Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases and Covers: Protect iPhone 7 Plus with Powerful Design & Durable Material

After six months of its launch, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have gained reputation as market leader in smartphone arena. Both phones will enjoy this status until the new model comes out from Apple factory. Till then you can keep your Apple phone smart with the best cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Six months is a pretty good time for a single case, and therefore, you can now go for a change.

To make your selection easy, we have listed here the best iPhone 7 Plus cases that can transform the looks of your iPhone. We have sourced the cases from best brands in the world; simply browse the features and specifications of the cases, and place your orders. This motley collection includes clear cases, kickstand cases, wallet cases, bumper cases etc. So what is your choice from this list?

Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases and Covers

1. FYY

FYY Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

FYY presents a powerful design in iPhone 7 Plus case, which is made of two-in-one hybrid dual layer. Your device is completely protected against daily challenges. A slim profile and lightweight construction provide ease of access and use.

The case boasts vibrant color combination of blue and rose gold. FYY has manufactured this case from superior quality durable coating PC and first-class soft TPU. Protect your iPhone 7 Plus with FYY case and gain access to all ports, buttons, and controls easily.

Price: $8.99
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2. Abacus24-7

Abacus24-7Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

An RFID protection puts an extra layer of security on your financial data encrypted on credit cards and debit cards. Use your iPhone 7 Plus comfortably as it is highly protected against bumps and scratches.

A wallet case offers double advantage of protecting the phone and storing your cards and cash in slots and pocket. Note that opaque pocket is RFID blocking and other transparent pockets are for ID and cash.

This case is made of vegan, synthetic leather and other artificial materials, which are tested for durability.

Price:  $10.95
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3. Spigen

Spigen Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

A leading brand in iPhone accessories, Spigen manufactures best iPhone 7 Plus cases for users. This one is for users, who live active and energetic life.

Since the case is flexible, elastic, and durable, you can install it on your iPhone 7 Plus and go for bumpy rides. Hold your phone tight while walking through crowded places; its TPU material gives a soft and comfortable grip.

Your phone never slips off your hands. Flaunt perfect curves and contours of your device from this slim and form-fitted construction. This case can absorb shock to protect the phone.

Price: $11.99
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4. i-Blason

i-Blason Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

A rugged iPhone 7 Plus case is quite robust to resist multiple damages. i-Blason has got a dual layer protective case that flaunts polycarbonate hard shell exterior and boasts flexible TPU inner core.

This double protection saves your iPhone 7 Plus from accidental drops and falls. One of the advantages of this case is that it has built-in screen protector, which is bubble-free; moreover, it enhances touch sensitivity.

Other noteworthy feature is side mount belt clip swivel holster; this gives you convenience of carrying the phone during work, travel or any other energetic activity.

Price: $17.99
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5. VRS Simpli Fit

VRS Design Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

VRS brings Simpli Fit series of iPhone 7 Plus cases that boasts simple yet essential cases. Put your iPhone in this case and let the case protect the phone against shock and bumps.

Appreciate its TPU with essential layer of protection against scratches and scrapes. This phantom black case looks elegant and stylish for fashion victims.

Price: $19.99
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6. Poetic

Poetic Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

Users who want to flaunt their prized possession like iPhone 7 Plus, must go for Poetic case from Affinity Series premium thin case that doesn’t add any bulk; this clear case is dual material protective bumper case.

This product is made of clear polycarbonate moulded with soft shock proof TPU. Safeguard your iPhone 7 Plus from sudden drops with engineered corner design of this Poetic case.

If you are travelling or walking through areas swarming with people, ensure that your phone doesn’t slip off your grip; for this, a side grip pattern can prevent your phone sliding out of your grip. Its raised lip protects your phone’s screen while it is put face down.

Price: $9.95
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7. Spigen [Thin Fit]

Spigen Thin Fit Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

A perfectly fit case that keeps your iPhone 7 Plus slim and lightweight even if it is installed in the case.

This hard case is manufactured by superior quality polycarbonate, and therefore, it feels case-less and lets you show natural beauty of the phone.

Uncovered buttons and port cut-outs give quick and comfortable access. Its soft finish coating offers strong grip and a matte finish.

Price: $10.99
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8. Caseology [Waterfall Series]

Caseology [Waterfall Series] Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

If you adore simplicity, you should go for Caseology iPhone 7 Plus case that personifies minimalism.

To keep it simple, the case has all around edges to keep things clean and stylish.

The case’s durable grip is due to coating that prevents sudden drops and slips. The case has flexible and transparent acrylic that tightly hugs the phone to protect it from impact.

Price: $9.99
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9. iWIRE

iwire Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

A belt clip and a kickstand both are installed in this case for iPhone 7 Plus. The hybrid holster is made of strong polycarbonate hard plastic shell. Its anti-dust quality is a boon for travellers and adventure-seekers.

Silicone material provides better inner protection; enjoy 360-degree ratcheting belt clip while commuting from home to office and back home.

The kickstand allows you to watch videos, pictures and movies in landscape mode; you can also read eBooks. Gain access to all openings with perfect cut-outs.

Price: $7.99
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10. Caseology

Caseology [Vault Series] Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

Rugged elegance of this case reminds me of the spaghetti western, wherein rough-and-tough cowboys would display their styles.

When slim and laser-etched case combines with sturdy durability of modern aesthetic, users get the best protection for their iPhone 7 Plus.

Its carbon-fiber-textured grip prevents sudden drops or falls. You can trust its flexible TPU that forms a shock absorbent layer around your iPhone 7 Plus.

Price: $10.99
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11. Kingsource

Kingsource Protective iPhone 7 Plus Cases

This soft-leathered case made of faux vertical high grade leather easily captures your attention. You would love to tuck it in your belt with its swivel belt clip. Check out its strong magnetic closure that tightly secures your phone from slipping away.

Keep your phone in the pouch and roam around without worry. Inside the case is soft felt liner that keeps your phone scratch-free. Adjust vertical or horizontal position of the case with rotating belt clip.

Price: $11.99
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12. Supcase

Supcase iPhone 7 Plus Case

Dust and debris are silent killers of your iPhone 7 Plus. The harmful evils settle near the ports & buttons over a period of time. Therefore, a protective case like Supcase is essential for your iPhone 7 Plus.

This case comes with built-in screen protector that prevents scratches and never compromises sensitivity. Moreover, its dual layer is shock resistant for it is made with PC hard shell. Flexible TPU offers security against sudden drops, bumps and shocks.

Open its side mount belt clip swivel holster to carry your iPhone 7 Plus conveniently during work, travel and play. Overall, the case flaunts slim and sporty design to impress users.

Price: $18.99
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Every iPhone uses is eyeing the best cases for upcoming iPhone 7 Plus. Chop-chop! You should make it fast before the stock runs out. If you don’t find your favorite brand of iPhone 7 Plus case, write your comment in the section below. Or share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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