Best iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases: Protect Your iPhone with Style and Elegance

Your iPhone 8 Plus is a premium handset, and thus it requires premium care. So to avoid scratches and scrapes, you might want to put on a premium leather case. And so, to your delight, we have put together a list of the best iPhone 8 Plus leather cases.

Not only will these leather cases safeguard your phone from everyday wear and tear, but the cases will also add a level of sophistication to your handset. Without further ado, here is our list.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases

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#1. Apple iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

Starting off our list of the leather cases for iPhone 8 Plus, we have Apple’s very own leather case. Since it is designed by Apple itself, you can practically keep it on all the time as it is wireless charging compatible. The entire case is made up of specially tanned and finished European leather which gives a soft and smooth touch on the outside. The inner surface has a microfiber lining to act as a protective layer. The buttons are, however, made with machined aluminum which adds a welcome accent to your case. The case is also available in different color, so you can choose the one which fits your style.

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#2. Belford Genuine Italian Leather Case

Belford iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

Following up our first entry will be this high-quality vegetable tanned premier Italian leather case from Belford. Inside the case, there is a microfiber lining to add the extra bit of protection. No scratches or scrapes will harm the back of your phone, and the front has raised lips to protect the screen when it is accidentally dropped.

One thing worth noting is that each of the cases is handcrafted by the best craftsmen, and hence, you will find a non-artificial feel on each leather case. Also, the side buttons are deliberately covered for aesthetic purpose, but it doesn’t affect functionality.

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#3. Griffin Case

Griffin iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

Our next Genuine leather case for iPhone 8 Plus come with a hard and sturdy built comparable to any heavy duty cases. Besides adding a leather texture to your device, the case will also keep it safe from 7-foot drops. This is because of the Impact dispersion system in the interior of the case which absorbs the drops and distributes the impact force, so no damage happens to your phone. The exterior does have a genuine leather finish to provide the premium look and feel. Also, another thing to note here is that, despite being a powerful impact protective casing, it is considerably lightweight and slim.

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#4. Pierre Cardin Leather Case

Pierre Cardin iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

And now we have a leather case for your iPhone built by Pierre Cardin. The case can immediately give your iPhone a premium look and feel as soon as you put it on. It uses a one-piece urban design and also overlaps the top rim. It also has raised lips around the screen and camera to protect it from drops or scratches while it is lying down.

If you are aiming for enhancing the looks for your iPhone with a case, then this is probably one of the best leather cases in the market. The use of genuine leather leaves a scent as well as a texture that is readily distinguishable. Furthermore, the case is also super slim, and no noticeable bulk will be added to your device.

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#5. KANVASA Real Genuine Leather

Kanvasa iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

Up next are Kanvasa real Leather case for iPhone 8 Plus which use genuine leather to deliver a robust casing for your iPhone. Besides adding nice touch and feel to your handset, the case will also keep it safe from bumps, stains and scratches. Also, because of the use of such high quality materials, the case is exceptionally long lasting and becomes better as it ages.

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#6. Pad and Quill Case

Pad and Quill iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

If you are looking for a leather case for your iPhone that also doubles as a flip cover, then this would be an excellent choice. The case is made using full grain American leather to add a luxurious feel to your device. It is designed to age with a rich patina, quite similar to a book.

However, besides simple looks, the flip cover also allows you to carry up to 8 Credit Cards or IDs. And you don’t need to worry about security and protection as everything is kept in place with a secure locking adhesive technology.

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#7. Totallee Thinnest Genuine Leather Cover

Besides being covered by a premium leather casing, the other thing that will add to your iPhone’s aesthetics is a slim design style. What makes Totallee case one of the finest iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases, is that it manages to keep the slimness of your phone and wraps it up in genuine leather. It is totally an eye candy.

The case itself uses lambskin leather backing, but the sides and the housing are done with plastic for extra protection and durability. The case manages to do all this by adding just 0.02 inches to your iPhone, apparently no bulk. Also, the case provides an extra grip which can prevent accidental drops, and thus protect your phone.

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#8. StilGut Talis Leather Cover

Here is another leather made flip wallet case for your iPhone 8 Plus. It uses smooth and elegant suede leather for the outer cases. As it ages, it becomes darker and showcases a more sophisticated look. Inside the case, your iPhone 8 Plus is protected by a durable plastic shell and soft microfiber lining.

Now, coming to the wallet aspect of the case. It has two dedicated slots where you can keep your cards or IDs. There is also a dedicated pocket for keeping cash or papers. The entire thing is kept locked and secure with the use of magnetic closure which is highly responsive.

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#9. Cobble Pro Premium Handcrafted Leather Textured Back Cover

Cobble iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

Finally, to finish our list, we have a leather wallet case for iPhone 8 Plus. This, however, is not a flip cover and the card slots are located at the back. You can keep your cards there, or even some photos or cash if you like. Now coming to the case itself, premium synthetic leather has been used coupled with a felt inner lining to provide you with looks as well as protection. All four sides are also covered, and for the screen, there are raised lips to keep it safe from surface scratches or accidental drops.

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