reason for that. The company uses next-gen technology to create durable and sturdy cases for flagship smartphones such as iPhone 12 Pro Max. The hardback and flexible frame ensures that the iPhone 12 Pro Max can resists drops without a single problem, but this is not the best thing about the case. The case stands out with its unique design and coloring.

Even though iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera setup looks amazing, we can’t deny that the raised bezels are not troublesome. It’s quite easy to get scratches on the camera lenses due to the design and fortunately, this is not going to happen anymore if you choose to go for the ESR Air Armor Series case. The case is equipped with a raised screen and camera bezels that will prevent all damage.
Price: $13.99
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#3 RedPepper Case

RedPepper Case

Last but not least, the RedPepper case is the ideal choice for people who want to flaunt off the sleek design of their iPhone 12 Pro Max. The case looks amazing and it provides an amazing blend of eye-catchy colors and transparent design. You can get the case in multiple color options, but the most popular model is the green one thanks to how unique it looks.

The RedPepper case is equipped with a built-in sensitive screen protector that safeguards the display from scratching and scuffing. Even though the case stands out with its stylish design, it also excels when it comes to protection. Your iPhone 12 Pro Max will benefit from 360-degree protection and therefore, you will never have to worry about accidental drops again.
Price: $17.99
Purchase it from Amazon

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