With iPhone 8, Apple brings a Retina HD display that boasts light sensing technology and a large colour palette, which makes everything on your phone’s screen more beautiful and natural. To retain the lustre and sheen of this sensitive screen of your iPhone 8, you need robust protection, which comes with high quality screen protectors. This list has the best iPhone 8 screen protectors for you. (Explore some of the best iPhone 8 Plus screen protectors)

Users prefer some of the best iPhone 8 tempered glass screen protectors to ensure complete safety of their phones’ screen. While selecting a screen guard for iPhone 8, care should be taken that the product should not spoil True Tone comfortable viewing experience. Only the best brands of screen protector for iPhone 8 are listed here. Hence, you should not be worried about the quality of any tempered glass protector for your iPhone 8.

Best iPhone 8 Screen Protectors

#1. Skinomi Tech Glass Screen Protector

Skinomi iPhone 8 screen protectors

Skinomi is undoubtedly a leader in screen protector market. This tech glass screen protector is your perfect choice for your iPhone 8. It protects your phone with clear HD and 9H hardness ballistic tempered glass shield. Without interrupting your iPhone 8 experience, this glass screen protector can give you high defining 99.9% clarity. Every time you interact with your iPhone 8, you will get full response with Skinomi’s ExTouch capabilities. Among other notable features, this Skinomi tech glass protector has electro and oleophobic coated surface to keep unnecessary particles away.

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#2. Spigen Case-friendly Tempered Glass Protector

Spigen iPhone 8 screen protectors

Spigen is omnipresent. Wherever or whenever you think about iPhone 8 accessories, the brand makes its presence felt with awesome products. Whether it is iPhone 8 cases, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus wireless chargers or iPhone X cases – Spigen is there to surprise you. These are case-friendly and Best iPhone 8 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors from Spigen. You can blindly trust its quality of 9H hardness and superior comfort. You will appreciate its extreme clarity, which retains the original screen brightness of your iPhone 8, so watching videos and movies will be a great experience for you.

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#3. amFilm Ultra-clear High Definition Screen Protector

amFilm iPhone 8 screen protectors

amFilm manufactures ultra-clear HD screen protectors for your iPhone 8. You can enjoy 99.9% transparency and achieve optimal, natural viewing experience on your phone. You can easily trust its 0.3mm thickness, which gives you peace of mind and tough protection to your iPhone 8. With its surface hardness 9H, you are worry-free from daily wear and tear like fingerprints and scratches on your phone screen. Use wet/dry wipes, a squeeze card and installation guide for easy application. Check those dust removal stickers in the package.

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#4. JETech Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

JETECH iPhone 8 screen protectors

JETech is well-known brand active in iPhone accessories, including crystal clear screen protectors. The brand confesses that its Best iPhone 8 Screen Protectors will cover the flat area as iPhones have round edges. But you can rely on the quality of JETech’s robust Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone 8 made from 0.33mm thick premium tempered glass, which has rounded edges. JETech claims that 9H hardness can resist scratches of a knife also. While using your iPhone 8, you would love to experience better response and superior transparency of the Best iPhone 8 Screen Protectors. This screen protector offers you bubble-free installation and keeps dust and fingerprints away.

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#4. IQ Shield Matte Full Coverage Anti-Glare Screen Protector

IQ SHIELD iPhone 8 screen protectors

IQ Shield is another popular brand of anti-glare screen protectors for iPhone 8 and other iPhones. It covers full body (the display area) of your iPhone, and gives you 100% satisfaction. When you buy this product, you are a part of IQ Shield lifetime warranty program. One of the glaring features of this matte protector is anti-glare quality, which reduces glare. You can use your iPhone 8 for long hours without getting sore eyes. After all, your iPhone 8 is a sight for sore eyes!

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#5. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors

Tech Armor iPhone 8 screen protectors

Tech Armor brings innovative ballistic glass screen protectors for your iPhone 8. Unlike other dull screen guards, Tech Armor’s glass screen protectors look brilliant and feel amazing. Brilliance of this screen protector lies in the fact that it never comes in between Retina HD display and your eyes. Thus, you can enjoy the display the way it was intended. Thanks to its high quality materials and superior design, this ballistic glass is an easy way to protect your iPhone 8 screen from scratches and sudden drops. The screen guard effortlessly remove bubbles and gives you smooth installation.

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#6. Supershieldz 3D Touch Compatible Protector

SuperShieldz iPhone 8 screen protectors

Supershieldz brings a screen protector that is 3D Touch compatible, hence, you can enjoy your iPhone 8 interaction without any hassle. To make the screen protectors case-friendly, Supershieldz has crafted smaller guards than iPhone’s actual screen size. You can easily install any iPhone 8 case and use your phone without any interruption. Its 9H hardness ensures maximum protection against scratches and fingerprints. Among other noteworthy features, Supershieldz provides 99.99% HD clarity and 2.5D rounded edge. Protect your iPhone 8 screen from sweat and fingerprints with hydrophobic and oleophobic coating.

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#7. OMOTON Premium Clarity Scratch Resistant Screen Guard

OMOTON iPhone 8 screen protectors

OMOTON brings extremely particular design in screen protectors for iPhone 8. With its laser-cut dimensions, you get perfect and maximum protection upon smooth installation. One of the most dangerous evil for any iPhone is scratches. OMOTON’s screen protector has 9H hardness, which efficiently protects your phone screen from scratches by knife, keys and other hard substances. Another perils for iPhone 8 screen is sweat and oil residue; hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating take care of both hazards and you get a smooth, shining screen always.

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