Best iPhone 7 Plus Flip Cases.

As a proud owner of the new iPhone 7 Plus, you will have a need to keep your expensive phone safe and secure while on the move. Drops and falls can be catastrophic for the device, especially it being a little bit slippery. Worry not as the latest iPhone 7 Plus flip cases give your phone the necessary protection for comfortable handiness. They are as useful and effective as the other protective iPhone 7 Plus cases such as the iPhone 7 Plus kickstand cases, iPhone 7 Plus bumper cases, iPhone 7 Plus clear cases, iPhone 7 Plus Leather Cases, iPhone 7 Plus Battery Cases, etc.

Top iPhone 7 Plus folio cases give your phone a more flexible and effective screen safeguarding more than a tempered glass. With the hectic demand for iPhone 7 Plus phones, the need for a variety of these iPhone 7 Plus wallet flip cases has increased a lot. Here is a selection of the best iPhone 7 flip cases with variations in build material, aesthetics and features.

Best Flip/Folio Cases for iPhone 7 Plus

1. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

Spigen provides you one of the most convenient iPhone 7 Plus wallet folio cases. It comes with a thoughtfully designed magnetic strap and comprises of a high quality synthetic leather build along with an embedded polycarbonate casing. It offers three slots to store your bank cards and also extra space for keeping cash. You also get a kickstand feature for hands-free media viewing. There is a comfortable opening for you to accept calls while the cover is in place.

Price: $29.99 [$15.99 while writing this on]
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2. Abacus24-7

Abacus24-7 iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

This flip case gives your phone an efficient protective cover against scratches and bumps. It provides you with ample space for about three cards along with some cash. The bank card pockets are opaque and block RFIDs. The third see-through slot is for IDs and below that you can store cash. There is a 3-layer protection with TPU on the back and sides and the flip cover for the screen. The materials used are completely vegan such as synthetic leather that is also quite durable.

Price: $19.99 [$10.99 while writing this on]
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3. icarercase

Icarercase iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

Genuine iPhone 7 Plus leather flip cases of the highest quality are in short supply presently in the market. This product offers you a completely handmade fully genuine cowhide leather iPhone 7 Plus case that screams premium from the moment you take a look at them. The hand feel and texture is unique and excellent. The design is unique with the folio flip style top having a magnetic closure for opening and protects your phone effectively. The case fits the phone flawlessly with soft surface contact. The case has a slim and thin profile without adding much bulk. The cutouts are quite accurate for easy access to the buttons and ports.

Price: $29.90 [$26.90 while writing this on]
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TANNC iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

This is one of the prettiest, handmade iPhone 7 Plus kickstand flip cases out there. It is made with polyurethane leather and provides you with wallet space for storing cards and cash. You can store up to three bank cards and currency notes. The case has exquisite craftsmanship and is robust enough. The magnetic closure is strong enough for protection against drops, scraps and bumps. The case also functions as a kickstand with multiple levels for hands-free usage.

Price: $37.99 [$14.99 while writing this on]
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5. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

Maxboost provides you an elegant and secure wallet flip case for iPhone 7 Plus. It is made with PU leather with different color choices along with complete protection for the corners, front and back. The case gives you storage space for three cards and a side pocket for keeping cash or extra cards. It also has a magnetic lock type design. The cutouts are accurate for fluid access to cameras, speaker, buttons and ports. The case can change over to a horizontal position and functions as a stand for viewing comfort.

Price: $19.99 [$12.99 while writing this on]
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TUCCH iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

This Tucch case is perfectly suitable for the new iPhone 7 Plus. The handmade design provides a classy appearance with a cover that turns left and a nicely curved design with no rough ends or edges. It looks simple yet strikingly stunning. This case provides you with 3 card slots and a cash storage pocket for convenient storage while on the move. The case gives a comprehensive protection with kickstand feature and a secure magnetic flap. It offers protection to all the corners and also possesses lifted edges and bevel lip for preventing scratches.

Price: $27.99 [$14.99 while writing this on]
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7. Belk

BELK iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

With a beautiful texture along with the proprietary BELK metallic theme, this Belk flip case exudes an air of class and richness. The leather used is of the highest quality with lovely embossed pattern under natural sunshine and shadow. The back has a soft TPU shell with firm stitches for cushioning effect against drops. The stitch style enables the case to endure wear and tear with additional safety and trendiness. There is an invisible magnet within the leather with no fussy button snaps or buckle clips. You also get a horizontal stand for full screen mode viewing and precise cutouts for fluid access.

Price: $27.99 [$12.99 while writing this on]
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8. Silk

Silk iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

This iPhone 7 Plus flip case gives you 4 individual storage spaces for bank cards, IDs, etc. along with a full size compartment for cash. The full framed folio safeguards your device wholly and there is an elastic security band that assures the safety of your iPhone. There is an integrated kickstand for comfortable hands-free media consumption. The build is excellent with soft touch synthetic leather and delicate felt. You also get a scratch proof screen protector and a detachable wrist strap.

Price: $14.99
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SHIELDON iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

Sheildon offers one of the best iPhone 7 Plus leather flip cases with detailed designing and genuine cowhide leather of the highest quality. The case exhibits amazing strength, personality and texture. The case feels natural and soft. This case gives you three card slots for your bank cards and a side pocket for keeping cash and extra cards. The efficient magnetic lock is well made to keep your things secure. This case can adjust to a horizontal position and function like a firm stand that’s suitable for viewing from any angle. The protection provided is comprehensive and the cutouts are precise.

Price: $59.99 [$26.99 while writing this on]
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10. Snugg

Snugg iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

Snugg gives you a flawlessly constructed flip case with flair and functionality in equal proportions. The case is slim and lightweight with three card slots and a storage pocket for cash. The protection provided is complete and the reinforced TPU tray holds your phone with firmness. This tray is surrounded by soft, high quality bonded PU leather that functions like a piece of armor when encountering drops, bumps, dirt and scratches. The interior is made of smooth, nubuck fiber for incredible cushioning effect. The detailed and contrasting stitching gives elegant finishing to the case. There is a folding back panel for comfortable viewing. The magnetic closure keeps your items safe effectively.

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What are the unique features you look for in flip cases? Get one of these suitable cases for a firm grip on your phone and also enhance its safety aspect. Share your thoughts with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.


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