Best iPhone and Android Apps to Buy And Sell Old Stuff

Need to get rid of your old stuff but find a hard time to do so? There are so many like you who are tired and want to sell their stuff online, but time and proper solution is what is not there. We understand this and have come with a solution that will help you sell your old stuff on the go. You can use various apps that you can install on your smartphones and make the best of them wherever you go.

We have shortlisted the best iPhone and Android apps for buying and selling products. There are people who use smartphones that have Android as their OS and some have iPhone, so we bring to you a solution for both.

Let’s closely look at it and see the best apps to sell and buy things online without any problem.

Best iPhone and Android Apps for Selling Used Stuff

Best iPhone and Android Apps to Buy And Sell Old Stuff

#1 eBay Mobile:

ebayYou can easily log into your eBay account if you have one or you can create one through the app. It might not be that easier to post the items you wish to sell than that from your laptop and desktop, but you can click instant picks and upload pictures from your smartphone or your tablet and this makes the whole process much easier and simpler. It has almost all the features necessary that you will find on desktop sites, hence making it easy for you to sell and ship your products from anywhere in the world.

Download eBay for iPhone | Download eBay for Android

#2. Craigslist Pro:

Craigslist ProLike the Craigslist site, the Craigslist Pro app is one famous thing you wouldn’t like to miss. You can even see those items in the app that you have added on the site. It’s very simple; all you need to do is login with your existing credentials on the main site. Post ads and use this app to sell your stuff. This can be one of the best apps for selling stuff on both Android as well as iPhone.

Get Craigslist Pro for iPhone | Get Craigslist Pro for Android

#3. Wallapop:

WallapopThis app works best for those who don’t wish to spend a lot on transportation. It is likely to work location wise as it checks your location and lists the items for sell in a close radius. It allows you to chat with the buyers and sellers making negotiation a bigger possibility. You can login with Google, Facebook or your email to start selling. You can easily share what you wish to sell across various platforms after you add your items to the list.

Download Wallapop for iPhone | Download Wallapop for Android


OLXIt comes with auto-location which you can turn off if you have any plans to change your locations. It has very simple features, which a layman can also easily use to sell unwanted stuff. This is an amazing app for buying and selling old stuff. You just need to select your category, add your item to sell and add description along with the photo. Now let people call you.

Download OLX for iPhone | Download OLX for Android


VintedThis is a fashion app that allows you to sell and buy clothes and shoes, which are in working condition. You can add items you wish to sell through your iPhone or Android smartphone by adding the pictures, the size, brand name, condition of your product, and a few lines describing the item. You can also use this app to swap items with customers; for this you just need to add this option. So this will allow swappers to use this ad.

Download Vinted for iPhone | Download Vinted for Android


OfferUpSell anything you wish, even your home. This is one of the best apps for selling stuff through an Android or iPhone. Sell anything from heavy electric appliances to the small showpieces in your living room. You just need to upload the pictures with a title that goes well with the product and also people could search for. You can chat with buyers and discuss the possibilities. You can also fix to meet and finalize things.

Download OfferUp for iPhone | Download OfferUp for Android

#7.Sell on Etsy:

Sell on EtsyWhere it started as selling stuff related to arts & crafts, but now this has become an app to sell your stuff, anything you wish to. All Android & iPhone users can use this app. Like other apps it also brings your entire site profile to the app and all the products you listed on the site can be viewed here too. To be able to sell, you need Sell on Etsy app to begin with. To begin this, first you need to create your shop on this app where you list all your products you wish to sell. There are charges for listing your items but you cater to a larger market compared to the rest.

Get Sell on Etsy for iPhone | Get Sell on Etsy for Android

#8. Letgo:

letgoConnect with your FB account or your Email Account. Its features are quite similar to that of Wallapop’s. You can track the location and your items are listed location wise. You can share these items on different social media platforms, making the work a little easier for you. Letgo is just a superb name because it allows you to let go the old stuff that you no longer need.

Download Letgo for iPhone | Download Letgo for Android

#9. Carousell:

CarousellYou can login through your Facebook, Gmail or Email account and create your account on this app. Select your location to make the selling easy. You just need to add your items and they will show in the respective location that you chose in your settings. You can like your ad, follow it and even share it to get quicker response and get more people to see it.

Download Carousell for iPhone | Download Carousell for Android

#10. VarageSale:

VarageSaleThis is a selling app that makes selling easy for your old stuffs. All you need to do is add pictures of the items, price them and add their description. You will have to agree to a few terms and conditions in which you agree to meet the buyer to close the deal. This way you can choose whom you wish to meet and not.

Get VarageSale for iPhone | Get VarageSale for Android

There are many more apps that allow you to sell and buy stuff through your smartphone. If you think that an app is missing in this list, share it with us and we will consider your suggestion. Connect with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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