Best Camera Lenses for iPhone

Smartphone users have a sort of fascination for camera app. Perhaps with the advent of smartphones, citizen journalism has got a major push as people can record and click videos and photos. But more than this, camera app is most used for capturing selfies and photos of loved ones. Gone are the days, when people used to take their cameras when they go for a long leisure trip. Now everyone has got a smartphone to click happy moments.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the two latest smartphones that boast superior camera features. With 12MP primary camera and 7MP secondary camera, iPhone users have a field day at different picturesque locations.

But for some users, 12MP primary camera is not enough to create memorable moments on their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. they want something more advanced and want to click photos like a pro-photographer. Well, either they should buy a separate DSLR camera or as better option they can select best iPhone Camera Lens.

Camera lenses are the best companion of a user, who wants to take high quality photos using their iPhone. We have listed here the best camera lenses for iPhone 6/6s Plus or iPhone 7/7 Plus. You can install the best lens on your iPhone and take beautiful photos and selfies with your iPhone Selfie Stick.

10 Best iPhone Camera Lenses

1. Aukey

AUKEY iPhone Camera Lens

When exotic locations invite you to experience the most charming locale, you should not wait for a second to buy a DSLR camera. Simply install Aukey Ora Lens, 140° Wide Angle + 10x Macro Clip-on on your iPhone and hit the pristine lands. Its 10x macro lens allows you to click perfect travel scenery, wide landscapes, in depth close-ups and matchless selfies. The wide angle lens lets you expand your imagination.

Price: $24.99
Buy it from Amazon

2. CamKix Lens Kit

CamKix iPhone Camera Lens

Mobile photography has never been enhanced in such a great style. CamKix has revolutionized the smartphone photography by launching a kit that includes four wonderful lenses: telephoto, fisheye, macro and wide angle lenses. Enjoy multiple shooting options on your iPhone. Along with the lenses, you also get a mini tripod with extendable legs. For a still photography, this tripod can provide amazing stability with its legs that smoothly extend and retract.

Price: $47.99
Purchase it from Amazon


TECHO iPhone Camera Lens

Techo’s camera lens for iPhone can turn your smartphone into a DSLR camera. If you want to capture any object in detail, Techo’s macro lens helps you take picture of objects in details. In addition to this, Techo’s wide angle lens is perfect to capture large ranges like group of people, buildings and landscape. This professional HD lens minimizes glass flare and ghosting created by reflections. While using this macro lens, keep a distance of 1-3 inches between the lens and object; this will give you better picture clarity.

Price: $19.99
Order it from Amazon

4. Amir

Amir iPhone Camera Lens

Expand your viewing by 0.36x with Amir’s 3-in-1 HD camera lens. This 180-degree fisheye lens gives you superior quality technical image result. To impart better clarity, Amir has made this lens from high-class glass. Stop worrying about glass flare and ghosting as this HD lens takes care of such issues easily.

Price: $17.99
Shop it from Amazon

5. OldShark

OldShark iPhone Camera Lens

Unleash your creativity on camera with OldShark best iPhone camera Lens. Select your choice of angle and use fisheye lens that gives you a wide hemispherical image. If you wish to take close-up, use macro lens that offers you extreme close pictures of small objects.

Price: $6.99
Buy it from Amazon

6. Vinsic

Vinsic iPhone Camera Lens

Vinsic presents a high precision and durable camera lens, which is manufactured of superior class glass and top-notch aluminium. This macro lens and wide angle lens are screwed together; but they are easy to separate. Vinsic lens comes with a detachable lens kit with magnet, which is pretty easy to install and remove.

Price: $9.95
Purchase it from Amazon

7. Xenvo

Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens

Enhance the picture quality by 45% with Xenvo’s best camera lens for iPhone. If photography is your passion, you would like to take photos of people, pets, landscapes, architecture and more objects. With Xenvo lens, which is made of premium optical glass and solid metal, you can click all the niceties and details with perfection. The lens comes with an LED light that fits into your iPhone’s earphone jack. This means, you cannot use this lens with iPhone 7/7 Plus.

Price: $24.99
Shop it from Amazon

8. VicTsing

VicTsing iPhone Camera Lens

Buy VicTsing Clip 3-in-1 180 Degree Fish-Eye Lens to capture unforgettable moments during the trip. VicTsing iPhone camera lens is made of the best glass and high quality aluminium. The lens is easy to use; you can install and remove it without much effort. Since it is portable and detachable, you can keep this lens during your long trips. You get 49% more view range as wide angle lens and macro lens are connected together.

Price: $6.99
Order it from Amazon

9. Pocket Lens

Pocket Lens iPhone Camera Lens

If you have stepped into the world of mobile photography very recently, Pocket Lens can be your perfect companion. Explore the awesomeness of Pocket Lens and its amazing results. The wide angle lens can add 25% more width and length to your images. When you visit a historical place, you can shoot the monuments and landscapes in a better way. Pocket Lens is so popular among photographers that it has a huge online community on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can take some help and advice from pro-photographers.

Price: $18.99
Buy it from Amazon

10. Mpow

Mpow iPhone Camera Lens

Mpow offers a 3-in-1 detachable jelly lens for iPhone camera. Its fisheye lens gives you a wide hemispherical image. And you can use its macro lens to take extreme close-up images of tiny objects. When you are using wide angle lens, you get a considerably bigger image circle than you would get from a stand design lens.

Price: $11.29
Order it from Amazon

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