Apple’s new iPhone 8 has brought out a refreshed excitement among tech aficionados. To go with these latest gadgets, there are some interesting modern accessories which enhance the functionality. If you are someone who loves exercising and lead an active lifestyle then the best iPhone 8 Armbands would be just the perfect accessories for your phone.

You need not be separated from your beloved new iPhone by using these armbands and can always be available for quick access. Before you zero in on the right armband, there are different aspects that you may need in your specific choice of armband. To make your task easier, we have put together a list of some of the top armbands for iPhone 8 for you to choose from.

Best iPhone 8 Armbands

Best iPhone 8 Armbands

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#1. E Tronic Edge

E Tronic Edge iPhone 8 Armband

The E Tronic Edge provides you with a soft and comfortable armband that works like a compression sleeve. It fits your arm neatly whatever your arm size may be. The armband has adequate space to place your phone with its stretchy elastane material helping the process. Along with your phone, you can also place your keys, money and other stuff in it. It has a reflective logo for night time visibility. This can be considered as one of the best iPhone 8 Workout Cases, if you are someone into any kind of workout.

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#2. Supcase

Supcase iPhone 8 Armband

This is one of the best iPhone 8 armbands that comes with a silicone skin material based protection for your iPhone. It is essentially a soft, flexible Velcro armband that is comfortable to wear on both smaller and larger arms making it perfect for different types of workouts. It is very easy to install and take out your device within a few seconds. The armband is easily washable by hand and you can access all the ports and controls with the silicone skin staying in place.

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#3. Encased

Encased iPhone 8 Armband

These are some of the most convenient, weightless armbands for your latest iPhone. It is made with neoprene material that contours your arm nicely with just the right stretch. There is a highly reflective pattern that helps during any night time activities including your leisurely night walks. You can easily get touchscreen and button access even when on the move.

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#4. Tribe

Tribe iPhone 8 Armband

Tribe gives you a water-resistant sports armband with top quality neoprene and spandex combination. This blend makes the armband able to twist, stretch and bend without going out of shape. You can go ahead with some of your most vigorous workouts without worrying about it affecting this armband. It is also quite lightweight which is even better for activity and portability making it one of the top running belts for iPhone 8.

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#5. Trianium

Trianium iPhone 8 Armband

Made with premium materials, this flexible neoprene armband is extremely malleable and is great for handling lots of twists and bends without getting warped. There is a multiple slot adjustable Velcro iPhone armband fits almost any arm size. There is water-resistant design present to shield against water and sweat. You also get an inbuilt secret key pocket and a comfort-grip enabling the band to stay in place during running.

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#6. Reserwa

Reserwa iPhone 8 Armband

This iPhone 8 running armband is perfectly designed with a rapid, magnetic on or off adapter that comfortably deactivates the phone’s lock feature. This helps you to read your emails or messages without removing the armband. The Open-face let you have total access to all the buttons and touch screen while the armband is still in place. The Velcro strap helps you to alter the size of the band as per your needs suiting arm girth, position and angle.

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#7. Tune Belt

Tune Belt iPhone 8 Armband

The Tune Belt armband gives you amazing comfort with a soft, cushioning effect that also maintains a firm grip with convenience. The armband does not jump or bounce and does not feel too tight while your arms are in movement during your exercises. This armband is sweat-resistant with no openings present on the skin or the neoprene material to wick away moisture. This offers great protection against perspiration which is a given during any dynamic activity.

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Get yourself one of these best iPhone 8 armbands as they can be a great workout companion to go along with your new device. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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