Among all the cases for iPhone 8 Plus, only wallet cases differ with multiple features. Users who want to keep their debit or credit card in iPhone 8 Plus case, can go for wallet cases. These iPhone 8 Plus card holder cases are available in different materials, shape, design, and style. If you want good value for money, you can select the best iPhone 8 Plus wallet cases

Note that these top rated wallet cases for iPhone 8 Plus include leather wallet cases. However, it is universally known that best things are always the cheapest. This list of luxury wallet cases boasts truly finest products that can fulfill all your requirements. Explore this collection of cool iPhone 8 Plus Wallet cases and covers.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Cases

Best iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Cases

#1. Dreem Wallet Case with Detachable Slim Case

Dreem iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

This wallet case comes with a detachable slim case, and therefore, you can use that slim case separately when you don’t want to carry the folio case. Touted as the world’s most functional case, wallet cases from Dreem allow you to access all essential features on your iPhone 8 Plus. The manufacturer has handcrafted these faux leather wallet cases for iPhone 8 Plus; no compromise made on the quality of these best iPhone 8 Plus wallet cases.

Price: $34.99
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#2. Burkley Leather Wallet Case with Magnetic Closure

Burkley iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Perhaps the costliest wallet case for your iPhone 8 Plus in this list, Burkley presents a detachable leather wallet case with magnetic closure. These iPhone 8 Plus wallet cases have everything you need: fashion, function, and protection. And therefore, it can be your best choice as it gives value for your money. The magnetic closure supplies enough protection of your iPhone 8 Plus; the snap-on premium design helps you install and remove your phone easily. You can convert this case into a kickstand case and enjoy watching videos, movies, and YouTube channels.

Price: $69.00
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#3. Spigen Wallet Case

Spigen iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Spigen presents one of the best card holder cases for iPhone 8 Plus. Normally, wallet cases are available in folio design and are made either of faux leather or real leather. Spigen has ditched both materials and chose to craft card holder cases from TPU and PC material. The TPU is shock absorbing and the PC is strong enough to protect your phone from scratches, dents drops, and dirt. You can keep two cards in the built-in card storage offered by Spigen.

Price: $16.99
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#4. Lumion Premium Leather Wallet Case

Lumion iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Lumion is known for manufacturing PU leather wallet cases for iPhones. This one is picked up for you to protect your iPhone 8 Plus. Bring home class and protection for your iPhone 8 Plus; this leather wallet case from Lumion is actually a flip diary cover for your smartphone. Inside the folio, you can see three card slots and a separate pocket to keep the cash. To keep your information secure, you can use the magnetic strap available on the wallet case.

Price: $16.99
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#5. Speck Case

Speck iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Speck brings extremely innovative design in this wallet case made for iPhone 8 Plus. To give your phone best protection, the best iPhone 8 Plus wallet cases from Speck are drop tested from the height of 10 feet for several times by third-party labs. It goes without saying that they kept iPhone 8 Plus inside the case during drop tests. Speck has come up with an innovative dynamic shock absorbing material, which is christened as Impactium. This material raises bezel and thus, protects the screen from sudden drops and shocks.

Price: $49.95
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#6. Silk Vault Slim Wallet Case

Silk iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Silk vault slim wallet case gives you greater mobility with its practical design and robust material. Go anywhere with your iPhone 8 Plus and you can find extreme comfort. Whether you have to use Apple Pay or scan your digital boarding pass at airports – Silk has iPhone 8 Plus slim wallet cases to make your life easy. While you are walking through crowded places, you can firmly hold your iPhone 8 Plus – thanks to Silk’s high grip textured sides.

Price: $14.99
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#7. Pasonomi Leather Wallet Case

Pasonomi iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Pasonomi’s leather wallet case for iPhone 8 Plus can bring you back to the vintage era. You can relive the glory of yesteryears when red was appreciated as the best shade to flaunt luxury. This carefully crafted wallet case is perfectly compatible with your iPhone 8 Plus. Neither a centimeter more or less, Pasonomi has crafted this classic piece from leather. The dedicated credit card slots can store up to three cards, and check that money pocket to store your cash.

Price: $21.85
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#8. Trianium iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Trianium iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

Many wallet cases think about external protection of smartphones, and most of them clean forget about internal security. Not the case with Trianium; this brand offers the best wallet cases for iPhone 8 Plus that provide 360-degree protection to your device. For protection inside, Trianium has used luxurious soft microfiber cloth cushions to protect the back of your iPhone 8 Plus. For your convenience, Trianium has crafted this case in such a way that you can easily access all buttons and ports including the charging slot.

Price: $10.98
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#9. Hoofur Slim Fit Premium Leather

Hoofur iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

If you are looking for iPhone 8 Plus slim wallet cases, Hoofur is your right choice. This unique wallet case displays unparalleled creativity in craftsmanship; unlike other card holder cases, Hoofur has provided card slots on the back. The surprise doesn’t end here; you can use magnetic snaps to open the card slot. The case allows you to store three credit cards and Ids, and your cash. The design flaunts superb combination of a bumper case and wallet case. This two-in-one innovative design wins hearts of users who look for the strength of a bumper and functionality of a wallet case.

Price: $14.99
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#10. i-Blason Kickstand Leather Cover

i-Blason iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

i-Blason is known for manufacturing robust cases for iPhone. This is one of the best iPhone 8 Plus leather wallet cases that boasts kickstand to view media on your device. Until now wallet cases have been made for men; but i-Blason has charted a new path and brought feminine colors like pink, dal-blue, dal-pink, and dal-purple. So all the ladies out there, you can buy one of the best wallet cases for your iPhone 8 Plus. You can easily convert this wallet case into a kickstand case and watch your favorite videos, slideshows, pictures, movies, and YouTube channels. Also, read eBooks on the large 5.5” iPhone 8 Plus screen.

Price: $14.99
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