Best iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headsets

Virtual Reality has come a long way from when it was a fascinating concept used in Sci-Fi movies. Today, the demand for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR headsets has seen an upward curve in the market. It seems that VR is actually set to usher in a new era of advanced sophistication with real world uses right from computing, commerce to playing the best VR racing games.

Now to experience a bit of VR, you don’t have to setup a lab of sorts; instead you can get it from the comfort of your new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

You can get some pretty fantastic virtual reality experience right now on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus with the help of not-so-expensive hardware like VR Gaming controllers and appropriate applications. Using the right software, amazing VR apps, and a top notch virtual reality headset for iPhone, you can transform your phone into a VR viewer. Take a look at some of the best iPhone 7/7 Plus VR headsets that left a great impression.

Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

1. BlitzWolf

BlitzWolf iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

BlitzWolf VR headset for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus provides excellent quality and apt design for wearing. The construction lets you feel an immersive 3D VR vision. The lenses are improved for more smoothness and are also purified.

You get Mitsubishi a-spherical FOV108 lenses along with an eight layer nano-coating and a five time refined, delicate and separable leather cushioning that gives you a feel of nice comfort despite long hours of usage. The pupil and focus distance can be adjusted according to your individual needs.

Price: $39.99
Buy it from


ETVR iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

ETVR brings 3D VR headset with Remote controller. This VR device has fully immersive 120 degree viewing angle which fits for 4.5 to 6.2 inch large screen smartphone. The design on this VR headset is unique with adjustable strap for flexible wearing and deepened nasal bridge portion.

Japanese Optical Grade PMMA Ergonomic Aspheric Anti-blue Lenses, which is closer to the eyes, help you avoid eyestrain for longer viewing or playing games. The headsets by ETVR have smartphone friendly tight hook style cover design and the black metal stand for holding smartphones. Its anti-slide rubber pads protect your smartphone.

Price: $41.98
Purchase it from

3. Bnext

Bnext iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

Bnext VR Bluetooth headsets provide the best quality virtual reality VR glasses that offer 360 degree viewing experience. This HD optimized and 3D game supporting VR headsets give the best visual experience while you are playing games and watching movies. It offers FD and OD angles to help expand the viewing angle and will match the focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment.

For VR Games and movies, the headsets provide adjustable strap, eyesight protection system and soft nose piece, which reduce pressure, give comfort, and nice design.

Price: $37.99
Order it from

4. Freefly VR

Freefly iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

The Freefly VR by Proteus VR Labs LTD provides highest field of view in mobile. If you love mobile gaming, then this is the perfect product. The Freefly VR headsets are compatible with your iPhone 7 as it has fully adjustable design to give easy access to VR Bluetooth Headphones.

This virtual reality headset is light-weight and comfortable with its perforated breathable faux leather, which molds according to the user’s face. Users would certainly appreciate its custom ventilation system for extended game play.

It doesn’t require external controller for most of the games due to dual Crossfire capacitive touch trigger. The headsets are compatible with all Google Cardboard games on Apple App store and Google Play Store.

Price: $69.70
Shop it from

5. Mattel

Mattel iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

This virtual reality headset is light-weight and comfortable with its perforated breathable faux leather, which molds according to the user’s face. Users would certainly appreciate its custom ventilation system for extended game play.

It doesn’t require external controller for most of the games due to dual Crossfire capacitive touch trigger. The headsets are compatible with all Google Cardboard games on Apple App store and Google Play Store.

Price: $32.38
Buy it from

6. Idudu

iDudu iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

Idudu VR is virtual reality headset comes with Stereo headphone and stretchable headphone. The headsets are compatible with the smartphones of different sizes ranging between 4 and 6.2 inch. It has got three adjustable straps for flexible wear, high grade perforated leather material suitable for nose bridge and face foam protector that brings ultra comfortable feeling.

The virtual reality headset has two tranches button of Interpupillary distance and Focus adjustment, greater precision, more convenient and stable knobs.

Price: $39.99
Purchase it from

7. VersionTech

VersionTech iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

This is an ultimate iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR headset for 3D functioning, particularly for 3D games and split screen movies. It works flawlessly with more than three hundred iOS apps on the AppStore.

The pupil distance and focal distance can be varied to benefit from the more optimal 3D life-like experience. The front cover can be take off with ease for cooling down the phone during usage and it’s a neat ventilation option for long hours of usage.

Price: $25.99
Order it from

8. NeuTab

NeuTab iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

This feather-light, modifiable phone mount can keep your phone firmly to prevent scratches. It has a comfortable, well-fitting design that also effectively dissipates the heat due to the cross-ventilation cooling system.

This cooling system makes sure that your iPhone doesn’t get hazed up when using and also you don’t get sweaty due to long usage. It also makes it possible for you to easily use charging, headphone and VR accessories. This product transforms your iPhone into a VR viewer for enjoying actual 360 degree videos and to drown in the immersive world of VR right from your phone.

Price: $21.99
Shop it from

9. Amicool

AmiCool iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

With this VR headset for iPhone, you can adjust the pupil distance and the object distance to suit your individual needs. You can modify the position of the spherical resin lens using the movable button on the top portion of the 3D VR glasses for a more enthralling movie viewing experience. You do not have to remove your glasses while using the headset.

There is a blue coating film enabling the lenses to reflect the blue light and protecting your eyes. In comparison with the other VR glasses, this leather-faced one is far more flexible, convenient and hygienic. The human-friendly design makes sure of a balanced pressure status on 3 nodal points on the head thereby lowering the stress.

Price: $25.99
Buy it from


Pasonomi iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

This VR headset utilizes top grade ABS and a spherical resin lens material with 42mm diameter. It doesn’t utilize any stimulation plastic sheet and is quite eco-friendly while bringing down the distortion to a minimal level when the images are zoomed into and also giving an expanded view. Due to these features, you do not feel any visual tiredness or dizziness despite being used for a long time.

The straps are adjustable to suit varied kinds of users. The design also reduces pressure around the eyes while playing a game or watching a video. You get a simulated 1000 inches big screen from a distance of 3m. You get fantastic 3D effect and delightful experience.

The pupil and sight distances can be adjusted and you can also somewhat vary the position of the resin lens using the button on the top of the VR glass.

Price: $29.99
Purchase it from

11. FTLL

FTLL iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

One of the more advanced iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Virtual Reality headsets available, these are of premium quality with their usage of Japanese made PMMA material under Optical standards.

The lens has a 42mm diameter and is superior in results. The dense foam surface padding gives you great comfort despite usage of long hours and this is further eased up by the synthetic leather material that can also be cleaned without fuss. You get a three way padded head straps with broad straps including a smooth back panel and sided variable points.

These keep the position intact for best comfort during prolonged usage. You get wonderful 360 degree panoramas and can utilize your eye movements to play games.

Price: $23.99
Order it from


DESTEK iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

This headset provides you with short-focus lens that lets the image seem nearer to you along with excellent immersion and width for crowd suitability. The 103 degree field of view allows the image to be expansively displayed while staying inside the actual FOV of your eyes.

This makes your gaming and video experience in VR just out of this world. Different types of people can use this headset with ease including those with myopia less than 600 degrees. The object and pupil distance can be adjusted for even better viewing. You get a magnetic trigger for easier interactions with the VR universe.

The headset is very lightweight and also has three-point balance design along with soft sponge for reducing the stress on your nose.

Price: $25.99
Shop it from

If you are a true-blue gamer, you would certainly pick up any one of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus VR headsets from the list. After using the VR headset,Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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