Best iPhone 8 Plus Heavy Duty Cases: Give Military Grade Protection to Your Phone

Heavy-duty cases are not easily damaged and therefore, suitable for hard physical work or be used all the time by users. If you are in a business or job that calls for a lot of action, physical activities and hard work, you should go for protective cases made from robust materials. Here, we have listed the best iPhone 8 Plus heavy duty cases for you.

This collection of the best iPhone 8 Plus protective cases is created after painstaking search, saving your time to browse different websites. Some heavy duty cases for iPhone 8 Plus also work as kickstand case, while others are best used as bumper cases for your iPhone 8 Plus.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Heavy Duty Cases

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#1. Trianium Dual Layer Case for Apple iPhone 8+

Trianium presents a multi-layer heavy-duty case for your iPhone. This case is made of solid backplate, shock-absorbing frame, and elevated edges. The sturdy back plate protects your phone from scratches; shock-absorbing frame keeps shocks and bumps away; and elevated edges create a gap between your phone’s touch screen and surface, on which you can put your iPhone facedown.

If you think that heavy-duty cases take toll on elegance, Trianium shatters this myth. This one is a well-polished case that flaunts beautiful looks of your phone. The case is made precisely to fit on your iPhone perfectly.
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#2. Zizo iPhone 8 Plus Heavy Duty Military Grade Case

Zizo presents a heavy duty military grade case for your iPhone. Picked up from its Static series, this case is certified to protect your device. To make it shockproof, Zizo has used impact dispersion technology to avert accidental bumps and shocks. While considering physical strength of the case, Zizo has not turned a blind eye to the aesthetics of the case, which is available in slim design and vibrant colours.

To create a versatile heavy duty case, it is equipped with a kickstand to enable you to watch movies, videos, and photos on the large screen of your iPhone 8 Plus.

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#3. Anker iPhone 8 Plus Case Supports Wireless Charging

Anker Phone 8 Plus Heavy Duty Case

Anker is a leading brand dealing into iPhone accessories. Top heavy duty cases for iPhone 8 Plus are made of polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU. Both materials protect your phone from scratches and drop impacts.

The case is engineered with great precision, which can be seen in perfect cut-outs; you can easily access all features, sensors, ports, and buttons on your iPhone without removing the case. At the same time, this case gives superior grip in your hand. Give your iPhone rugged protection from this certified military-grade case.

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#4. i-Blason Transformer

i-Blason is popular for its robust cases; the best iPhone 8 Plus protective cases are highly compatible with your iPhone 8 Plus and not other phones. This case works at two levels: its impact resistant exterior, which obviously prevents impacts; and the shock-absorbing inner sleeve that keeps shocks away.

One of the glaring features of this case is its detachable belt holster. You can easily carry your iPhone while travelling or playing. Don’t miss the kickstand, which allows you to watch movies, videos, and YouTube channels in hands-free mode.

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#5. Lumion Tough Rugged Case

Lumion Phone 8 Plus Heavy Duty CaseLumion produces one of the most reliable iPhone 8 Plus heavy duty case. Lumion has used reinforced material to craft a superb protective case for your iPhone, which is secure inside the impact-resistant defence of this case.

Double your defence against shocks & drops by dual-layer protection; the PC bumpers and shock-absorbing TPU provide maximum security against accidental drops. Elevated edges brilliantly support your iPhone’s camera lens and touch screen as they provide necessary elevation to protect both features.

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#6. Poetic Rugged Heavy Duty Case

Poetic Phone 8 Plus Heavy Duty Case

Poetic brings a rugged case for your iPhone. Poetic’s powerful design is matched with rugged styling on high quality polycarbonate and TPU materials. A notable feature is built-in screen protector with power to resist water.

Another stand-out feature is corner protection by raised TPU support that prevents shocks and impacts. Check those TPU buttons that supply security against scratches and slips.

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#7. FOGEEK Belt-Clip Heavy Duty Kickstand Cover

Fogeek Phone 8 Plus Heavy Duty Case

Fogeek brings a heavy duty case that also doubles as belt-clip and kickstand cover. The multipurpose heavy duty case seems to be a one-stop solution for all your worries. It protects your phone; it helps you carry your phone while you are travelling; and it enables you to watch visual contents by using kickstand.

Fogeek presents an excellent detachable four-in-one design with built-in touch screen protector that secures your phone screen from scratches and scrapes. Never bother about gaining comfortable access to camera, buttons, and ports on your phone; this case is precisely designed with perfect cut-outs.

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