If you are an iPhone 8 Plus user as well as an active person with an inherent interest in sports and workouts, then caring for your phone while doing these activities becomes quite tedious. With the new iPhone 8 giving tech fans a real high, you can accessorise it with the best iPhone 8 Plus Armbands to keep your phone safely with you during your active sessions. (Explore our amazing list for best iPhone 8 Armbands).

The modern armbands available for iPhone make it possible for you to bring about a suitable setting to access your iPhone while keeping your hands free. There are a number of different choices on the market so it is for you to decide which is the right one for you based on your activity, physique and other needs. We have researched the top armbands for iPhone 8 Plus to create a list which can help you pick the apt one suitable for you.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Armbands

Best iPhone 8 Plus Armbands

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#1. Supcase Apple iPhone 8 Plus Armband

Supcase iPhone 8 Plus Armband

Supcase offers you some of the best iPhone 8 Plus Armbands helping you keeping your phone on you, despite the vigor of your workouts. This armband is stretchy, robust and sweat absorbent safeguarding your iPhone from the wear and tear of your dynamic routine. You can just attach the phone to the form-fitting silicone skin and put the armband in place on your arm for an enjoyable, hindrance-free workout. The armband can be washed easily hand-washed and fits various arm sizes.

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LOVPHONE iPhone 8 Plus Armband

This is a graceful and weightless armband that is made for all you exercise enthusiasts out there. This armband comfortably fits your iPhone even if already has another protector case on top. You get uniquely designed cutouts for the home button for skin contact. There is a hidden key holder and card slot to help you keep your keys and cards. The armband is made with water-resistant neoprene and has a PVC screen protector to completely safeguard your smartphone from scrapes, dust and sweat.

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#3. E Tronic Edge

ETronicEdge iPhone 8 Plus Armband

The E Tronic Edge can be termed as not just an armband, but as one of the best iPhone 8 Plus Workout Cases you can buy. It comes with a flexible Velcro strap that wraps around your arm conveniently and ensures that the armband stays in place properly during workouts. The fabric used is soft yet long-lasting and lets you comfortably fit it onto your individual arm size. There is a safe zipper slot behind the phone that can be used as a pouch for using your keys and other small stuff. The armband comes with a reflective light strip for visibility during night.

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#4. Belkin iPhone 8 Plus Workout Case

Belkin iPhone 8 Plus Armband

The Belkin Sport-Fit Plus Armband for iPhone 8 Plus lets you concentrate on your exercise rather than worry about your phone. The armband is very light and the adjustable strap is completely convenient making it one among the top running belts for iPhone 8 Plus. There is an inbuilt pocket that allows you to keep your keys, bank cards and other small things along with your phone on your arm itself. There is a sweat protective hood that safeguards your phone from sweat and moisture. The armband is designed to give you complete access to the phone’s important features and controls without removing it.

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#5. Revere Sport

Revere iPhone 8 Plus Armband

This iPhone 8 plus armband can hold your iPhone even it has a slim case on top. You get Home Button Fingerprint ID access and iPhone earphone access because of the smart design. The armband is sleek, weightless and comfortable for an active lifestyle. The neoprene material used is durable, strong and long-lasting. You get the feeling of a comfortable, cushioning fit without any kind of rubbing, bouncing or other issues. There is a high visibility extra bright 3M reflector that offers night time visibility.

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#6. Avantree iPhone 8 Plus Armband

Avantree iPhone 8 Plus Armband

This wonderfully made multifunctional sports armband is a smart and secure accessory for the most active amongst you. You can safely keep your phone, keys, bank cards and other small valuables in one place, within your armband while you go about your sports sessions. The armband is doubly padded with a blend of toughness and flexibility. The ergonomic design is patented and wraps around your arm neatly. The armband case has a transparent plastic cover to let you have total navigational control your iPhone. To top it all, the armband has water-resistant, sand-resistant and anti-slip characteristics built into it.

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#7. Tribe

Tribe iPhone 8 Plus Armband

Made with high quality soft neoprene material, this Tribe armband is built for taking a lot of force during your workout and sports sessions. It twists and flexes with your arm, but never stretches out of shape. The armband is great to withstand some of the toughest activities including marathon runs. It is very lightweight for offering your that speed and convenience. There is full screen coverage to allow you have complete touch screen functionality plus full headphone jack support for your Apple phones. This one also comes with a hidden key holder slot and a reflective strip for low light scenarios.

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