If you are a proud owner of Apple’s iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) Red, here is a list of iPhone 7 Red cases that can protect your phone’s vibrant, Matt red finish. Note that Apple has released this Red iPhone under a Special Edition and therefore, you have to be extra careful about this special iPhone. To match with the elegance of iPhone 7 Red, we bring you equally graceful iPhone 7/7 Plus Red cases. This collection of cases for iPhone 7 Red is packed with known brands like LifeProof, AmazonBasics, OtterBox, MoKo, Supcase, and others. Before you choose the best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Red case, explore entire catalogue given below.

The Red cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are crafted to safeguard the grace of your phone. You can check different colors, material, and features of the cases and then place order for one or more. Every iPhone 7 Red case given here has a single agenda: protection of your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus RED.

Best iPhone 7 Red Cases

#1. LifeProof iPhone 7 Waterproof Case

Lifeproof FRE iPhone 7 Red Case

LifeProof brings a waterproof case for your iPhone 7. The brand has successfully won the hearts of iPhone consumers across the world by launching unique protective cases. To make their claims convincing, they run a water test on this waterproof iPhone case and keeps the case under water for 30 minutes. Check the video and you will be convinced the claims are true. While the brand can show the waterproof quality of this case, LifeProof cannot give you any proof of anti-scratch feature of this case; reason is that FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 has built-in Screen protector that is virtually invisible to your eyes and touch. You have to experience it yourself. Go ahead!

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#2. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Red Case for iPhone 7

AmazonBasics presents a case that is so light that you won’t feel the case. Its light construction has never made compromise with robustness of the case, which is strong enough to protect your iPhone 7 Red. Thanks to its tough polycarbonate that imparts a rubbery-soft, secure-grip coating. You can hold your iPhone 7 firmly in your hands even while you are walking through crowded places. Its raised bezel has 0.3mm edge to keep your iPhone’s touchscreen elevated from flat surfaces; this will keep the screen safe and clean.

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#3. Apple iPhone 7 Red Silicone Case

Apple Silicone Red Case for iPhone 7

This is something from the horse’s mouth; we know that it is not a piece of information, but a case. Since it is from Apple, you can rely on its performance and features. Look at its sheen and soft finish; you will feel great when you hold your phone in hands. The silicone exterior pampers your palms and makes a strong impression wherever you are. Appreciate its soft microfiber lining that protects the back of your iPhone 7 in case of accidental drops.

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#4. MoKo

MoKo Red Case for iPhone 7

MoKo has carved a niche in ultra-slim and lightweight iPhone cases market. This particular case boasts silicone skin that provides ultimate comfort to your iPhone and to your skin as well. The baby-soft skin delivers high quality anti-scratch performance. Moreover, you can easily wipe off any stain with a damp rag. The silicone skin is easy to snap on and take off your iPhone 7 Red.

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#5. OtterBox iPhone 7 Red Case

OtterBox Red Case for iPhone 7

OtterBox is a popular brand dealing in iPhone accessories. This case belongs to its Symmetry Series, which is a result of 365 days of testing, design, and innovation by OtterBox. The case here is crafted from dual-material, which absorbs shock and endures accidental drops. In addition to this, its raised edges protects the touchscreen of your iPhone 7 secured. You can easily install your iPhone into the Symmetry case, which provides full protection with style.

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#6. Apple iPhone 7 Red Leather Case

Apple Leather Red Case for iPhone 7

Get the best protection and excellent fashion in a single iPhone 7 case. This product is made by Apple from superior quality tanned European leather. When you touch the case, you will realize its natural softness, which will be developed into an eye-catching patina after constant use. Control your iPhone 7 with the leather case’s built-in aluminium buttons, which provide a great tactile experience. Apple has sourced microfiber lining to protect your iPhone 7 against scratches.

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#7. Mophie iPhone 7 Battery Case

mophie iPhone 7 Battery Red Case

Your iPhone 7 will never run out of battery power. Get this Mophie battery case and keep your phone charged for long time. In addition to charging the phone, Mophie’s case protects your device from scratches and scrapes. This lightweight case is made of rubberized support pads on the interior, and the pads will your phone against drops/falls. Moreover, check out its raised corners, which safeguard your iPhone’s touch screen. This iPhone 7 battery case gives an extra 100% charging with its 2525mAh battery capacity. The additional battery life allows you to enjoy watching movies, listening to music, and browsing internet.

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Best iPhone 7 Plus Red Cases

#8. Apple iPhone 7 Plus Red Silicone Case

Apple Silicone Red Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Apple offers you an elegant silicone case for your iPhone 7 Plus. The case has soft microfiber lining inside to secure your phone from drops & falls. The exterior of the case has silky, soft-touch finish of silicone, which grabs attention of all around you. Moreover, the silicone exterior gives your skin a soft touch; you would love to hold your phone for long time. Note that Apple Silicone Case is compatible only with iPhone 7 Plus.

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#9. Supcase

Supcase iPhone 7 Plus Red Case

This hybrid protective clear case comes from Supcase’s Unicorn Beetle series to protect your iPhone 7 Plus from all possible hazards. It looks a heavy-duty case but boasts slim, form fitting and minimalist design with transparent back. Don’t miss its defined edges and smooth finish that captures attention of people around you. With its transparent back, you can flaunt the original design of your iPhone 7 Plus Red. You can access all your phone’s features, buttons, and ports with the case wrapped on.

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#10. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Red Case for iPhone 7 Plus

A case that makes you feel case-free. The paradoxical sentence can baffle you, but when you start using AmazonBasics, you will realize that the case is lightweight and slim. The case is made durable by combining hard polycarbonate with a rubbery-soft, secure grip coating. Your iPhone 7 Plus’s touch screen is secured by raised edges of the case; this gives an essential elevation to the phone’s screen when you put it face down. With the case, you will get AmazonBasics’ one-year limited warranty.

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#11. MoKo

MoKo Red Case for iPhone 7 Plus

MoKo is a leading brand in smartphone accessories. To live up to the expectations of smartphone users, MoKo has always come up with innovative products. This sleek and slim-fit case for iPhone 7 Plus is another excellent piece from MoKo factory; made from silky silicone material, the case provides complete protection to your iPhone. While keeping your device guarded, the case doesn’t add any bulk; it displays natural beauty and elegance of your iPhone 7 Plus Red. Its soft microfiber guards your iPhone from accidental shocks/bumps/drops.

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#12. OtterBox iPhone 7 Plus Red Case

OtterBox Red Case for iPhone 7 Plus

OtterBox needs no introduction. The brand has created smartphone accessories for leading names including Apple’s iPhones and iPads. Take any category of protective cases and you will find OtterBox name. This Symmetry series from OtterBox includes thin, sleek, stylish, and pocket-friendly cases for iPhone 7 Plus. People have always appreciated colours and graphics of Symmetry cases, and therefore, OtterBox has repeated the features successfully in this series. iPhone users should not worry about accidental drops or falls as the case is made with dual-material that absorbs shock and endures falls.

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#13. Jisoncase iPhone 7 Plus Red Leather Case

Jisoncase iPhone 7 Plus Red Case

If you love to use accessories made of leather, you can’t afford to miss this case for your iPhone 7 Plus. Jisoncase has crafted this iPhone case from genuine leather; since the case is made of real leather, users can see those natural variations. In other words, users wouldn’t get two same leather cases from Jisoncase. You can quickly access all the functions and features on your iPhone 7 Plus with the case installed as Jisoncase has perfectly cut out the case.

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#14. Dreem

Dreem iPhone 7 PLUS Red Wallet Case

Dreem presents a magnetic folio case for your iPhone 7 Plus. This versatile iPhone 7 Plus wallet case offers multiple benefits to users. You can keep your phone protected and also store your credit/debit cards in the slots provided on the left. Convert the wallet case into a kickstand – a video kickstand and a vertical kickstand. While driving long distances, you can mount the phone on a magnetic mount (which is not included in this package). Its self-closing clasp adds an extra layer of security, so you can put some currency notes in the slots. Gain full access to camera feature as the case is crafted with utmost precision.

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#15. Mophie iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

mophie iPhone 7 Plus Battery Red Case

Mophie presents a battery case for your iPhone 7 Plus. Keep your phone charged with its force wireless technology that eliminates all wires and gives power to your phone. Apart from charging your iPhone, Mophie’s battery case protects it from injuries. This lightweight iPhone 7 Plus battery case boasts rubberized support pads on the interior to protect phone against accidental drops and falls. You can easily access charging port, buttons, and other features as the case is precisely designed by Mophie. Its 2420mAh battery provides 60% more charge so that you can enjoy watching videos, movies, songs on YouTube etc.

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So which iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Red case are you going to buy from the above collection? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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