Luxury is inextricably linked with classic style and vintage designs. Even after so many technological advancements, people always look back to create something luxurious. The case in point is iPhone 7 leather case made by VRS Design. This case is made for those who care a lot about their clothes and appearance. Perhaps this is why it is called Layered Dandy.

Giving respect to the current trends and volatile climate, VRS Design created this wallet case from soft PU leather. If you check its detailed stitching, you will realize how vintage design emerges in the modern era.

Unlike other iPhone 7 cases and covers, this leather wallet case has got many awesome features to impress users. A cursory glance is enough to stop your feet as the cases are available in three eye-catching colors: coffee brown, wine red and black. But then a good product delivers something more than its visual appeal.


Best iPhone 7 Leather Wallet Case from VRS Design

Cases from the layered dandy series of VRS Design have timeless splendour. Its soft PU leather feels good in your hands. You can hold your iPhone 7 for long time and your palms would not sweat. Every evening, I go for a long walk in a park near my residence; even after walking up to 3.5 miles, this case doesn’t feel give me any stickiness. However, I have noticed that my palms were hot after 30 minutes of walk; this was not the case when I used to walk without holding my iPhone.


iPhone 7 Wallet Case from VRS Design

When you make eye contact with this leather wallet case, you can notice a perfectly crafted wallet case for your iPhone 7. The case is made inch by inch; meticulous craftsmanship is visible from all sides and corners. The magnetic clip too is so nicely stitched that it gels well with the front of this wallet case. If you are using iPhone 6/6s, you need to be careful as the camera will slightly be covered by the back of this case. But this will not create any issue while capturing photos. You will get complete picture and video during the shoot.


Best iPhone 7 Wallet Case from VRS Design

The case is precisely cut out so that you can access all the ports, buttons, and controls without any hassle. Since it is a wallet case, you need to open the flip to make and receive calls. But you can always talk to your contacts with the flip closed; you don’t need to fold its flip back. Its magnetic clip quickly snaps on and off; your phone is quite secured in this wallet case. Since the magnetic clip is stitched along the back leather cover, it never comes in your way to open the flip.

Don’t miss those three card slots to store your credit/debit cards and ID proof. Also check that pocket under the card slots; you can carry some cash in your leather wallet case. Swiftly install your iPhone 7 in the case and make the most of your VRS Design leather wallet case.

Fine craftsmanship, superior material, and excellent design lift this case a few notches. If you have obsession for leather cases, you should go for this. Like this case? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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