Popularity of bumper cases rests on two important features: strength and style. Bumpers are normally made of polycarbonates, which are tough materials when used in engineering. There are some grades of polycarbonates that are optically transparent. Thus, bumper cases impart robustness and clarity: two qualities appreciated by iPhone users. This list of best iPhone 8 bumper cases will impress you with muscles and beauty. (Don’t forgot to explore our list of best iPhone 8 Plus bumper cases)

To select protective bumper cases for iPhone 8, you don’t need to go anywhere. We have picked up top 10 bumper cases for your latest iPhone; transparency is one of the significant features consumer look for. A clear bumper case displays original design and colour of iPhone 8. If the bumper is made from high grade PC material, it doesn’t yellow for a long time. Brands play a pivotal role and can tip the scales while selecting a best iPhone 8 bumper cases.

Best iPhone 8 Bumper Cases

#1. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Apple iPhone 8

Spigen iPhone 8 Bumper Case

Spigen is undoubtedly a leader in bumper cases for iPhone. This one is picked up from Spigen’s famous Ney Hybrid series of bumper cases. The case is a perfect blend of great looks and unbeatable drop protection.

This bumper boasts two layers of protection: one is a shock-absorbent layer and another is a rigid bumper frame. Thanks to its form-fitted body that keeps the case slim and pocket-friendly.

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#2. RhinoShield Slim Rugged Cover

Rhinoshield iPhone 8 Bumper Case

There is a myth associated with bumper cases. People believe that bumpers add extra bulk to the phone. Take this RhinoShield rugged cover and you will realize that bumpers can be slim and strong.

The rugged bumper for iPhone 8 is made to fulfil Steve Job’s idea of a case that allows device to be seen and not wrapped up in a bulky case. Surprisingly, this bumper case has 2.5mm thickness and weighs only 12 grams.

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#3. Supcase Premium Hybrid Clear Bumper

Supcase iPhone 8 Bumper Case

Minimalism is in thing. Whether it is a design of your smartphone or cases, discerning consumers always appreciate minimalist products. Supcase brings a form-fitting minimalist design for your iPhone 8; the bumper case has transparent back, which highlights defined edges and smooth finish of your iPhone.

Supcase has crafted this piece from high quality TPU and PC materials, which are available in a variety of colours. You can easily access all essential ports, controls, and buttons on your iPhone 8.

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#4. Ringke Bright Reflection Radiant Bumper

Ringke iPhone 8 Bumper Case

Ringke presents a bright reflection radiant bumper for your iPhone 8 that gives a clear and polished reflection. The case is equipped with innovative raised corners at back to protect your phone from scratches.

Active-Touch buttons ensure natural feel and crystal clear shock absorbent security for all corners and sides of phone.

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#5. i-Blason Heavy Duty Protection

i-Blason iPhone 8 Bumper Case

i-Blason is famous for its heavy duty iPhone bumper cases. This full body case comes with a built-in screen protector, and hence, you don’t need to buy a separate screen guard for your iPhone 8. i-Blason has combined polycarbonate and soft TPU to produce a drop resistant bumper case for your iPhone 8.

The screen protector is bubble-free; moreover, don’t miss that detachable belt holster that keeps your iPhone secure when you are travelling or driving.

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#6. Trianium Reinforced TPU Bumper Cushion

Trianium iPhone 8 Bumper Case

The famous Clarium series of Trianium has produced mind-blowing bumper cases that offer complete protection to your iPhone 8. This iPhone 8 bumper case has reinforced TPU bumper cushion and scratch resistant hybrid. Its clear back allows you to display real colours and design of your phone.

Trianium’s bumper case has two layers of protection for your iPhone: a shock absorbing frame safeguards your device from drops and its robust body protects against scratches and bumps.

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#7. Moko Shock Absorption Flexible TPU Bumper

Moko iPhone 8 Bumper Case

Beauty lies in simplicity, and MoKo has proved it with a transparent and simple design of iPhone 8 bumper cases. The case is crafted to highlight natural beauty of your iPhone.

To provide maximum protection to your phone, MoKo has combined hard shell polycarbonates and flexible TPU bumper. Now you phone is secure against scratches, shocks, and sudden drops. Check those raised edges that guard your phone’s touch screen and camera feature from scratches. You can put your phone face down!

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#8. HUMIXX Aluminium TPU

HUMIXX iPhone 8 Bumper Case

The aluminium TPU ensures full safety of your iPhone against all odds. A hybrid shockproof bumper case is the best companion of your iPhone 8 in all unfriendly conditions. For double protection, HUMIXX has used aviation aluminium alloy and silicone – outer layer is made of aluminium alloy and inner one is of silicone.

The two layers guarantee full protection from direct collision. Your Fashion Quotient is also taken care of by HUMIXX. The slim profile of this bumper case adds minimum bulk to your iPhone 8. The case boasts 2.5mm thickness and 12 grams of weight.

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#9. Anker Hard Bumper with Enhanced Grip

Anker iPhone 8 Bumper Case

Anker is one of the best brands of iPhone accessories. This hard bumper with superior grip is perfect for daily commuters. The stylish bumper case for iPhone 8 is available in three colours to personalize your look; choose rose gold, jet black, or gunmetal gray.

With firm grip, you get a case that is designed with raised features that give you superior hold and tactile button access. For all-round security, Anker has used PC and TPU materials that offer unbeatable security and durability.

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#10. Snugg Dual Layer Slim Case for iPhone 8 

Snugg iPhone 8 Bumper Case

Engineered precisely, Snugg has successfully mingled style and functionality effortlessly into this dual layer slim cover for iPhone 8. This infinity case boasts slim and lightweight design that adds some colour and panache to your iPhone 8.

For complete protection of your iPhone, Snugg has used shock absorption material, which works as a shield against sudden drops and bumps.

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