Smartwatches are good, but they are yet to come with all the power that we get from our smartphones. So if you are working out, or in the middle of any exercise, you might be interested in an Armband. If so, then we have put together a list of the best iPhone X Armbands for you.

These iPhone X workout cases offer you the much needed convenience of using your iPhone, all the while keeping it securely fastened. So without further ado, here is our list:

Best iPhone X Armbands - Workout Cases While Running and Jogging

Best iPhone X Armbands

#1. SUPCASE Easy Fitting Sport Running Armband Case with Built-in Screen Protector

Supcase iPhone X Armband

Starting off our list of Armbands for iPhone X, we have a silicone built case to keep your device secure and also function as a single protective case. The Strap, or the armband itself uses Velcro and will easily fit any arm size between 9 inches and 21 inches.

Besides this, the Armband case is also sweat absorbent to keep your phone safe from moisture. A built-in screen protector is also there, so feel free to move around and don’t worry about bumping into something. Your phone is safe and secure. Also, sports wears tend to get dirty after prolonged use, this armband is hand washable, hence, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

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#2. Tune Belt For Running & Working Out

TuneBelt Armband for iPhone X

Silicone or plastic built cases with all rubber straps can be uncomfortable if they touch the bare skin for long periods of time. Now since during workouts, people do tend to wear sleeveless clothes, this can be a problem. For this reason, here we have a soft, cushioning fitness armband that maintains a secure grip and is also comfortable.

The band is made of neoprene fabric which acts as a sweat resistant material. Again, while your phone is attached, it will not bounce, slip, or even feel too tightly attached to your arm. For protection purposes, you can put on a hard case, and then attach your phone to the armband. If you are using OtterBox Defender, Commuter, LifeProof FRE or any other large cases for your iPhone X, then you can rest assured that all of them are compatible with the armband.

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#3. Revere Sport Phone Holder Case

Revere Sport iPhone X Armband

Up next we have Armbands for iPhone X which are both sweat and rain blocking, making it the perfect companion for outdoor exercise. The Armband is made using quality Neoprene material which makes it not only resistant to sweat but also other forms of water damage.

While you have the armband strapped on, your phone will be fitted inside a premium case to keep it safe and securely fastened to your arm. You can rest assured that your phone will not drop, as well as not cause any rubbing, bouncing or distractions. The strap is also very flexible and can fit any arm types, starting from 9 inches to 22 Inches. There is also a 3M bright reflector for high visibility, a separate pocket for keeping your keys, and a neat headphone slots to keep your cords from dangling around.

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#4. Amabin Sports Armband

Amabin iPhone X Armband

This is a universal phone armband which is designed to fit all type of devices let alone your iPhone X. It comes with a magnet and reflective elastic Velcro strap which makes it very easy to mount. There is also an adaptor which you can rotate to mount your phone in landscape as well as portrait mode or any other angle.

Apart from this, the band is also soft and delicate to your skin, and provides shockproof and normal waterproof functionalities. Arm size compatibility is between 9 inches to 15 inches and so it won’t work for you if you have massive biceps.

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#5. Luvvitt Armband Sport Exercise Band with Key Holder Pocket

Luvvitt iPhone X Workout Case

Here we have another one of the premium high quality workout case for iPhone X which is designed to accommodate most of the iPhone X cases. This also means you will not be getting any dedicated case with the armband and just access to the armband itself. However, it is good news that the armband uses the highest quality moisture resistant soft neoprene which is good for your skin as well as your phone.

Overall, this is one of the most flexible armbands for your iPhone X which brings comfort and reliability into the same package. The only thing you have to consider is that the armband can only flex between arm sizes of 8 inches to 16 inches.

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#6. MoKo Armband Water Resistant Sports Running Armband Workout Cover

Moko iPhone X Armband

Our next armband comes with an adjustable hook and loop lock system which can fit any arm girth within the ranges of 10.8 inches to 16.5 inches. The armband will effectively stabilize your device without slipping or constricting it.

However, it will be limited in terms of protection. You will not be getting access to any built-in protective casing, and for the best fit, it is advised that you wear your phone caseless. However, it does give you a complete sweat proof and water resistant protection along with other features like a built-in key holder and a reflective strip for safe running in low light conditions.

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#7. Spigen Neoprene Material Velo Sports Armband

Spigen iPhone X Workout Case for Running

And for the final Running Band, we have something that will fit all arm types irrespective of girth. Besides bringing in this much flexibility, the armband is also made of high-quality neoprene which makes it sweat resistant as well as water resistant. It is also quite slim and comfortable to wear. Another notable feature of the armband includes a dedicated key slot which you can use to keep your keys.

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