Best iPhone 7 Plus Armbands to Complement Your Dynamic Lifestyle

iPhone 7 Plus armbands are without doubt the best companion of fitness freaks. The reason why armbands for iPhone 7 Plus is popular among health aficionados is its ability to tightly protect the phone around arms and forearms. Moreover, users can easily access some essential features of iPhone 7 Plus while they are busy in their workout sessions.

One of the most appreciated features of armbands is its facility to prevent water from entering the case. Also called as iPhone 7 Plus armband cases, the product is carefully designed to give maximum protection.

In addition to this, armband cases can easily accommodate your smartphone wrapped in cases. So if you are using iPhone 7 Plus battery cases, iPhone 7 Plus belt clip cases, iPhone 7 Plus kickstand cases, iPhone 7 Plus leather cases, and others, you can accommodate your iPhone 7 Plus in the armband cases.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Armbands

Best iPhone 7 Plus Workout Cases

1. Ionic Pro

Ionic Pro iPhone 7 Plus Armband

This Ionic Pro armband is nicely compatible for iPhone 7 Plus. It is stretchable and flexible for ultimate comfort while offering solid protection. You can very easily slide the phone into the case. The design is unique and bright making the armband so much more desirable.

Price: $39.99 [$9.85 while writing this on] Buy it from

2. Fcolor

F-color iPhone 7 Plus Armband

Fcolor’s new iPhone 7 Plus armband is built with top grade Lycra fabric material, making it extremely soft, lightweight and quite comfortable. The armband provides quick and easy access to the buttons while being wonderfully water and sweat resistant. This armband also safeguards your phone from impact and moisture during athletic activities. To top it all, you also get inbuilt key and card pocket spaces for your keys, bank cards, IDs and cash. The clear touch screen lets you have complete touch screen functionality. The durable Velcro strap is adjustable for a range of arm sizes.

Price: $26.99 [$11.99 while writing this on] Purchase it from

3. TechMatte

This armband is made with top grade Lycra fabric material. Due to this, the armband is very soft, feather light and convenient. It also gives easy access to the phone’s buttons along with being resistant towards water and sweat. This prevents the phone from getting affected by moisture during workouts. You also get an inbuilt wallet with space for your keys, bank cards, IDs and cash. The Velcro strap is fully adjustable to suit a wide range of arm sizes.

Price: $19.99 [$9.99 while writing this on] Shop it from

4. Vofolen

This adjustable and multifunctional armband by Vofolen has a very ergonomic design for a comfortable and secure fit. The armband can be attuned to suit different body sizes. You get room to keep your essential items such as keys, bank cards, IDs and cash while working out. You get the double pocket and zipper closure to store your things in suitable order while the zipper keeps the items safe and secure during athletic activities. The armband is water & dust resistant and sweat proof, made with high quality neoprene fabric. There is a double padded lining to absorb shock due to drops, and the net type pattern on the back is great for dispersing heat.

Price: $19.99 [$9.99 while writing this on] Order it from

5. Melop

Melop iPhone 7 Plus Armband

This is a lightweight and skin-friendly armband from Melop for the iPhone 7 Plus. The touchscreen response is good enough to access the features and work your apps while working out. You get a Velcro clip that is robust and durable to clip it on. The armband also features holding spaces for a key, IDs and credit cards. The material is top notch and water proof, safeguarding your phone from sweat and moisture. You also get a nifty little night reflector that gives added visibility during low light conditions. The armband also adjusts to suit different arm sizes.

Price: $24.99 [$7.99 while writing this on] Buy it from

6. Xboun

This armband is made with durable and flexible neoprene fabric that fits on to the arm quite neatly. The armband is sweat and water resistant to a good extent. It also withstands a fair bit of twisting and bending during your activities without stretching out of shape. The armband gives you a transparent touch screen protector with good touch response to access all the features while placed within the band. You also get enough wallet space to store your keys and cash. The slide buckle and strap adjusts to suit a wide range of arm sizes. There are two holes at the bottom for earphone usage and a Velcro on the exterior edge for keeping your headset cable.

Price: $34.99 [$14.99 while writing this on] Purchase it from

7. Supcase

Supcase iPhone 7 Plus Armband

This is a trendy, silicone skin case that securely holds your device while working out. It can very well be used a standalone protective case. The fit is simple and the flexible Velcro armband fit onto different arm sizes comfortably, letting you flex those muscles without worry. The access to all the ports and buttons are provided within skin covering in place and it also lets you jack in your headphones easily. This armband is hand washable for a durable long term usage.

Price: $14.49
Order it from

8. Gear Beast Premium Plus

Gear Beast Premium Plus iPhone 7 Plus Armband

Gear beast provides you with two great armband options for the iPhone 7 Plus. This one is the premium plus model designed to suit the fitness freaks and athletes amongst you. You get great touchscreen sensitivity through the extremely thin but robust 0.3mm screen protector, letting you access your media and apps. The material used for the build is top grade sweat and moisture resistant neoprene. The armband comes with a uniquely designed elastic arm with a non-pinch buckle to make sure of a convenient fit with your arm. This is especially useful during activities involving flexing muscles. The armband keeps your phone securely during all kinds of high octane activities. The band also provides reflective safety enhancing visibility during low light conditions.

Price: $10.99
Shop it from


SPARIN iPhone 7 Plus Armband

This Sparin armband for the iPhone 7 Plus is built with premium soft neoprene material suitable for flexing, twisting and bending during exercises without stretching out of shape. The armband is quite lightweight and this helps with agility during the workouts. You get complete screen coverage for accessing your apps and media effortlessly.The dual adjustable Velcro armband fits different arm sizes.

Price: $9.99
Buy it from

10. Gear Beast Slim Case

Gear Beast Slim Case iPhone 7 Plus Armband

This is the second Gear Beast armband for iPhone 7 Plus on this list. It is a suitable fit while using a slim phone case or along with a bumper case. The armband is made of top quality sweat resistant neoprene and it also provides a neatly designed elastic arm strap with a robust non-pinch buckle for a comfortable wearing experience. This strap design offers great convenience to athletes during workouts. The armband provides a very thin but robust screen protector for complete touchscreen access. The armband also gives you space for storing your valuables such as keys, bank cards, IDs and cash along with your phone. The armband features a reflective safety band which enhances visibility under low light conditions.

Price: $17.99
Purchase it from

If you are fitness or sports freak and wish to stay attached to your new iPhone 7 Plus all the time, then which of these armbands will you prefer? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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