Best iPhone 8 Battery Cases : Keep Your Device Charged and Protected

Installation of wireless charging feature is Apple’s feat, which could have been achieved a couple of years back (given five year’s history of wireless charging devices made by brands like Nokia, HTC, and Samsung). Though wireless charging removes the need of lightning cable inserted into the iPhones, the system always relies on a cable to charge the pad. Hence, this wireless charging inadvertently uses cable. If you want to experience cable-free charging, buy the best iPhone 8 battery cases. (Check this post for best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases)

All top battery cases for iPhone 8 give you quick charging solutions; moreover, you can keep your iPhone in your hands while it is being charged by the battery case. Apart from charging your phone, the battery cases for iPhone protect your device from all possible damage. By default, every backup battery case is made hefty as it carries the weight of battery inside. We have listed some charging cases for your iPhone 8, and they are robust in construction. Aesthetic elements are also taken care of as you will find some eye-catching design in this list of best iPhone 8 battery cases.

Best iPhone 8 Battery Cases

Best iPhone 8 Battery Cases

#1. Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 8

Ever since Apple has ventured into accessory making, users have gone gaga over the products like battery cases, leather cases, wireless chargers and more. Apart from quality products, users buy peace of mind as they have long association with the brand Apple.

This battery case gives you 22 hours of internet use, video playback of up to 24 hours and 26 hours of talk time. Use only one lightning cable to charge your iPhone and this smart battery case simultaneously.

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#2. Mophie Wireless Charging Protective Battery Case

Mophie iPhone 8 Battery Case

Experience true-blue wireless charging with Mophie’s charge force technology that eliminates wires and introduces an entirely new way to charge your iPhone. Though the case is lightweight, it is made to endure high impact and accidental drops. Check those raised edges to secure your phone when it is put face-down.

This protective battery case is exclusively designed for iPhone 8, and therefore, you can easily access all your phone’s essential features, ports, and controls. Its 2525mAh battery gives you 100% extra charging, which can be used during emergency.

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#3. Maxboost Atomic Power Battery Case

MaxBoost iPhone 8 Battery Case

Maxboost offers one of the best iPhone 8 battery cases; when you are in dire necessity of battery, use Maxboost’s powerful 3200mAh li-polymer rechargeable battery case to get 110% extra battery life. With the new lease of battery life, your iPhone can do more: more talk, more web browsing, and more video playback.

Note that while using Maxboost’s battery cases, you cannot use traditional 3.5mm headphones or Apple ear pods with lightning connector. You are advised to use Apple AirPods or any other wireless Bluetooth headphones for iPhone. You can easily connect your iPhone with computer or Mac without removing the battery case.

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#4. Trianium Atomic Pro Portable Battery Charger

Trianium presents 3200mAh li-polymer atomic pro battery case that efficiently charges your iPhone and supplies 100% extra battery in no time. This case boasts LED indicators that show battery status continuously.

For all-round protection, Trianium has added a robust bumper design and hard shell backplate; this battery case secures your iPHone from scratches and other possible damage. The robust construction doesn’t add any bulk to your iPhone and you can conveniently put your device into your pockets. Enjoy lifetime warranty with Atomic Pro extended battery cases from Trianium.

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#5. iPosible 5000mAh External Charger Case

Get 170% extra battery life for your iPhone with iPosible’s 5000mAh external charger case. With this added energy, your iPhone delivers best performance in the areas of conversations, web browsing, audio/video playback and others.

For your iPhone’s protection, this case is made with batteries that have Grade A+ and RoHS certification. Moreover, internal chips safeguard your phone from overheating, short-circuiting, overcharging and other such perils. LED battery indicators display the status of battery; this allows you to switch ON or OFF your iPhone 8.

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#6. Alpatronix 3200mAh Slim Protective Charging Case

Alpatronix iPhone 8 Battery Case

Alpatronix offers 3200mAh battery capacity in this powerful battery case that protects and charges your iPhone in all conditions. The slim case looks beautiful and enhances the aesthetic elements of your iPhone. The ergonomic design is a soothing sight for your eyes, and comfortable feel pampers your hands while you are holding your iPhone.

Alpatronix uses Apple certified chip and therefore, this case delivers excellent charging performance. The slim profile never interrupts your interaction with your iPhone. It is made compact to reduce bulk and weight for your iPhone.

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#7. Vproof 5000mAh Battery Case

Vproof brings unbeatable battery case for your iPhone. Unlike other cases, Vproof backup battery cases for iPhone supply 200% extra power. Its four LED power indicators continuously display battery level, letting you know the battery charged or left. By using a power switch on the case, you can easily turn On or Off your iPhone battery case.

Syncing your iPhone wrapped in a battery case is never so easy! Thanks to Vproof’s sophisticated technology that takes you through hassle-free syncing process. You can place your iPhone on any magnetic car mount as this battery case has built-in magnet metal.

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#8. Foxin 7000 mAh Extended Battery Case

Foxin iPhone 8 Battery Case

More battery capacity from Foxin! This extended battery case boasts 7000mAh capacity to quickly charge your iPhone with exhausted battery. Equipped with a superior class polymer battery, this battery case gives you 2.7 times more battery power. A glaring feature of Foxin battery case is that it keeps your iPhone’s temperature in control while it is being charged.

Appreciate its smart charge feature that charges your iPhone first and then backup battery is charged. You can do this by pressing a button given on the battery case. Enjoy 100% satisfaction and quality warranty from Foxin.

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#9. Baseus Plaid Portable Extended Charger Case

Baseus iPhone 8 Battery Case

Baseus presents a one of the best iPhone 8 battery case with larger capacity. You can rely on this strong battery case during emergency, when you are away from the conventional power sources. Baseus has removed long chin at the bottom of the case, and this gives you a comfortable grip. You don’t have to hold your iPhone with two hands.

Absence of long chin also makes this battery case lightweight, and thus, makes your interaction with phone smooth. You can easily connect your iPhone with the computer without removing the case; simply use clip-type power supply and a data cable to connect the phone with computer.

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#10. Smaiphone 5500mAh Portable Charging Case

Smaiphone brings a hefty battery case design that boasts 5500mAh high capacity battery, and therefore, it is not ultra thin like other battery cases. However, this battery case ensures full charge of your iPhone in no time. When your phone is running low on battery, Smaiphone battery case quickly charges the device and allows you to accomplish your important tasks.

Smaiphone uses durable soft silicone material to provide 360-degree protection to your iPhone. The silicone gives extra toughness to this battery case, which also ensures smooth and comfortable feel in your hands. The case can add 200% extra battery life to your iPhone.

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