You have got the iPhone SE in your hands and now you are worried about its protection. Your concern is right in this place, but instead of feeling any fretfulness, you should start exploring this list of best iPhone SE cases, which includes a miscellany of wallet case, clear case, wooden case, kickstand case, leather case, battery case and more.

Check out the features of each case and also compare the prices of the best iPhone SE cases listed. This array of protective iPhone SE cases has high-end, low-end and medium range cases. Note that the iPhone SE cases are made of superior quality materials and beautiful craftsmanship.

While you are taking a good look at the most popular iPhone SE cases, note that there is no difference in the size of iPhone SE and iPhone 5s smartphones. So if you have any accessories of your previous iPhone 5s, it can be useful for your iPhone SE as well. However, it is always advisable to buy some cool iPhone SE cases for your iPhone; hope you agree with this suggestion.

Best iPhone SE Cases and Covers

#1. Zizo

Zizo Best iPhone SE Cases

Protect your iPhone SE with this uniquely engineered Zizo Bolt cover. This case is made after considering all aspects of your iPhone to provide you a superior user experience. Appreciate the military standard 810-G drop test certified case, which has gone through rigorous product tests, which guarantee protection for your iPhone SE. You may be driving the rough terrains or mountaineering at the challenging mountain range, this shock absorbing case can handle every situation as it is made of tetra polyurethane with polycarbonate shell. Tuck this iPhone SE case for men into your belt with its holster belt clip and with its kickstand, enjoy watching videos in hands-free mode.

Price: $17.99
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#2. Poetic

Poetic iPhone SE Case

Flaunt your iPhone SE to your friends and colleagues with this clear polycarbonate moulded case with soft shock-proof TPU. This clear case offers you superior styling while protecting your iPhone SE with its X-form poetic design DNA. The case gives you strong grip with its side grip pattern, which stops your phone from sliding out. Check the raised TPU back material that protects phone against scratching. Safeguard your smartphone from shock and accidental falls with inner ridged TPU surface.

Price: $9.95
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#3. UNU

UNU iPhone SE Battery Case

For a change, we have inserted this battery case in this list. Since we created a potpourri of cases, this battery case wouldn’t be an odd one in this list. UNU presents a thin iPhone SE battery case you can easily tuck into your trousers’ pockets. The polycarbonate shell makes it durable and 12.9mm thick from screen to the back. This battery case boasts 2400mAh capacity and provides extra 100% battery life; now you can talk to your friends and loved ones for more than 12 hours and browse the web for over 10 hours.

Price: $31.99
Purchase it from

#4. CellBee

CellBee Belt Clip Case for iPhone SE

Your day starts with lot of challenges and ends with exhaustion you feel after facing those challenges. This requires that protect your smartphone so that it can help you take any daunting task head one. Hence, CellBee case for your iPhone Se. With this robust protective case, you can climb steep highs in your life and stay worry-free about accidental drops and shocks on your iPhone SE. Appreciate its polycarbonate hard shell layer that gives your phone extra protection. Enjoy watching videos and start video chatting after putting your iPhone SE on kickstand. Tuck this case into your belt with swivel belt clip.

Price: $9.99
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#5. Trianium

Trianium iPhone SE Bumper Case

Trianium presents extraordinary protection for your extraordinary smartphone. This clear case has two layers of protection: one is a shock-absorbing frame that secures your phone against accidental drops and second is a solid body that safeguards protects phone against scrapes, bumps and other hazards. Showcase all the external features of your iPhone SE with this ultra-clear protective case with its transparent bumper body. Admire the toughened soft coating design that gives long-lasting protection against scratches and scrapes. Access all ports, buttons, and control on your iPhone SE with this precisely cut out protective case.

Price: $7.99
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#6. SGM

SGM iPhone SE Protective Case

Give your iPhone SE ultimate protection with SGM two-in-one rigid plastic outer case and soft silicone inner case. Stay worry-free about scratches and impacts once you cover your phone with this protective case. Its perfectly cut out openings allow you to access volume buttons, charger, camera, microphone, headphone jack and other ports easily. Moreover, this case offers a customized look for your iPhone and adds protection.

Price: $8.99
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#7. Pandawell

Pandawell iPhone SE Bumper Case

Pandawell presents a unique protective case for iPhone SE as it has 3-in-1 design that has plastic back cover, plastic bumper and TPU inner frame. All these features provide maximum protection to your iPhone SE against drops and scratches. Since the case is made of silicone, it secures all corners of your iPhone SE if your phone is dropped accidentally. Touch all ports, buttons, and controls without any hassle as this case has impeccable openings.

Price: $7.99
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#8. FYY

FYY Leather Case for iPhone SE

This falls into the category of leather wallet case. FYY has made a premium PU leather case for iPhone SE. It goes without saying that leather cases offer you facility to store credit cards and debit cards in their card slots. Moreover, this case becomes the best protective case for iPhone SE as it covers your smartphone from all sides. Give your eyes visual treat by watching videos and movies by placing your phone on the kickstand. There are so many features packed into this one leather wallet case. It is wise to hit the buy button now!

Price: $8.99
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We have presented the best iPhone SE cases and covers for you. Now choose perfect for your smartphone and once you buy, share your experience with us. Reach us at Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.


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