If you have a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, then you should also look at getting one of the top iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors. Of course, there are plenty of other safety accessories like iPhone 7 Plus Cases, iPhone 7 Plus Spigen Cases, iPhone 7 Plus Pad & Quill Leather Case and iPhone 7 Plus VRS Design Wallet Case which you can check out as well. The pressure-sensitive display on the new iPhones makes it very expensive to repair or replace them in case of any damage.

Going for one of the iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protectors makes it an even better idea for protecting your phone screen while getting adequate screen privacy while viewing data or content.

Using a privacy screen protector for iPhone 7 Plus obstructs out any view from the snooping eyes of the person next to you when traveling in a train, flight or any other place. An iPhone 7 privacy screen protector lets only the user holding the phone directly in front to see the screen. It is quite similar to the tech used in bank tellers to safeguard sensitive information. We have picked out a list of the best iPhone 7 Plus Spy glass screen protectors that offer the best results.

Best Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 7 Plus

1. Tech Armor

Tech Armor iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

This edge to edge privacy glass screen protector looks and feels simply fantastic. It protects from scratches, drops and also from prying eyes looking into your screen. Made with premium material and with expert design, this screen protector offers perfect fit with easy bubble-free installation.

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2. Light Story

Light Story iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

This Light Story privacy glass for iPhone 7 plus protects the screen content from only being visible to users directly in front of screen. This screen protector uses bubble-free auto adhesives for quick and easy installation that leaves no residue when removed. The glass is very thin with only 0.3mm thickness and 2.5D round edges and also has a 9H hardness for great protection against scratches. It is also extremely clear and protects against eye strain.

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3. iMoreGro

iMoreGro iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

The iMoreGo iPhone 7 Plus privacy tempered glass provides top notch privacy film in portrait or landscape viewing modes. It is made from premium quality tempered glass with real touch sensitivity for a natural feel and gives great touch screen accuracy. Due to the top glass quality, the screen is well protected against bumps, scrapes and drops.

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4. Supershieldz

Supershieldz iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

Another fantastic tempered glass privacy protector for your phone that lets only the persons in straight-line with the screen to view the content. With a very high quality tempered glass exhibiting 9H hardness, 0.3mm thickness along with anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and bubble-free properties, this privacy screen for iPhone 7 Plus truly provides great results of protection and privacy with efficacy.

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5. Mothca

Mothca iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

When going for a new iPhone 7 privacy tempered glass screen protector, you should make sure that it has a good transparency rate so that you never feel the darkness on the screen. This will enable you to enjoy content even in the darkness while not having to worry about privacy. This Mothca product gives you exactly that with an amazing anti-spy effected with prevention of reading the content in a smaller angle.

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6. Dmax Armor

Dmax Armor iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

Dmax Armor provides one of the most interesting iPhone 7 Plus Spyglass Screen Protectors available in the market. The privacy feature is present in both the portrait and landscape viewing modes. The tempered glass is high quality and is super tough for added robustness. Additionally, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings safeguard the screen against sweat and oil residue due to fingerprints.

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7. Klearlook

Klearlook iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

Klearlook gives you a 2-in-1 product with an iPhone 7 privacy glass protector on the front along with a 1-pack matte film for the back. This product offers a whole gamut of features such as optical anti-spy filter, 3D tough compatibility, 2.5D arc technology, super anti-scratch and oleophobic coating. This makes the product a comprehensive one for the safety and privacy of your screen. It is made with eco-friendly materials that are recyclable.

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8. Dalinch

Dalinch iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

A pretty cool anti-spy tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 7 Plus, this Dalinch product is also one of the thinnest out there. With just about 0.2mm thickness and with a special technology on the surface to protect your screen privacy, you get an all-inclusive product. Anti-reflection technology is also built-in to the glass for better display characteristics. It protects your screen very well from grazes and shocks.

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9. Fosmon

FOSMON iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

This is a privacy glass for iPhone 7 Plus with oleophobic coating for a smooth touchscreen experience and for safeguarding against traces of fingerprints. The glass is 0.33mm ultra-thin and is shatter-proof in nature. It also comes with a bubble-free silicone adhesive layer for quick and easy installation. Additionally, tinted shading tempered glass is used for reducing viewing angles.

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SUPTMAX iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

Made with laser precision cut tempered glass, this screen protector can effectively safeguard against jolt, explosion, scratches and pressure. It also has an oleophobic coating for resisting prints and oil stains. The glass is extremely durable and offers ideal touch sensitivity along with screen content privacy.

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11. iOrange-E

iOrange-E iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protector

One of the best iPhone 7 Plus anti-spy screen protectors out there, the iOrange-E lets only the persons directly facing the screen to view the content. It blocks views from the left and right angle at a specific angle. The glass has 9H hardness for maximum protection against all sorts of day-to-day hazards. The installation is very easy and it forms a perfect fit with round edges.

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Have you ordered an iPhone 7 Plus for yourself? If so, then make sure that you are also buying one of these privacy screen protectors that are quite unique and worthwhile. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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