From all cases and covers available online, I am impressed by iPhone 7 Plus Cases with kickstand. There is a genuine reason behind my liking for kickstand cases. The primary reason is its functionality; the way it allows me to keep my hands free while watching videos and pictures is amazing. I read many eBooks on my iPhone and hence, I prefer to put my phone on the stick that tucks out of kickstand case.

Many people reject kickstand cases simply because they lack in style and elegance. But they should consider their investment, i.e. price of their precious iPhone. This list of best iPhone 7 Plus kickstand cases, however, includes many good-looking products. You can check each case in detail and place an order for one.

Note that iPhone 7 Plus kickstand cases make a great combination with iPhone 7 caseswallet cases, bumper cases, clear cases, leather cases and other protective cases. Moreover, kickstand cases listed below are easy to install even if your iPhone 7 Plus is guarded by screen protectors. You just stay relaxed and browse all the products and choose the best kickstand cases for iPhone 7 Plus.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Kickstand Cases and Covers

1. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 7 Plus Kickstand Cases

Spigen is one of the world-beating brands that manufacture first-class accessories for smart devices. This kickstand has clear hard PC and TPU bumper that offers firm grip; a slim profile of the case allows you to slip your phone into your pocket. The integrated metal kickstand with magnetic snap gives you ease of watching visual content and video chatting with your friends and family. Check out its extreme transparency that displays original phone design. To protect phone’s screen and camera cut-out, this case has raised lips that maintain a safe distance.

Price: $13.99
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2. Trianium

Trianium iPhone 7 Plus Kickstand Cases

Give your iPhone 7 Plus complete protection with dual-layered casing from Trianium. The case is reinforced with shock absorbing internal padding; additionally, there is a side, screen, and corner protection. External part of the case has poly-carbonate removal spine for tough drops, scratches, and bumps. Its sensitive touch screen cover never goes out of work even after frequent touches. The innovative design created by Trianium designers will not add any bulk to the phone or pocket. If you want to tie this case with your belt, use its holster belt clip and carry your iPhone 7 Plus along with you during travel and play.

Price: $19.75
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3. MoKo

MoKo iPhone 7 Plus Kickstand Cases

A first look is enough to establish MoKo kickstand case as a strong guard that protects your iPhone 7 Plus from all sides. This heavy duty layered case provides protection against shocks, bumps and drops. This rugged and masculine design ensures firm grip in your hands. You can easily walk through crowded places in the city. Gain full access to all controls, ports, and buttons on your phone. Travel across multiple destinations with your iPhone 7 Plus tucked in the holster that can swivel on the belt clip. Your phone is comfortably protected under the soft silicone layer; the outer layer is made of hard PC for reinforcement.

Price: $8.99
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4. i-Blason

i-Blason iPhone 7 Plus Kickstand Cases

i-Blason is known for making durable cases for iPhone. Adhering to its legacy, i-Blason made this dual layered case that boasts outer impact resistant exterior. Its inner sleeve is made with extra reinforcement to absorb shocks. Carry your iPhone 7 Plus with you always by tucking it into side mount belt clip swivel holster. Enjoy different viewing angles for hands-free viewing by using kickstand; perfectly cut out openings will let you access all ports, speakers, cameras, and buttons effortlessly.

Price: $14.99
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5. EC

EC iPhone 7 Plus Kickstand Cases

EC presents eye-catching combination in kickstand cases. This brand has nicely used black and grey colors for one layer, and for second layer, there is a range of vibrant colors like dark blue, purple, rose, burgundy, pink, and turquoise. This case includes belt holster and advanced two layers design; while the corners are reinforced by moulded polycarbonate to give full protection against drops and shocks. For better convenience of watching video, chatting, and reading eBooks, EC has fitted a versatile kickstand. Your travels and play are now easier with a belt clip to tuck your iPhone 7 Plus in the case.

Price: $7.59
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6. Buddibox

BUDDIBOX iPhone 7 Plus Kickstand Cases

Buddibox manufactures best iPhone 7 Plus cases with kickstand that boast two pieces; a hard back case that slithers into a locking belt clip swivel holster. Its 180-degree rotating belt clip allows several positions of carrying the case. Inner case is built from hard shell that can resist any impact. Thanks to its poly-carbonate and double-enforced enclosure that give full protection to your iPhone 7 Plus. Buddibox has reinforced corners of this kickstand with double-thick silicone.

Price: $14.95
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7. Moonmini

Moonmini iPhone 7 Plus Kickstand Cases

Moonmini’s sleek kickstand case perfectly fits on your Apple iPhone 7 Plus. This two-in-one hybrid case boasts high quality PC outer shell with TPU inner layer. Give your phone dual layer protection with super metal texture. The 360-degree kickstand case offers you convenience to watch videos and movies in hands-free mode. Adjust the angle for better comfort and stability. Though all buttons on your iPhone 7 Plus will be covered by the case, you can easily press them with precise cut-outs on case. One of the glaring features of Moonmini kickstand case is cooling system; check those spider lines that keep your phone cool by dissipating heat.

Price: $8.99
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8. CoverON

CoverON iPhone 7 Plus Kickstand Cases

When two strong and durable portions come together, you can expect the best kickstand case for your iPhone 7 Plus. One part is made of tough and protective poly-carbonate outer shell and other part is of flexible shockproof TPU inner skin. This soft TPU protects your phone against sudden drops and scratches. Enjoy excellent grip as the side ridges create a perfect grip for your fingers; now you should not be worried about accidental drop of your iPhone 7 Plus. A fold out kickstand case provides you complete freedom while you are watching movies, videos or pictures and reading content online. Additionally, you can also enjoy video chat with your loved ones.

Price: $6.99
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Kickstand cases offer superior protection and comfort to your iPhone and to you. Before you buy an iPhone 7 Plus, check this list of best iPhone 7 Plus Kickstand cases and explore features of all products. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus


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