One of the ways you can enhance the look and feel of your iPhone is by encasing it inside a flip cover. Not only will it add a layer of protection, but also make the entire thing look more sophisticated. So here we have put together a list of the best iPhone 8 Plus flip Cases.

All our iPhone 8 Plus folio cases have been crafted with high-quality materials and add both looks and protection to your iPhone. So without further ado, here are our top 10 picks.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Flip Cases

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#1. Benuo Genuine Leather Handmade Flip Leather Case

Benuo iPhone 8 Plus Flip Case

To start off our list of the best iPhone 8 Plus flip cases, we have a premium grain genuine leather folio style case. The entire seamless case snaps onto your iPhone without any problem. Also, it is exceptionally lightweight and slim so that you won’t notice any added bulk.

Besides adding the touch and feel of genuine leather, the case also keeps your phone safe from day to day wear and tear. Also, the flip can be semi-folded to form a kickstand which can be useful for hands-free viewing. Besides this, there is also a magnetic closure for a secure lock.

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#2. Maxboost iPhone 8 Plus Folio Case

Maxboost iPhone 8 Plus Flip Case

Some of the best iPhone 8 Plus folio cases also serves the added function of being a handy wallet. So here we have a PU leather crafted wallet folio case. It comes with a couple of card slots which you can use to keep your credit cards or IDs. There is also a dedicated pocket for keeping your cash.

Moreover, the case is similar to the one we previously mentioned. The flip can be reconfigured to function as a kickstand. There is also a magnetic flap to hold things together.

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#3. Dreem Detachable Slim Case

Dreem iPhone 8 Plus Flip Case

Here is another flip case for iPhone 8 Plus, that also functions as a wallet. The case is handcrafted with premium faux leather complimented with beautiful stitches. As far as wallet is concerned, it packs in enough space and slots to hold in 3 to 6 cards and even some cash. Apart from being capable of all this, the case is surprisingly slim and won’t add extra bulk to your phone.

The glaring feature of the case is its detachable flip cover, which you can use as a kickstand to hold your phone horizontally or vertically. Also, there are no dangling clasps to close the case. You just have to open and close the case, and it latches on automatically without any fuss.

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#4. OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case

Otterbox iPhone 8 Plus Flip Case

This folio case for iPhone 8 Plus focuses more on protection and thus comes in with a dual material built which keeps your phone safe from drops, bumps and the occasional scrapes. There is also a single chamber for storing your cards or IDs if you want.

Now as far as build quality is considered, the case uses genuine leather, coupled with some plastic inner shells and layers for enhanced protection. To the side, the folio connector has a brushed steel accent which adds to the overall appeal of the case. Overall, this is one of the most protective folio cases.

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#5. Case-Mate Leather Folio Case

Casemate iPhone 8 Plus Flip Case

If you are looking for something where style and functionality meets, then this is the place. The folio case is handcrafted with genuine leather, which creates a polished, sophisticated look and touch. Inside the case, there are multiple slots to keep your cards, IDs and even cash. There is also a chamber where you can keep a photograph if you want.

Now the folio is actually attached to an ABS plastic shell wrapped around a silicone skin. Your phone fits into the shell. This gives your device an added layer of protection and safety from damage.

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#6. Spaysi Italian Genuine Leather Handmade Case

Spaysi iPhone 8 Plus Flip Case

Up next, is a flip wallet case for iPhone 8 Plus which uses full grain cowhide genuine leather to flush out a premium and sophisticated texture. The case is excessively good looking with detailed stitching done to add even more appeal. If you have been looking for a leather flip case for aesthetic reasons, then this is probably your best bet.

In addition to looks, the case also functions as your wallet and offers four card slots and one bill compartment. The flip cover can also be configured to function as a kickstand, much like the other cases. And to keep all of these securely locked, a magnetic snap closure is provided.

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#7. Auker Folio Leather Slim Case

Auker iPhone 8 Plus Flip Case

Now in consideration to flip covers that focus on aesthetic value, this one offers quite a unique and distinct appeal. Available in multiple color variants, the case sports a distinct pattern which gives it much of a vintage feeling. Additionally, it is completely made up of PU leather and provides sufficient protection from sudden drops, bumps, shocks or dust.

It also comes with multiple slots to keep your cards and IDs; a see-through slot for keeping your favorite photographs, and a separate compartment for bills or even cash. The flip can also be used as a kickstand.

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#8. Silk iPhone Folio Wallet Case

Silk iPhone 8 Plus Flip Case

Instead of genuine leather, if you are a fan of the synthetic type, then this Folio Wallet Case for iPhone 8 Plus is a good option. However, there is one more unique aspect to this cover. There is a band on the flip cover which you can use as a wrist strap, or flip it lock the case. Aside from this, it functions like any other wallet folio case we discussed on this list.

There are four slots to keep cards and IDs, and a dedicated compartment for cash. The flip can function as a kickstand as well. However, on top of this, it is also compatible with wireless charging, and comes along with a screen protector with every purchase.

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#9. SHIELDON Genuine Leather Flip Magnetic Cover

Shieldon iPhone 8 Plus Flip Case

And now coming back to a genuine Leather flip case for iPhone 8 Plus. The outer flip cover is made out of genuine cowhide leather, whereas there is a TPU full body inner case which houses your phone. Thus, the flip cover can keep your phone safe from scratches and scrapes, while the inner casing keeps it safe from accidental drops.

Besides this, you get the usual stuff like multiple compartments for your cards, IDs, and cash, a foldable flip to function as a kickstand, and a magnetic flap free closure for convenience.

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#10. iPulse Leather Handmade Flip Wallet Case

iPulse iPhone 8 Plus Flip Case

For the final entry on our list of the best iPhone 8 Plus flip cases, we have another premium Italian full grain cowhide leather made cover. Just like some of the other selective few cases, this too offers a more sophisticated appeal, and the leather also ages nicely turning to a brighter and richer texture. The flip case also functions as a wallet to store your Cards, bills, and cash.

There is also a transparent pocket where you can keep photographs. Besides all this, there is a TPU made case which will keep your phone secure. This provides the added level of protection to your iPhone from drops or bumps. And if this is not enough, the case also comes with a lifetime warranty.

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